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5 Weed Strains For Playing Card Games



card games
5 Weed Strains For Playing Card Games

As it is known, card games require certain strategies that help promote dominance over one’s competitor. Some people get high just for the fun of it; however, studies show that particular cannabis strains work exceptionally during a strategic game. These weed strains feature the socially enthusiastic feelings that heighten your focus in ways that allow your creativity to flow. Below are some of the strains:

1. Cinex Strain

card games

Cinex strain is a dominant sativa breed with a 60%- 40% sativa to indica ratio. It is a fusion of Cinderella 99 and Vortex strains, which together give an average of between 15-50 THC percentage. It is distinguishable by its citrus flavor, which comes with an earthy aroma. This mixture will give you an extreme high, which will still capacitate fair amounts of focused creativity meshed with a feeling of serene comfort infused with all-round awareness.

Common uses of this strain may include improving:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder 
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Seasonal or general depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 
  • Muscle and nerve spasms
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Nausea, pain, and anxiety 

Effects of using Cinex include:

  • Energy boost
  • Heightened sense of creativity
  • Feelings of euphoria
  • Dry eyes 
  • Increased focus

2.  Green Crack

Green Crack

Green Crack is a strain that is also known for its citrus flavor. It changed its name from “Cush” after Snoop Dogg tasted and renamed it. It is said to be a hybrid of a 1989 Super Sativa Seed Club and an Afghani Landrace, which in turn makes it a pure sativa strain with a 16% THC content guaranteed to offer a high that will last for hours. A few puffs from this strain leaves you feeling physically energetic as well as mentally aware.

The medicinal use of the strain include:

  • Aiding in depression
  • Regaining lost appetite
  • Dealing with anxiety
  • Reducing pain and nausea

It may also cause the following effects:

  • Paranoia
  • Creativity
  • Cottonmouth
  • Euphoria
  • Energy boost

3.  Lodi Dodi

Lodi Dodi

Lodi Dodi is yet another dominant sativa hybrid with its own unique sweetness. It evokes a well balanced creative mental yet therapeutic high with THC levels of about 16% to 28%. It is distinctly marked by its instant high that brings about pressure behind both the eyes and temple. 

Lodi Dodi is known to:

  • Aid people who have ADHD symptoms
  • Deal with traumatic stress disorders
  • Reduction of anxiety
  • Relieving pain

Typical effects of smoking Lodi Dodi may include:

  •  Increased focus
  • Paranoia
  • Added creativity
  • Euphoria
  • Energy surge

4.  Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze that has a delicious citrusy flavor. Its THC percentage would go up to 25%. Its sweet-tarty-lemony aroma creates a mellow-like highness that steadily flows from the body to the brain.

Super Lemon Haze is known to help deal with:

  •  Loss of appetite
  • Depression
  • Cases of anxiety
  • Pain and nausea

Its effects include:

  • Euphoria
  • High sense of creativity
  • Cottonmouth
  • Bouts of energy
  • Intensive focus

5.  Mimosa Strain


This strain is a symbiotic genetic cross of Purple Punch and Clementine. Formulated to create the perfect feel-good buzz. Its “bucket of terpenes” aroma also has a hint of pungent orange-guava smell. Its THC potency ranges between 17% and 30% ensuring an amazing high.

It is commonly used to relieve:

  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Nausea and pain

The effects caused by the Mimosa Strain include:

  • Focus
  • A happy mood
  • Drive to socialize
  • Increased energy
  • Influence relaxation

Bottom Line

When it comes to card games, a little bit of strategy is usually required, these strains help get you in shape not only for card games but for other strategy games as well.

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Lil Baby Shares Wealth Chart That Draws a Graph Starting From Poor to Super Rich



Lil Baby Shares Wealth Chart That Draws a Graph Starting From Poor to Super Rich

Lil Baby rose to fame in 2017 after his mixtape Perfect Timing became a hit. The 26-year-old has received tons of awards ever since and is still getting nominations for more. 

Just like his fellow rappers, the Errybody rapper shows off his expensive Jewellery and cool drip.

The rapper, who has a net worth of five million dollars, decided to share a chart that distinguishes the wealthy and the low classes.

The chart has sparked an online debate that might not end soon. If the graph got made by a famous person who gets a million-dollar worth of gifts on his birthday, we have to listen. 

The poorest people range between an income of zero dollars to five hundred thousand dollars in the graph. The next level is the middle class that ranges from $500,000 to 2 million dollars. 

After the middle class, we have the upper-middle category. Now, this class ranges between two million to four million US dollars.

According to the The Bigger Picture rapper, those who earn between ten million and thirty million dollars fall under the wealthy class.

There is a ‘poor’ rich people category ($30M-$80M), then the comfortably wealthy class ($80M-$150M), followed by the rich (150-200), seriously rich ($200M-$400M), Truly Rich ($400-$800), Filthy Rich ($800M- $2Billion), before we land to the most fortunate group the Super Rich($ 2Billion and above).

Where do you fall? Let us know below.

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Ethereum Price Predictions for 2021



Ethereum Price Predictions for 2021

Ethereum, first introduced by Vitalik Buterin, is a blockchain project that hosts several DeFi tokens. Due to its programmable nature, on top of using it as decentralized digital currency, it could be used for financial services, games, and apps built on the platform.

Ether is the world’s second-largest digital currency by market value. As of February 02, 2021, 07:11GMT, Ethereum had risen by more than 5.7% at $1,400. It is one of the biggest DeFi projects with over $1.8 billion in worth.

Etheruem prices are soaring due to the strong demand for decentralized finance projects. This makes investors believe it’s a viable investment.

Why is Ethereum Going Up?

Through “smart contracts”, DeFi uses Ethereum as an operating system for loans and day-to-day transactions. Smart contracts are automated financial programs that allow investors to earn interest in crypto holdings.

Ethereum Price Predictions for 2021

Etheruem will shift mining systems from “proof of work” to “proof of stake”. This move will finance validators depending on the number of coins they own rather than the speed at which calculating blocks operate.

Sharding”, a computer technique of breaking work to smaller parallel pieces will help increase speeds to over 5,000- fold. The process is reliable fast and is an anonymous transaction system.

Proponents speculate Ethereum would make transaction fees more predictable. This would encourage its use and reduce new supply proving positive for Ethereum.

Ethereum Price Predictions for 2021

The world of cryptocurrencies endures liabilities from advancements with grace. Now, attention may be shifting from Bitcoin to Ethereum as more investors can gain access to digital assets via Ethereum. The index shows that the node count is the third major on-chain metric where Ethereum has bypassed Bitcoin.

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The Hottest Hip Hop Celebrity Couples Right Now Proving That Love Is in the Air This Month



The Hottest Hip Hop Celebrity Couples Right Now Proving That Love Is in the Air This Month
Image source : ESTWSTPHOTOS/Instagram

Celebrities’ love lives may not always last, but when it’s hot, it’s hot. During this month, February, the month of love, some celebrities serve relationship goals leaving their fans wanting more. Indeed love is in the air this season. These celebrity couples have stuck with each other through it all, hardly ever letting go of each other, and we want to celebrate the hottest relationships in hip hop right now.

We take a look at some of the most desirable celebrity relationships that the hip hop universe has to offer. 

Hottest Celebrity Couples This February

1. Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves

The couple is with no doubt among the hottest trending celebrity couples in hip hop right now. From surprising each other with the finer things in life during their birthdays to how they enjoy spending time with their two kids, fans can’t help but warm up to the couple. The two have had serious fights over the years, but one thing that will shine through all the arguments and offs in their relationship is this: None of them has either talked ill of the other no matter what they were going through. They keep it simple, classy, and dedicated to themselves. 

2. Quavo and Saweetie


They are like a Disney love movie in the making. Their personalities keep complimenting each other. The way they act when they are together on red carpets and their interactions on social media are the full definition of true love. Even the start of their love story was charming.

Back last year, Quavo shared the conversation that got him his now hottie girlfriend. Quavo first DMed Saweetie with nothing but a snowflake emoji. This was due to the then hit song ‘Icy Girl.’ With Saweetie as vibrant as she always is, she replied with the emoji of noodle due to Migos song ‘Stir Fry.’ From there, Quavo posted a picture of him and his girlfriend of both of them drinking to their relationship. What you know, the rest is just a cupid history. 

3. Big Sean and Jhené Aiko


A decade-long relationship that has stood the test of time and all celebrity couples scandals always follow such a couple in the limelight. Since they became an official couple, they have not been shy in showing public affection and even linked their music careers from time to time. Their relationship has been one of a kind. The two have been on and off without being on and off. They would separate but still keep it friendly and comment or post statuses reminding each other of what they mean to each other. This would be the epitome of modern love if there were ever one. 

4. Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera

Bennett Raglin, Getty Images

The married hip hop celebrity couple has really shown the world what marriage should be like. With over half a decade in marriage, the two still seem passionate about each other. Posting each other on their timelines from time to time and supportive of each other’s careers. Their relationship goes beyond their marriage; it goes deeper into their careers in music and fashion. They might be among the best-celebrated couple ventures on the planet.

5. DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck 

Another married couple is serving a hot list of goals to their fans. We hardly see Nicole Tuck as much as we see their son, but the manager to any artist is hardly seen. Yes, Nicole Tuck manages DJ Khaled’s music career and looks at the business aspects of everything. They tend to keep it lowkey with their relationship, and a little privacy won’t hurt, right?

Final Thoughts

These are the top five hottest relationships in Hip Hop currently. From how they can’t keep their hands off each other even in public places to how they handle their relationships, what’s not to like. Who’s your favorite couple?

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Top 10 Movies on Netflix in February 2021



Top 10 Movies on Netflix in February 2021

Choosing a good movie to watch can be particularly hard with the hundreds, if not thousands of options that Netflix offers from its wide variety of shows and movies. We are spoilt for choice and the list goes on and on. 

Movies tell great stories and table views that society does not address including issues concerning mental health, and raises awareness on key historical events and misdeeds such as racism. We get to pause and experience different realities, fictional situations, and fantasy worlds and it only gets better as the years go by.

In this article, we will look at the best Netflix movies to watch this February. Here are the top 10 movie suggestions on Netflix:

What Best Movies on Netflix in this February ?

1. Malcolm and Marie

Malcolm and Marie is certainly set to be the movie of the year with its already stunning reviews and great remarks. It is a romantic drama film starring Golden Globe nominee John David Washington and Emmy winner Zendaya Marie. It tells the story of Malcolm, a filmmaker, and his girlfriend Marie. It explores the complexities and intensities of the roller coaster we call love.

2. Finding Ohana 

This movie is all about fun, adventure,  and lots of laughter. Finding Ohana follows Pili and Caster who discover a 200 hundred=year-old journal with clues to a hidden treasure. You are sure to enjoy this movie and it will most definitely make your day.

3. Inception

Christopher Nolan’s directing is nothing less than iconic and completely out of this world. This is evident as Inception which was released in 2010 is still boggling the minds of many a decade later. This movie is stirring, exciting, and thought intriguing. Every scene leaves you at the end of your seat as each mystery leads to another. The experience is nothing short of exceptional and memorable.

4. We Can be Heroes

Netflix is an all-inclusive site with even the most amazing movies for children too. From the creators of Shark boy and Larva-girl 3D, We Are Heroes lives up to its predecessor’s fame and greatness. The child heroes have to work together and use their superpowers to save the world from an alien invasion after their parents are captured.

5. Space Sweepers

Set in the year 2092, this Korean space-blockbuster is set to blow your mind away. A small crew on the good ship Victory comes across a little girl named Dorothy who is a humanoid robot that has the potential to be a nuclear weapon of mass destruction. They are caught in between political tug-of-war of choices on what to do with Dorothy as she may be their lucky ticket to a grander life.

6. The White Tiger 

Based on the New York Times Bestseller novel by Aravind Adiga, The White Tiger is iconic in every way. The is American Indian film is captivating and will keep you glued to your screen as Balram Halwai narrates his story. It uncovers a dark yet humorous perspective on India’s class struggle and other issues such as caste, religion, and corruption. It is incomparable to other Indian movies you may have watched, truly as magnificent and as rare as a white tiger is.

7. Black Beach

This Spanish political thriller tells the story of Carlos, an accomplished lawyer who agrees to negotiate the terms of release of a US oil engineer from a kidnapper who happens to be an old friend. 

8. Outside the Wire

American Science fiction films are always set to get your blood pumping and ready for action. Outside the Wire, set in 2036 is action-packed and thrilling as it tells the story of a drone pilot who is paired with a cyborg, android officer on a top-secret mission to stop a madman hunting for nuclear codes that could destroy the whole world.

9. Double Dad

All that Vicenza, a sweet teenage girl had ever wished for her birthdays was to meet her father. She seizes the opportunity to do so when she discovers 2 photos of her mother with two different men of whom one could be her father. With her Mom on a trip to India and her on an adventure in Rio in search of her greatest wish, you are sure to enjoy this sweet, wholesome and exciting film. 

10. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: Always and Forever

All good things truly do come to an end and the Series of To all The boys I have loved movies is no exception. Lara Jean and Noah have captured the hearts of millions across the globe with their teenage romance. It is set to be released on the 12th of February 2021. You really can’t miss out on all the fun, love, and cuteness of this epic love story.

Final Word

You are sure to have a great time watching these top 10 movies. They are the best of the best currently on Netflix. Let us know your suggestions on any good watch we could have missed on the list and your thoughts on our list. Enjoy!

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What Happens After the Last Bitcoin Is Mined?- 21 Million Mark



What Happens After the Last Bitcoin Is Mined?

The knowledge needed to understand cryptocurrencies and how they will work in the future may be complicated, but it doesn’t require you to be a rocket scientist.

According to its source code, Bitcoin was created so that only 21 million Bitcoins will ever exist.

After reaching 21 million units, the creators will breathe a sigh of relief as they take time off their computers. There will be no more mining Bitcoins after this mark is reached.

So what happens after the last Bitcoin has been mined? What will the fate of Bitcoin be? To get the answers, you need to understand how Bitcoins work. Let’s jump straight into it!

How Bitcoin Works

Bitcoin supply was initially created such that it won’t exceed 21 million. The sad news is that 18.3 million Bitcoins have already been mined, leaving less than 3 million left.

Once every four years, the mined Bitcoin is reduced by half, a process known as halving. The former block production allowed miners to get 5 Bitcoins every 10 minutes, which has increased to 6.25 Bitcoins thanks to the new block production.

In 4 years, halving will occur, reducing the globally mined BTC, and the process will keep happening until the 21 million BTCs are released into the market.

So what will the fate of Bitcoin be by then?

What Will Happen to Bitcoin after Mining?

The cryptocurrency creators stated that the mining would end in the year 2140, even though currently 18.3 million Bitcoins have already been mined out of the limited 21 million.

After mining stops, there will be other ways of getting Bitcoins, like through the transactional fees. The transactional costs are determined by the bitcoin’s current price and the number of transactions taking place. The higher the price and the more the transactions, the better the transactional fees.

Miners will also be eligible for small rewards that they will be receiving from the small portions of the last Bitcoins to be mined. With Bitcoin taking root in recent times in ways that the creators are proud of, they may unveil new features.

They may include new protocols, methods of recording and processing transactions, and other factors impacting mining.

When it comes to the uses of Bitcoin, it will be a real frequency used in trading as a means of payment by people. So far, businesses allow their customers to pay them in the form of bitcoins, something that did not exist a decade ago. The trend is not going to stop, given the ever-increasing number of cryptocurrencies.

Final Word

The last Bitcoin to be mined is expected to be mined in 2140! That is over 100 years from now. With a limited supply of Bitcoins that is about to be achieved, it makes us wonder what happens to the current Bitcoin miners.

Satoshi may have to change some of the protocols to keep the currency afloat, but do you think he should change it?

Well, whether you are a miner or not, we would like to hear your take.

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