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A DIY Home Renovation Project Turns Into A Chilling Story and Resulting In FBI Investigations



It’s not strange to find homeowners tackle home renovations, especially if they aren’t pleased with how the house looks or if the house is old.

This was a case with a couple in Ohio that bought a house in Cleveland. The couple owns a home built way back in the 1940s and got a lot more than they had bargained for when they decided to renovate their house.

Photo: Pinterest

The 35-year old husband went all DIY mode to renovate their house from top to bottom to ensure the property remained in tip-top condition. The suburban home was fairly large with two main floors and a large basement, but the man had all the time to do the renovations without any pressure of rushing.

Image from Flickr

The husband took his time to renovate their living space and even documented the whole DIY project. He successfully transformed the two main floors into their dream space and moved on to the basement.

He began tearing down the basement ceiling in preparation for the renovation activities when he got a shocking discovery that leads to a chain of unimaginable events. 

Hidden away between the ceiling and the sub-floor was a green and grey vintage looking suitcase. The man carried it to his back garden, and he and his wife took turns, trying to guess what was inside.

Image from Flickr

Upon opening the briefcase, they found stacks of bills. They estimated that one stack had about $2000 in total, and there were three other stacks in the suitcase. The notes were all more than 70 years old, dating back to between 1928 and 1934.

The briefcase also had an old newspaper copy of The Cleveland Plain-Dealer dating back to 25 March 1951. The couple was not only thrilled by their discovery but also intrigued. They began asking questions like Whose money was it? Why was it stored away in their basement?

Image from Flickr

They then sought out an expert to check out the bills they had discovered and if they were worth more than their face value. The notes turned out to be worth $23 000.

This was a wild ride for us, and I hope you all enjoyed it, too. We are boring people and have been dumping our extra money to pay off our mortgage, and that is where this money will go too,” shared the husband on Reddit, unaware that this was just the beginning of uncovering the whole mystery.

Soon various national newspapers were writing the couple’s story, and they enjoyed their moment in the spotlight for a little while. The husband then carried on with the house renovations only to discover another suitcase packed away.

The second suitcase was identical to the first suitcase, and it was a grey and green one. It contained money lined up in an orderly fashion and organized into different groups. 

Image from Flickr

It wasn’t predictable how much money was in it, but it was a LOT! Again, they sought the expert’s help, but this time decided to keep the discovery to themselves. Much to their surprise, the second discovery amounted to a whopping $45, 000 which they poured into their renovations. 

Image from Flickr

The couple kept on searching their house for anything else mysterious. They did not have to look too long before finding a mysterious door in the basement. The door wasn’t full length and could even have been a cupboard.

Behind the mysterious door was a whole room. The room was large and had a carpet laid over the wooden floor in large patches. You can only imagine the couple’s shock and many questions after discovering this mysterious room after years of living in that house. What was the room used for? Did criminals own the house?

The couple decided to look around the mysterious room, which they quickly noted had soundproof walls. What happened in the room that anyone didn’t want heard? Their discovery seemed like a plot straight out of a horror novel or movie. I, for one, would not have been too thrilled about walking into the new mysterious room.

In the room, they found a brown, old, worn leather briefcase. In it was a lot of antique jewelry; silver ingots, watches, and rings. The briefcase also had multiple envelopes that contained cash from countries around the world, as well as an antique wooden box.

Image from Flickr

The mysterious room in the basement also had a black safe. Of course, not knowing the safe’s combination, the husband broke in. One thing in the safe that stood out was a piece of paper that had the words “SAVE YOURSELF,” written in thick black ink. On the safe’s top lid were the words “DO NOT.”

Image from Flickr

Underneath the “SAVE YOURSELF” note were videotapes. The husband began inspecting the videotapes for any clues but with no luck. However, they seemed newer than the other things they had found in the basement, which was very peculiar. 

Curiosity got the better of them, and the couple decided to watch the six videotapes. Nothing in the world would have prepared them for what they saw. The couple that was once filled with joy and wonder after finding the briefcases filled with money began wishing all that experience would come to an end.

Image from Flickr

The couple then informed the local police, which involved the FBI, who checked out the house and confiscated all the discovered items for investigation. Unfortunately for us, we’ll never know what the couple saw on the videotapes. Investigations are still ongoing, and the mystery is yet to be solved.

Image from Flickr

We will never know what really went on in that house and, most specifically, the mysterious soundproof room. Was the note “SAVE YOURSELF” written by someone kept prisoner in the house? Were the jewelry and foreign currency acquired from people murdered in that very house? Do you know what went on in the house that you now live in before you did?

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Tory Lanez Seeks Court Permission To Publicly Address Megan Thee Stallion Assault Case



Tory Lanez
Credit: Getty Images

Tory Lanez wants to tell his side of the story.

The Canadian singer, rapper, songwriter, and recording producer filed a motion on Tuesday seeking to amend the terms of a protective order that is keeping him from publicly commenting on his ongoing case with Megan Thee Stallion.

The ‘Luv’ singer has argued that Meg has used her platform to share “inflammatory information” while he has been barred from speaking on the issue. According to Lanez’s legal team, the court order is “significantly prejudicial and jeopardizes his right to a fair and judicial proceeding.”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 12: Megan Thee Stallion attends the 5th Annual Diamond Ball benefiting the Clara Lionel Foundation at Cipriani Wall Street on September 12, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Taylor Hill/WireImage)

The protective order issued on November 18th prohibits Tory from responding to Megan Thee Stallion’s claims or adding any clarity to any false reports on the case. “In contrast to Mr. Peterson’s silence, Megan authored and posted six tweets to her 5.6 million Twitter followers in quick succession,” Lanez’s lawyers said in the motion on Tuesday.

Earlier this month, Megan Thee Stallion slammed Tory Lanez, whose real name is Daystar Peterson, after inaccurate reports claiming the charges against him had been dropped were released. The reports led to Megan Thee Stallion tweeting,


Tory Lanez’s attorneys claim the prosecutors were presented with evidence that contradicts Megan’s statement about the July 2020 shooting. 

The court documents by Lanez’s attorneys state,

“This evidence — including gunshot residue implicating others — is mitigating, if not exculpatory, and casts serious doubt on the claims made by Megan [Pete]. In addition to the scientific evidence, the People are aware, witnesses who observed the alleged events also provide information that implicates others.”

Lanez was charged with assault with a semiautomatic firearm and carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle in November. Tory pleaded not guilty to the charges. If convicted, he faces up to 22 years and eight months behind bars. A court hearing is scheduled for February 25th. 

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“Beat Box’ Rapper SpotEmGotEm, Has TikTok To Thank For Billboard Hot 100 Debut



TikTok has proven to be an effective marketing tool, especially with the current generation. TikTok came through for rapper and Florida native SpotEmGottEm. The rapper has the app to thank for his debut on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Spotemgottem/ Instagram

His song ‘Beat Box’ has gone viral on TikTok thanks to it accompanying the #JunebugChallenge. The challenge, which is a dance challenge, was created by Junebug, a TikToker. The dance consists of spastic movement in any or every random locatio, such as on top of a car, where American rapper Saweetie did hers.

The challenge went viral and even had many celebrities such as Saweetie, LeBron James, the Cleveland Browns, and the Carolina Panthers taking part in the challenge. The viral song Beat Box made its debut on the US Billboard at number 84 on January 25th.

The debut on the charts is a massive break in the rapper’s career, and hopefully, things go up and up for the rapper.

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20 Most Watched Songs in YouTube



20 Most Watched Songs in YouTube

Listening to a new or trending song for the first time may lure you to try and open YouTube to watch its video. They are often interesting to the extent of making you click the replay more than twice. At the time, you dance to the tune and try to master the lyrics and moves to sing and dance along like these songs. In this list we have covered the most watched songs in YouTube.

What are the Most-Watched Songs on YouTube?

1.    Baby Shark Dance

Both adults and children listen to soothing and fun songs across the world. They learn the lyrics fast and may dance to it with ease.

2.    Despacito

It has a groovy beat accompanied by a mix of Spanish and English that makes you want to sing. You may mumble its chorus, record yourself, and laugh about it later.

3.    Shape of You

The successful pop truck captured the hearts of many who loved music with storylines. Its lyrics and ending in sumo wrestling are attributed to the many views.

4.    See You Again

The loss of Fast and Furious star amazed many who related to the song. People kept on watching it because it influenced their lives.

5.    Uptown Funk

Both the old skool and millennials relate to the song with its diverse effect. Both the lyrics, beats, and dance styles make you want to get high on the dance floor.

6.    Gangnam Style

It was the first-ever music video to exceed YouTube’s view limit because it was surreal. Psy’s horse-galloping moves attracted people across the world.

7.    Sorry

No one could resist watching Bieber sing his heart out, apologizing to a loved one. It relates with most of them who could try mastering its dance moves.

8.    Sugar

No one would want to miss out on seeing Maroon 5 surprise a bride on her wedding day. It gives an exciting and joyous feeling to viewers.

9.    Roar

The charisma and courage of Katy Pery to face a wildcat and conquer it inspired many. Her voice roared out in the hearts of many to watching it.

10. Shake it Off

Taylor Swift gets dorky in the video as she changes to many characters. Its cheesy lines and pop flow makes it even better.

11. Counting Stars

It begins in slow motion then heats up with the booming beats and changes to high pitch and tone. It is also interesting that it featured a crocodile.

12. Thinking Out Loud

Apart from his angelic voice, the crowd never had the hang of the rumba dance. They could replay it to try and learn them.

13. Bailando

The Spanish-English mix was not the only thing that lured netizens to the video. The couple flip, come hither, and salsa spin dances amazed many.

14. Leon On

Everyone was curious about how the Indian culture dance would fit in an English song. Major Lazer never disappointed.

15. Dark House

The Egyptian setting and the magical effect seemed to be the leading reason for the many views.

16. Hello

Its release during Fall and the use of sad chords enticed viewers to watch and listen to the talented Adelle.

17. Let Her Go

The storyline is amazing and away from the ordinary. It’s a story of love that ends in an unsought breakup.

18. Faded

The lyrics blend with the music and the video perfectly matches the mood with its fantasy castle effect.

19. Blank Space

Everyone wanted to see how the feminist Taylor Swift changed for a moment in the beautiful video.

20. Girls Like You

It was a diverse video that included girls from all walks of life with different personalities some of whom were famous.

Final Word

The most-watched YouTube music videos garnered billions of views. People loved watching them because of their unique features. Check them out on YouTube to test how you like them.

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Sabrina Peterson Interviews Woman Claiming She was also Abused By T.I



T.I. and Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris (Getty Images)

T.I and her girlfriend, Tameka Cottle a.k.a “Tiny,” have an ongoing beef with Tiny’s friend Sabrina Peterson. 

According to Peterson, the Bring Em Out rapper held a gun to her head some years back. She spoke about the matter through the caption of a recent post.


Tiny spoke on the issue, of course defending her husband. Tension has, however, intensified after Sabrina talked to an alleged victim of the rapper’s abuse. 

The unidentified woman spoke to Peterson through a voice call, and she said, “It’s just a shame… I’m seeing all this stuff happen and these people don’t believe you. They don’t know who these people are behind closed doors. These people ain’t who they ‘posed to be.”

Sabrina Peterson will hold online discussions with many other alleged victims. She urged them to speak out despite what society says.

Sabrina Peterson / Getty

Many fans doubt the allegations because Sabrina chose to keep the woman unidentified, adding that she let her kids spend time with T.I‘s family.

What is your thought on this matter? Let us know through our comments section below. 

Stay with us for more news updates.

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T.I’s Girlfriend’s Friend Sabrina Peterson Claims He Held A Gun To Her Head



T.I. and Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris (Getty Images)

T.I‘s girlfriend Tameka Cottle’s best friend Sabrina Peterson has levelled some allegations against the rapper, claiming that he held her at gunpoint in front of her young children. 

Sabrina, famous online as @theglamuniversity, owns an e-commerce website that sells marijuana. 

After claiming that being a black woman gets harder as society praises the offenders, Peterson added“@troubleman31 you PUT A GUN TO MY HEAD IN FRONT OF CHILDREN & I NEVER CALLED THE POLICE ON YOU! But for years you have painted me as the VILLAIN.”

You might wonder why she chose to speak after many years. @theglamuniversity claims that she believes her voice might help other women of color heal from their traumatic experiences.

Ms. Peterson wants T. I to be denied any official post saying, “LETS TALK! @keishabottoms YOU CANT HAVE A PERSON THAT HAS VICTIMIZED WOMEN SPEAK FOR US.”

Sabrina Peterson/ Instagram

T.I hasn’t addressed the accusations leveled against him but stay with us to find out what he has to say.

Do you agree with Sabrina Peterson’s claims and demands? Talk to us in the comments section. We love your feedback. 

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