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A Speeding Tire Takes Out a Man Drinking Beer at a Brazilian Bar



Cleyton Gomes da Silva, a 39-year-old Brazilian man, is seen sitting at a table drinking a beer and chatting with his friends at a sidewalk pub in Goiania, Brazil. Reports have it that a vehicle was making a screeching noise with sparks flying off it as metal scraped along the tarmac. 

The CCTV footage shows Da Silva turning to look in the direction of the sound coming from the approaching vehicle, but appears unconcerned and resumes his conversation.

As he checks the source of commotion, the front wheel of the apparently out of control car shoots off with part of a broken axle attached. The incident occurred on 1 August at 10.42 pm. The camera footage was released on Wednesday, 14 August. One of his friends, who is wearing a white cap in the clip, could see the rogue tire careering down the pavement, but it all happened so fast, all he was able to do was recoil in shock as it struck him. He is seen running to his car to chase after the motorist who failed to stop at the scene to check on the damage he caused, despite the fact he was only driving on three wheels.

He was breathing and conscious,’ one of his friends told the media afterward, as cited by The Mail.

 “The victim was rushed to the Accident and Emergency Centre where doctors reported he had suffered non-life-threatening head injuries and a bruised liver. The victim underwent a series of tests and examinations and was released a few days after the accident.”

The car driver has been identified but he did not comment, and no details of the charges he might be facing have been released as police investigate the incident.

It has also transpired that in the past 2 years, Da Silva has been involved in 5 separate car accidents, the Mail says. When the loose tire hit him, he was actually in crutches, recovering from a leg injury from an accident last month.

A lucky man, isn’t he?

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Rick Ross’s ‘Promised Land Just Got BIGGER’ with Another 87 Acres



Rick Ross Getty Images/Dimitrios Kambouris

Rick Ross is the proud new owner of Evander Holyfield’s estate, in Georgia. The rapper has acquired an additional 87 acres to add to his already vast estate of 254 acres to extend what he refers to as the ”promised land”.

Google Maps

In an Instagram post today, he revealed that he bought himself 87 more acres with the caption ‘Promise Land just got BIGGER’.


He parted with $1 million dollar to aquire the property which is not far from his multi-million dollar mansion. There are two houses in the property . it’s not clear what he intends to do with the estate but he probably has big plans.

Ross seems to be following in Kanye West’s footsteps who bought himself several thousand acres an year ago. 

His other compound is adjacent to the newly acquired one and it’s just what you’d expect from the Maybach Music Group boss. The mansion measures 45,000 sq. ft and has a whooping 109 rooms including 21 bathrooms and 12 bedrooms. 

There’s also an indoor and outdoor pool, a bowling alley, a movie theater, a baseball field, and a recording studio. The mansion belonged to Evander Holyfield before the bank repossesed it and Rick bought it at $5.8 million in 2014.

Now, Rick Ross has lots of room to expand. Who said the promised land was tiny?

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Jared Leto Returns As The Jokers In Zack Snyder’s New ‘Justice League’



Warner Bros

Jared Leto returns as the joker in Zack Snyder’s new version of ‘Justice League,’ reprising his 2016 role in ‘Suicide Squad.’

The four hours long upcoming Snyder Cut will premiere on HBO Max in 2021. Leto will be joining the rest of the actors from the “Justice League” for additional photography on the project this week.

In this new film, the presence of Leto further connects the new “Justice League” movie with the previous DC Comics film “Suicide Squad.” The 2016 film featured Ben Affleck as Batman, who tries to take down Leto’s Joker and Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie.

Leto has always been interested in returning to the Joker role. Speaking to Variety In 2019, Jared said, “I would definitely play the Joker again,.” “It all depends on the script and the circumstances, as it always does.” he added. 

However, Leto did not appear in Robbie’s next outing as Harley Quinn, “Birds of Prey,” and is not expected to make an appearance in the 2021 James Gunn’s follow-up “The Suicide Squad,” where Robbie and Davis will reprise their roles.

During the 2016 ‘Suicide Squad’ opening,’ Leto reportedly went too deep into the joker character that he sent disturbing gifts to his castmates, including a dead pig to Viola Davis and a live rat to Robbie.

Reports confirm that the original “Justice League” producers Jon Berg and Geoff Johns will not be credited on the new Zack Snyder film. 

The reason why the two producers are not being credited is that the project was announced in May and had nothing to do with ‘Justice League’ actor Ray Fisher’s allegations that Johns and Berg enabled allegedly abusive behavior by Whedon on the set of the reshoots. Fisher is also expected to be a part of the photography for Snyder’s new version of the “Justice League.”

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Quavo Might Be The Next Rapper Getting A Mcdonald’s Meal




Migos group member Quavious Keyate Marshall, better known as Quavo, showed off his McDonald’s order, leading to fuelled speculation among fans who believe that the rapper might be the next artist to soon partner with McDonald’s.

The fast-food giant’s success is booming once again after an abrupt decline in sales during the pandemic period. That development is mainly because of the fast-food brand’s collaboration with Travis Scott, who launched his meal on the McDonald’s menu with a substantial early September campaign. The partnership led to many internet trends such as memes, jokes, and more viral content, which stimulated McDonald’s sales. 

Shortly after, McDonald’s followed up the success of Scott’s collab by working with J Balvin for a similar partnership. Giving Balving his own signature meal and a line of merchandise to augment it.

Fans predict Quavo to be next in line for a McDonald’s collaboration, judging by his latest Instagram post. The rapper just recently shared pictures of his visit to McDonalds. Quavo posted himself in the queue and also revealed what he generally orders when he goes there.

Double Cheeseburger Plain New Spicy Nuggets Medium Fries BBQ Sauce (Hot N Fresh),” the rapper wrote on Instagram. “What U Want ???

Although not yet confirmed as the next celebrity endorsement for McDonald’s, many of Quavo’s fans believe it’s just a matter of time before the collab takes place.

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Fashion Nova Sues Rich The Kid For $2.1 Million Over Alleged Contract Breach




Rapper Rich the Kid is facing yet another lawsuit for plausible contract breach with Fashion Nova.

For the past few years, the success of the clothing brand has been as a result of its ambassador program, which uses celebrities’ influence on social media to increase its visibility.

Among the celebrity endorsers employed by Fashion Nova include Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, and Gen Z.

Fashion Nova claims it signed an endorsement deal with the 28-year-old rapper back in October 2018 for him to exclusively promote the Fashion Nova brand on social media, give it a shout-out in at least one of his songs, and caption pictures with the brand’s hashtags.

According to legal documents obtained, Fashion Nova claims to have paid the ‘Plug Walk’ artist a $100,000 advance for the promotion.

The fast-fashion company claims Rich the Kid had agreed to do the promotions between October and December 2018 but failed to follow through with the contract. As a result, the brand says it has suffered a huge financial loss. Fashion Nova is now seeking $2.1 million in damages.

To address the issue, Rich shared a series of Instagram stories soon after the news about the lawsuit broke out. “Shit is crazy mothafuckas tryna sue a n***a left and right,” wrote Rich in one post. 

It’s time for us to promote ownership not that slave shit,” added the rapper on another Instagram story.

The Fashion Nova suit is an addition to a long list of legal disputes Rich has encountered, including him owing a $323,214 debt to a landlord and $1.1 million to his former managers. 

Outside of legal matters, Rich the Kid is currently working on a collaborative project with YoungBoy Never Broke Again. With their lead single ‘Bank Roll’ already out, the two artists are preparing to release their ‘Nobody Safe’ album scheduled to drop on November 13. 

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6ix9ine Adds A New Tattoo to His New Look



Tekashi 6ix9ine

Tekashi had seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth to the extent of even disappearing from social media. It could be that he is staying away from trouble, or maybe he is simply enjoying the company of his hot girlfriend, Jade.

Maybe he is avoiding the online trolling he so frequently receives, which can be damaging to his mental health. Who knows?

Just last week, the GOOBA hit-maker rocked the media for rocking a new look. A fan-made video of him with a grown-out beard and wearing his natural hair out.

He seems to have added to his new look. What has he added? Ink! The rapper appears to be adding some new ink to his collection.

The rapper hired a tattoo artist to permanently put Takashi Murakami’s famed flower design on his shoulder.

The tattoo that is rainbow fits well with the rapper’s rainbow aesthetic that he’s well known for rocking. The new ink was shared on Mr. Rotten Apple’s Instagram page, where he posted a video showing the new piece’s progress as he filled in yellow ink. 

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