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34 HOT Cyber Monday Deals Available Now



Cyber Monday

Of course there are many great deals online, but where exactly do you get the best deals?

We understand that it can be overwhelming to shop online during this year’s Cyber Monday and that is why we are covering great deals for you. 

In case you missed Black Friday, we have complied deals for you ranging from electronics to apparel and so much more.

 Have fun shopping with us. Well not technically…You know what we mean.

1. Adidas

  • Using BRINGJOY as your code, buy Adidas sneakers, shorts and hoodie brands with discount prices of up to 80 % off.

2. Apple iPad pro 12.9

  • Save $350

3. Alienware Aurora R11

  • Starting at $891.79 and free shipping reward.

4. Allswell

  • More than 25% off on almost everything 

5. Amazon

6. Audible Plus

  • Listen to podcasts for as low as $4.59 for your first 6 months.

7. Bluetooth Bose Headphones

  • Alexa controlled noise cancelling wireless headphones 272 dollars. 8 left! Hurry!

8. Boll and Branch

  • For orders worth 150 and above, save 25%

9. Beautyrest

  • Save up to $300 on your mattress 

10. Best Buy

  • Save up to $400 on flat screen TVs

11. Chewy

  • Heated Cat house at $52.24 from 100 dollars

12. Chromebook

  • Starting at $129

13. Casper Gifting

  • Gift sleep lovers with a weighted blanket. 20LB bundle at $257.

14. Disney Toys

Battery-powered train complete set @50dollars

15. Dermstore

  • Over 200 brands save up to 30% promocode SHARETHELOVE

16. Deluxe Scooter

  • Micro kickboard $112

17. DELL Gaming Laptop

  • $849.99 with Free Godfall save $200

18. JBL

  • 10-60% off on speakers and more

19. Kohl’s

  • With the code Youget20 save 20% extra

20. Layla

  • Upto 200 dollars saves on mattresses


  • Save 700 dollars and more on many appliances 

22. Monica and Andy

  • 60% off on selected designs and 30% discount on everything 

23. Master and Dynamic

  • Save 25% as 5% donation goes to City Harvest

24. Nomad

  • 30% discount on everything!

25. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G

  • 750USD save 250 dollars

26. Shark

  • 180$ off vacuums

27. The Bouqs Co

  • Promo code CYBERMONDAY free shipping and up to 20% off

28. Tushy

  • Free shipping and 15% off. Promo code FREESHIP

29. Vitamix

  • Best blender deals. Save upto 100 dollars

30. Vincero

  • For goods 200 US  dollars and beyond save 20% $300+ save 25%

31. World Market

  • 40% off on toys and decors


  • 90% off valid (Nov 28)

33. Zappos

  • For bags shoes and more, with 20% off

34. Zenni Optical

  • Goods worth 10 dollars and beyond get 15% off and 20% for $30+ and 25% discount for goods more than 75 dollars. Code: BF2020

The clock is ticking people! Explore these amazing e-commerce websites and we hope you get yourself amazing deals. Happy Bargain!

Let us know if this article was helpful. 

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Kanye West Seen Lashing Out At Chance The Rapper In Viral Clip



Kanye West
Kanye West/ Getty

A clip has been circulating the Internet like wildfire, and in the clip, Kanye West can be seen yelling at Chance The Rapper.

The nearly one-minute long video is reportedly leaked footage from an upcoming documentary on Kanye West’s Donda album. The documentary is supposed to give a behind-the-scenes look at Kanye’s soon-to-drop and delayed project.

The clip of the fashion designer, producer, and rapper screaming at his frequent collaborator began doing social media rounds on Saturday, January 23.

The video, which is from last summer, was recorded in Kanye’s Wyoming compound during a studio session. The clip was apparently leaked out by Dame Dash, who is the narrator of the clip.

“My thing was, like, get rid of the people who are triggering him, just get ’em out of here and let’s just have fun being creative. So, you know, Kanye is finishing his album and there’s people around. Chance, honestly, because of what he was reading, he came through just to check Kanye. You know, again, Kanye deals with his issues at all times. They got into it, but they worked it out. At the end of the day, Chance was there just to be a friend,” said Dame in the clip.

Chance The Rapper had flown out to Wyoming to see his friend Kanye and to check on him, given all he was going through. At that period in time, there had been many tweets and a lot of talk regarding Kanye’s mental health after he had a mental breakdown at his own rally in South Carolina.

Kanye was at the time working on his album. Kanye and Chance can be seen arguing in the clip before Kanye yelled at Chance, “Sit your ass down and listen to the album or leave.”

Chance the Rapper hugs Kanye West during the 2016 MTV Video Music Award (Photo by Getty)

After, Chance can be seen telling Kanye a joke, and Kanye bursts into laughter. Kanye didn’t take the manic episode to heart since he supported Kanye’s run for presidency.

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Jake Paul Laughs At Conor McGregor’s Lost Fight In UFC 257 Match Against Poirier



Jake Paul/ Getty conor
Jake Paul/ Getty

The UFC 257 match between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor didn’t end as many had expected. 

The long-anticipated rematch saw Poirier take the crown, and a report has it that the boxer left McGregor in crutches. 

Many fans and contenders, including boxer Jake Paul, watched the Saturday night match keenly. 

After his loss, the Irish fighter Conor McGregor became the laughing stock. Memes about his loss surfaced on the internet, and now, Jake Paul made a video aimed at making fun of McGregor, and he also mocked the renowned boxer.

Jake Paul offered to give McGregor ten thousand dollars in cash instead of fifty million. 

Before becoming a boxer, Jake, who was a Youtuber, had his last fight late last year in November. He was fighting against Nate Robinson, a match he won.

Before Saturday’s match, Conor McGregor had not fought for a whole year, which could be one major factor as to why he lost.

Jake Paul hinted last Wednesday that he will be boxing in April and although he has not said against who, it is assumed it will be Conor McGregor. 

Would you want to see the two boxers, Jake Paul and Conor McGregor, take each other down? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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NLE Choppa Confesses His Love For Actress Skai Jackson Via Instagram Live



Nelly Choppa/ Getty

Although the world was not aware of their romantic relationship, Solange’s son and Beyonce’s nephew Julez Smith and famous young actress Skai Jackson dated.

According to Julez however, Skai cheated on him, and that is why they called it quits. Solange’s son took to his friend group to shame the actress and even posted her sex clip as a form of revenge.

Let us admit it, Skai Jackson is one of the most beautiful young stars there are out there. It didn’t take long before NLE Choppa realized that.

Replying to a fan who said, “if you ever see this I wanted to ask if you single because I fell in love with you, this was hard to say,” the 18-year-old actress responded saying, “LMAOO. Yes I’m single for rn.”

NLE Choppa then slid into the comments section and replied with ‘Umhm’ before going like and claiming his love for Skai. 

On Instagram live, he said, “I like Skai Jackson.” The ‘Camelot’ rapper later asked the viewers why they talked about his ‘little boo‘.

Many fans are for the opinion that the duo would look good together. What is your opinion on the matter? Let us know in the comments below.

Also, visit our website for more news updates. 

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Trey Songz Arrested At KC Chiefs’ Game; Here is What Happened



Trey Songz
Trey Songz / Instagram

On Sunday, Trey Songz attended KC Chiefs’ game before he was handcuffed. What exactly went down? We are here to answer that.

According to a witness, some fans taunted Trey Songz, who enjoyed the game and the R&B singer tried to urge them to stop.

An officer then joined the altercation and attacked Trey Songz. In a video that resurfaced, the latter tried to defend himself as fans asked the officer to get arrested. 

A few minutes later, more cops arrived at the scene and cuffed the Slow Motion singer before escorting him to the station where he is currently in custody. 

Trey Songz is being charged with resisting arrest, trespassing, and assault. Hopefully, the singer will be released tomorrow after his twenty four hour hold expires. 

On Instagram, the Animal singer posted a video of him getting escorted to the station, and in the caption, he seems confident that he will be released. 

On the Instagram post, he penned, “Quic flight bae I be right bac…dogs on the way home and chef pulling up at 8. Pull that steak out the freezer boo boo.”

Most fans believe that the singer was acting out of self-defense and that he is not at fault.

We sampled some of the tweets from fans. Leave us a comment with your thoughts on the matter.

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Cardi B Says : “I was Supposed To Perform WAP At The Inauguration”



Cardi B

Supposed To Perform WAP At The Inauguration; Cardi B Says

This past Wednesday was a historic moment for the United States. The inauguration ceremony that saw the forty-sixth President Joe Biden and Vice president Kamala Harris taking office went down.

There were performances from many artists including Jennifer Lopez, Garth Brooks and Lady Gaga. Their outfits made bold statements, and so did their stunning performances.

Cardi B was sad about not being able to perform during the inauguration. The Bodak Yellow rapper was supposed to perform, wait for it, WAP during the inauguration ceremony. 

On Twitter Cardi wrote, ” Ugh I was supposed to perform wap at the inauguration today but I had a dentist appointment 😓😓….maybe next time.”

It could have been a way of joking about how good her song is. Just imagine if she had performed the adult-rated music for such an important political event. That would have been a show to remember. 

Plus, passing a memorable moment for a dentist appointment? 

Cardi B was rooting hard for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s win. Before the elections, she posted a series of videos giving opinions about how she agreed with the duo’s manifesto. 

Today we ask you, would you have wanted to see Cardi B perform WAP at the inauguration ceremony of President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris?

Talk to us in the comments below and also visit our website for more news updates. 

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