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Survey Shows 68% of People in the US Want Marijuana to be Legal




In a survey conducted from 30th September 15th October, sixty eight percent of adults in the United states supported the legalizing of Cannabis Sativa.

 This was an increase by two percent from last years opinion poll that showed 66% were in support of the decriminalization process. The numbers have however gone up two times since the early 2000’s.

Weeks after this poll was conducted, four states, New Jersey, Montana, South Dakota and Arizona, voted for the decriminalisation of recreational marijuana to adults.

With 1,035 adults surveyed, 69% and 66% men and women respectively, supported the question.

According to the age groups,  79 percent were between the ages eighteen and twenty nine, 75% represented the age group between 30 and 49, 60% between 50 and 64 and 55% were 65 and older.

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More college graduates supported the legalization as compared to non-graduates. The survey also said that it calculated the findings in terms of households with different income brackets. 

Results showed that 74% of those with income of more than $100000, 68% of those with an income between 40,000-100,000 dollars and 67 percent of those with income less $40,000 were in support of marijuana legalization. 

In terms of partisanship, majority of Democrats, Independents, Liberals and moderates, and less than half of the Republicans also supported it.

Are you in support of legalizing recreational marijuana?

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Cannabis 101: Choosing the Perfect Weed Strain




Weed weed strain cannabis

Which weed strain are you looking for? This should be the question your chrontact (weed plug) asks you before you make a kush purchase. 

If you are not aware of the different weed strains and their effects, hakuna matata, you have come to the right page.

 First you have to understand that marijuana is not equally created and depending on certain factors like amount and tolerance, your effects may differ from another person’s. 

That said, Cannabis is divided into three categories: Indica, sativa and hybrid. This article gives you their effects and the different examples of strains in each category. 

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What are the Different Strains of Weed?


This strain gives users a relaxing effect. It acts as a sedative and relieves pain and insomnia. Patients with chronic pain use these strains as well because of its relation to pain relief. 

Indica strains include:

  • Bubba Kush
  • Godfather OG
  • Afghan Kush
  • LA confidential 
  • Northern lights
  •  Hindu Kush

Fun fact: The Grandfather OG is the strongest Indica strain with 34% THC composition.

2. Sativa

If you’re looking to be energized and uplifted then the sativa strain is for you. This strain is a good suggestion for those trying to be social, focused or creative. 

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Some of the common cannabis sativa strains include; 

  • Pineapple Express
  •  Acapulco gold 
  • Blue dream
  •  Durban poison
  •  Green crack
  •  Strawberry cough.

3. Hybrid

If you are lukewarm in your decision as to whether you want high energy levels or to be really relaxed, then the hybrid strain is your preferred selection.

This strain offers a combination of both Sativa and Indica effects, although one can get more energized or more relaxed, depending on the side the strain has leaned on more.

Like in the examples below, the Granddaddy Purple has more of the Indica effects compared to the Sour Diesel strain which has more of the Sativa effects. Others like the Fruity Pebbles however, remain at the centre of the scale, giving a balance of the effects

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Examples of the hybrid strain include; 

  • White Widow 
  • Maui Wowie 
  • Granddaddy 0urple 
  • Fruity Pebbles 
  • Wedding Cake 
  • Sour Diesel

Now that you have an idea of what works for you, tell us through our comments section whether you found this article helpful.

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Cannabis 101: What are the Side Effects of Using Weed?




Canabis Weed Marijuana

Legal or not, before consuming weed, it is good to be aware of the effects of indulging in the herb, or anything else for that matter. 

Once you use pot, the THC compound that is responsible for the high feeling, goes into the bloodstream and users may feel its effects almost instantly. 

A lot of factors can determine highness levels and experiences in different people. Among these factors are the amount of dosage, method of consumption, your tolerance and believe it or not, the environment you are smoking in.

So you are now high on information. Here are some short and long term effects you may experience. 

6 Side Effects of Using Weed

1. Increased Appetite (Munchies)

After smoking a joint or consuming edibles, your appetite is affected as you might experience a sudden strong desire to eat. Research says this happens when the THC meets the part of your brain that affects your appetite. 

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2. Cotton/DryMouth

Scientifically known as Xerostomia, the dry mouth, according to scientific study, is caused by cannabinoid from pot which reduces the secretion of saliva when it gets attached to receptors in the salivary glands.

3. Changes in Mood

Again, this varies in different people. One might experience paranoia, random thinking, forgetfulness, anxiety and lack of time sense.

A few hours after using pot however, these feelings might reduce.

4. Relaxation 

Whilst some people experience panic attacks and feelings of paranoia, some experience a calm and very relaxed feeling.

Some experience both and the fun fact is that you can balance the panic. What do we mean? THC as we know by now, is responsible for the high while CBD has no high, you can calm your anxiety by taking a CBD dose. Immediately, your anxiety will disappear almost immediately. 

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5. Pain Relief

There are ongoing studies about the long term effects of Cannabis on pain. So far however, medical marijuana is being used in hospitals for patients with illnesses like Glaucoma, Alzheimer’s, cancer and generally to reduce chronic pain.

6. Clinical Depression 

Study continues to show that despite weed reducing depression, it may end up worsening it in the long run. The antidepressant characteristics associated with weed might have overshadowed the possible fact that it may actually be a cause of mental issues like drug induced psychosis for instance. Let us wait and see where the research on the relationship between weed and mental health will take us.

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Before You take Weed…..

In Summary, before you start any drug, make sure you know the pros and cons of indulging in it. What may work for another person may not work for you. You could study different strains of weed before deciding on what you will settle for.

What do you think about weed smoking? What was your first experience? Talk to us.

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Cannabis 101: 10 Different Ways You Can Consume Cannabis




 10 Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

Did you know that no one has ever died from a weed overdose? In fact, consuming weed increases a person’s IQ, and also reduces the risk of obesity.

How to Consume Cannabis

Here is a list of different ways you can consume weed, including eating it raw! YES!! You heard that right.

1. Joints

This is the most recognized way of weed consumption. A joint is manually rolled by grinding the flower, loading the paper and rolling it, and sealing to finish up. People like joints because it can be moved easily and how it smells when burnt. Running out of rolling paper when you have the kush can be devastating here are other ways.

2. Blunts

These are cigars that use cannabis in place of tobacco. A blunt is approximately equivalent to six joints. Smoking blunts has a risk of causing cancer because of nitrosamines(chemicals in tobacco products) that remain after  removing the tobacco from the cigar.

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3.Weed Drinks

These are drinks suffused with cannabis. One can consume it in beverages or boiled water. A solution is made from infusing cannabis in alcohol. CBD medical tinctures relieve pain.

4. Edibles

These are foods pervaded with weed. When consumed, the feeling of being high is long lasting than that of smoking, because edibles enter the digestive system where cannabinoids break down and are released into the blood stream. They have no way through the respiratory system.

5. Bongs

They are cooling and filtration tools that come in different shapes and sizes. When you light up the weed as you smoulder, smoke goes through the water and rises up to the chamber and into your mouth, and lungs. They are also called bubblers or bingers in slang. This method is harmful as it involves too much smoke.

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6. THC Pills and Capsules

They are swallowed into the mouth and absorbed into the stomach. Metabolism then takes place in the liver. People prefer this method, considering its ease in ingesting and its convenience.

7.Cannabis Oils

These are oils made from extracting cannabinoids like THC and CBD from cannabis plants. It is placed under the tongue and is absorbed by mucus membranes and into the bloodstream. You could also add it to foods and drinks, for its effectiveness.

8. Marijuana Gum

It is a discrete and convenient way of weed consumption. An example is the Endoca, which is the best ganja gum for beginners. CBD is released into the bloodstream through the mucus membranes present in the mouth and throat.

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9. Cannabis Sprays

Types of these sprays include Drifts, Sativex, and Gold mist. Drifts are sprayed under the tongue for 30 seconds and you get high within five to fifteen minutes. Sativex is medication for arthritis and muscle related pains. Gold mist has a cinnamon flavor and its effects are similar to cannabis smoking except for the smoke.

10. Other Methods

Other methods include

  • Dabbing
  • De-carbs
  • Topical creams
  • THCA crystals
  • THC Bath soaks

Stay with us for more articles on Marijuana.

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Cannabis 101: What is Cannabis?




What is Cannabis

What Is Cannabis?

Pot, Weed, Kush, reefer, whatever you call it, allow us to make you understand what it really is.

Cannabis is a medical and recreational plant that can affect how your brain functions. It causes mood alterations, behavior and feelings change, among other effects when consumed. 

There are three known species of the Cannabis plant

  • Cannabis Indica which controls insomnia, heals pain, calms anxiety and other muscle-related pains. These strains take a short time to flower, are short in height and have wide leaves. 
  • Cannabis Ruderalis which is harmful as it affects the mental health of a person. 
  • Cannabis Sativa, We know you’ve heard of it or probably used it . This is the most common among the three. It has a medicinal value of treating depression symptoms, tiredness and mood changes. 
  • Industrial Hemp is one of the varieties of cannabis Sativa and it is used in making industrial products like textiles, clothes and shoes, paper and so much more.
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Marijuana contains many compounds including THC and CBD. Although the two allow interactions with Cannabinoid receptors in the body, they work quite differently. 

You see THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is responsible for the euphoric and high feeling while CBD( cannabidiol) reduces it. They are both used in medical treatment however,  but many patients highly prefer CBD due to the ‘no high’ effect. No puns intended. 

There are more than 100 other different cannabinoids from the Weed plant. Among them, THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and CBDA (cannabidiolic acid). Congratulations, you just passed a chemistry test.

Weed a.k.a pot can be consumed in various ways including pills, Sprays, dabs/concentrates (like oil and wax), vapes among others.

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You can also roll your weed and smoke it traditionally like GHerbo who hired a personal weed-roller for an annual fee of 36000 dollars. For the love of weed!

Medical and Recreational Marijuana has been legalized in different parts of the world and though it still remains illegal in other parts, people secretly abuse them. Like you, who was arrested. He was released though. 

Scientists are still doing research on the plant but so far, the compounds present in the plant have been attributed to treat chronic illnesses like Cancer and mental disorders as well.

Its cons? Well, study shows that in the long run, you might lose your memory or one could get mental disorders but, it is still under study so, puff puff pass for now.

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What is your take on Cannabis?

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Israel on The Road To Legalizing Recreational Marijuana



A committee in charge of reviewing the marijuana law and its regulation in Israel has announced that a memo will soon be drafted and once approved by their government, the country might just be added to the list of countries that have decriminalized recreational Cannabis Sativa.

Israeli stoners and tourists might have to wait roughly nine months before they are allowed to buy and smoke weed freely. 

For the bill to pass, the Drug and Alcohol Use special committee must write a legal message and the requirements that ensure the marijuana industry works efficiently, must be met.

 The chair of special committee, Michal, suggested that the decriminalization and legalization bills be made one, promising that he will lead with a lot of commitment to ensure the requirements are met on time.

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With the aim of keeping children and teenagers away from marijuana, just like in other places like Canada, the country is waiting on a budget that will cater for issues like mental health and data collection among other things, before the bill is fully passed.

Prescribed use of marijuana has been legal in Israel since the early 90’s, but the legalization process of recreational marijuana has been a tough one. 

After studying the effects of the drugs in depth, the committee looked at those countries that have been successful and those that failed in the legalizing process after which they did a comparison. 

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Last Thursday, there was a meeting where the findings of the research and recommendations were put on the table.

 The process might take a while but at least Israeli marijuana users can remain hopeful. 

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