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8 Best Stores to Resell Sneakers in 2020




There are so many ways of reselling sneakers, and profit is what comes to mind whenever one thinks of reselling a product.

Sneakers reselling really needs to be revived. This means that the sellers should bring to the table, new types of sneakers and reduce the selling prices for the expensive ones. Possessing reseller skills and tips come in handy.

Just like any other product, you can move around selling sneakers to the people you know, make a sale on apps and ecommerce websites that are best for sneakers resale, or even sell them in consignment stores. 

There is so much to put into consideration when reselling kicks. The time and method of payment, the  duration of selling, charged fees etc. Here are some store suggestions.

1. eBay 

It is an online platform but also has 58 office locations with its headquarters located in San Jose.

In the process of selling, one should ensure they have an eBay account, after which they log in to it and make a sneakers’ listing. One will be asked to add a method of paying the fees. 

Buyers can pay when picking up the sneakers or using PayPal, Credit or Debit cards.

After an item has sold, you pay 10% of the selling price to eBay, including the postage.

If buyers don’t turn up, you can re-list the sneakers, though eBay will not refund your money.

It takes 1-5days to sell on eBay.

 2. Instagram & Twitter

Resell Sneakers

Although the two apps are good for growing your sneaker business, Instagram is way ahead in its advantages. 

Instagram has a live and story section where you can advertise lots of sneaker pictures.

The pictures can be edited with filters for eye captivation. Twitter on the other hand has its own advantages as it makes you more sociable with  customers, and it can also make you go viral.

There are no fees on both apps, and you can use any payment methods of your choice.

 3. Goat

Goat has goods delivered to over 20million users across 164 countries. Resellers pay it a commission of 9.5%. Buyers go through listings prepared by sellers within 7-10 week days. 

In the US, payments are done using a MasterCard, a Visa, American Express, JCB and Discover

Affirm and Afterpay, also allow you to purchase goods and make payments later (only in the US). Its shipping fee is 40 USD and a buyer has three days to request for a return.

 4. Stock X

Its headquarters is located in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States. A seller’s level increases once the sales they make increases.

Stock X has a 3% payment processing fee and takes 9-12 business days excluding holidays and weekends.

Payment can be made by PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay or credit cards like Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

Unfortunately returns and exchanges are not allowed.

5.  Stadium Goods

It operates online but also has a store in Soho, New York City. It takes 4-7 business days to process an order. 

A processing payment fee of 3% is made on the final selling price, and this is dependent on your seller level.

The methods of paying include; PayPal, credit cards and Amazon Payments. 

Buyers are advised to place the sneakers in its original box of delivery in case of returns.

6. Grailed

Grailed has one office in New York, and an ecommerce website with contact information. 

Once a seller accepts the offer made by the buyer, payment can be made through PayPal.

For the item sold, Grailed charges a 6% commission and sales take place for up to 14 days. 

A buyer has up to 5 days to process refunds, and if the tracking information is confirmed, there is a cash refund within 3 days.

 7. Flight Club

It has been operational for over fifteen years with locations in Miami, Los Angeles and New York.

For home addresses, it may take 5-10days to get an order, but 7-14 days for international orders.

A 9.5 percent commission is charged for each sale. Flight Club pays to your online or bank account, or you can physically collect payment in their offices.

Returns and exchanges are however not permitted.

8. Round Two Store

It is a collaboration of Round Two and Sol Kendamas, where they sell second hand sneakers. 

Its offices are located in Miami  Los Angeles and New York. Trade is done online and cash is paid instantly on the spot. There are no fees for selling.

Bottom Line

Other places for reselling include Crepe City, Kick Game, Sole Exchange and many more. There are endless collections of sneakers in the market and we hope that this article has helped you decide on your shoe reselling options.


Lil Pump Show Off His New $400k Worth Rolls Royce



Lil Pump / Instagram

What is fame without a show-off? In the entertainment industry, especially for rappers, it is essential to have the drip, the money, the bars, and the ride.

It is a net worth battle. Lil Pump just bought a Rolls Royce Truck for a whopping four hundred thousand dollars. 

The Gucci Gang rapper also revealed that he paid the money in cash. 

He flaunted his ride’s pictures on his social media platforms, and we can’t lie, the rapper has a reason to brag.

Lil Pump
Lil Pump / Instagram

The car he bought is one of the most expensive and luxurious in the car industry. In the caption of his post, Pump wrote, “Spent yo lifesaving on a whip 🎁 🎁Pink slip Lil b—h !! Love u.”

The white Rolls Royce Cullinan has a comfortable space for Pump’s passengers and pretty comfortable seats. 

Lil Pump

Some of his fans showed love to the rapper’s ride, while others claimed that he couldn’t afford the Rolls Royce since he had fallen off.

How to does this guys still got money? Didn’t he fall off or something,” one tweet read. 

Today we are asking you two questions. Do you think the rapper can afford the ride and do you like Lil Pump’s music? Hit us up in the comments section below. We love your responses. 

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Chicago Rapper RondoNumbaNine Curses Out Trump For Lack Of Pardon



RondoNumbaNine / Instagram

As a way of leaving office, Donald Trump decided to issue pardons to some convicted criminals. 

The list was rapper Lil Wayne, Kodak Black, Kilpatrick, Roc Nation’s CEO Desiree Perez, and Steve Bannon, among one hundred and sixty-eight others.

There is, however, the lot that the 45th president of the US forgot or didn’t pardon. Among them are Ross Ulbricht, Julian Assange, and famous Chicago rapper RondoNumbaNine.

The angered convict, currently serving a thirty-nine-year sentence for murder charges, used his social media to bash Trump for not pardoning him. 

F–k Trump his Bitch ass ain’t pardon me,” the Chicago rapper tweeted

In 2014, RondoNumbaNine and his accomplice Courtney Ealy shot their victim Javan Boyd seated in a parked car. After a thorough investigation, Rondo’s fingerprints and surrounding CCTV footage pointed at the guilty rapper and Ealy.

He was a star rising, but fate chose a different route. Some fans think that he should rot in jail, while others promised to try and convince Joe Biden to pardon him.

Do you think that the president should free him? Talk to us in the comments below. Also, visit our website for more news-related articles. 

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Yaya Mayweather Shares Heartwarming Photo of Floyd Mayweather Holding Her Newborn



Yaya mayweather
Yaya and Floyd Mayweather at 2017 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 25, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

It seems like former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather is stoked about being a grandpa. Days after Yaya and NBA YoungBoy welcomed their firstborn son, Yaya posted an adorable photo of Floyd Mayweather. The undefeated boxing star was holding his grandson.

The 20-year-old and new mom shared the adorable photo on her Instagram. Over the photo, she wrote, “My (hearts).” In another slide, she wrote, “My mom $ dad just love the baby so much.” Her baby boy was born on Saturday, January 9.

It is still unclear where she and NBA YoungBoy stand given their on-off sort of relationship. NBA YoungBoy, who is rumored to be in a relationship with another, reportedly has seven children. YoungBoy and Drea Symone welcomed a daughter over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Yaya also shared with her 1 million Instagram followers that she would be giving them an insight into her life on her YouTube channel through a reality series. Stay tuned for that!

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Lil Wayne Drops Song Two Days After Trump’s Pardon



Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne and Donald Trump / Instagram

Two days after getting lucky and landing a spot on the 173 acts of clemency list from the former U.S. president, Dwayne Carter Jr., popularly known as Lil Wayne, released his latest single. 

Titled “Ain’t Got Time“, the surprise project features Fousheè and pays tribute to the late Juice WRLD, including the story of his gold plated handgun saga.

“They raided my private plane/ I went got one that’s more privater/R.I.P. Juice WRLD, wrote that on two cups/Pour out a Lil juice for him/Shit gave me goosebumps/N-gga been through too much/Lookin’ in the rearview to see the future,” a snippet of the lyrics read.

Wayne seems to have planned his release. In the recently concluded election, the Lollipop rapper endorsed Trump for president and didn’t seem to care about what other people or rappers said.

It worked, and he was pardoned along with other names, including Kodak Black. Other names like Ulbricht didn’t make it to the list despite rumours of Trump considering them.

Lil Wayne’s lawyer claimed that the pardon had nothing to do with the endorsement adding that

“I think they had a very strong connection. He’s in the entertainment world. He’s got a style that’s similar in terms of the way that he carries himself, and a lot of rappers and people in the industry relate to that.”

Stay with us for more stories as they unfold. 

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Soulja Boy Sued Over Sexual Assault and Battery Allegations



soulja Boy
DeAndre Cortez Way aka Soulja Boy Tell ’Em, (Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for BET)

US rapper Soulja Boy once responsible for the biggest hits, has been accused of sexual assault, battery, and holding his former assistant hostage. The rapper whose hits include Crank That and Kiss Me Thru the Phone has denied the allegations.

The former assistant who is not named filed a complaint against the 30-year-old rapper on Thursday, January 21. In the complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, the woman claims the rapper repeatedly raped her and held her hostage for three days. She also claims that he did not pay her 18-month wages even after subjecting her to a hostile work environment.

As reported in People magazine, the woman began working for Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez, in 2018. She was expected to be readily available at all times. Her job description went beyond personal assistant duties. She was expected to cook, clean, and chauffeur.

The woman filed as ‘Jane Doe’ and Soulja Boy developed a romantic relationship in January 2019. The brief consensual relationship turned violent. The rapper first physically abused her around January 23, 2019. The rapper also threatened to kill her on one occasion.

Soulja Boy first sexually assaulted her in February 2019. Filled with remorse, he offered her $1,000 after the incident. He, however, continued to rape her on several occasions and sometimes twice a day. He locked her up for three days when she attempted to leave.

Way’s treatment of our client…has traumatized and filled her with fear. His abuse imprisoned her physically, mentally and emotionally… We believe he should be held accountable,” said the woman’s attorney, Neama Rahman.

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