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Adidas, Marvel and PS5 Unveil Miles Morales X Adidas Superstar



Miles Morales is a fictional comic superhero that was published by Marvel Comics and gamers get to play as him in the new PS5.

Set to be released this week, the play station 5 has teamed up with Adidas and Marvel to release a new colouration for the Adidas Superstar.

To advertise it, the fictional Miles Morales, rocks the kicks and it perfectly matches his spider-man outfit.

 The shoe has a black toe cap, three black stripes running parallel to each other on top of the red colored upper and a black sole. 

Coming in both low top and high top forms, the Miles Morales×Adidas superstar collection, will be released to its North American fans on the 19th of this month and European fans on the  4th of December.

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Adidas has in the recent past, partnered with a lot of big names including the If I Were A Boy singer, to release Beyonce ×Adidas superstar platform collab, among other collections. 

With its amazing look, the shoe might sell quite fast. Be sure to get yourself a pair once they are available and rate the kicks for us while you’re at it.

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Hackers Who Stole $2 Million Worth of Bitcoin from A Venezuelan Exchange Have Been Arrested



Bitcoin hackers arrested in venuzuela
Photo Credits CICPC

Venezuelan authorities arrested two individuals suspected of being behind the heist at a crypto
exchange where 101 Bitcoins ($1.9 million, were stolen. But hackers are not the only concern for
Venezuelan crypto enthusiasts – there are reports of extortion from the government.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

According to a report by Decrypt, the Venezuelan Scientific, Criminal, and Criminalistic Investigations
Corps, which is basically the Venezuelan FBI, announced the arrest of two people who hacked into the
servers of Banacar Exchange, one of the crypto exchange platforms approved by the Venezuelan

After compromising the platform’s security protocols, Kelvin Jonathan Diaz, 34, and Jose Manuel Osorio
Mendoza went ahead to transfer bitcoin and fiat currency to multiple wallets and accounts. The two did
try to hide their digital footprints. Still, the authorities were able to trace the transfers to Proinsa, a
company based in Costa Rica. Authorities have not been able to determine the connection between the
attackers and the company.

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Criminals Are Not the Only Threat to Venezuelan Crypto Enthusiasts

Venezuela is facing sanctions from the US government, has an unstable government, and a volatile
economy. All these issues affect the cryptocurrency market in the country. To add to the problem is the
rising rate of crypto-related crimes, not just from hackers and other criminals but also from the
government and law enforcement officers.
According to local crypto miners, disclosing their incoming is drawing attention from corrupt
government officials. Some said officials tried to extort them.

In 2019, reports alleged that the Central Bank of Venezuela was laundering Bitcoin and Ethereum got
from illegal mining equipment seizures. The same year, the Economist reported that Venezuela’s
President Nicolas Maduro was using the government-run electrical grid to trace cryptocurrency miners
and seizing their equipment illegally.

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Venezuela Leveraging Cryptocurrencies to Bypass Sanctions by The US Government

The Venezuelan government is keen on using cryptocurrency to its advantage. The country has
developed a centralized cryptocurrency mining operation and uses the technology to bypass sanctions
placed by the US government. That has lead to accusations from the US Department of Justice that the
Venezuelan government is hiding drug trade transactions using crypto.

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34 HOT Cyber Monday Deals Available Now



Cyber Monday

Of course there are many great deals online, but where exactly do you get the best deals?

We understand that it can be overwhelming to shop online during this year’s Cyber Monday and that is why we are covering great deals for you. 

In case you missed Black Friday, we have complied deals for you ranging from electronics to apparel and so much more.

 Have fun shopping with us. Well not technically…You know what we mean.

1. Adidas

  • Using BRINGJOY as your code, buy Adidas sneakers, shorts and hoodie brands with discount prices of up to 80 % off.

2. Apple iPad pro 12.9

  • Save $350

3. Alienware Aurora R11

  • Starting at $891.79 and free shipping reward.

4. Allswell

  • More than 25% off on almost everything 
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5. Amazon

6. Audible Plus

  • Listen to podcasts for as low as $4.59 for your first 6 months.

7. Bluetooth Bose Headphones

  • Alexa controlled noise cancelling wireless headphones 272 dollars. 8 left! Hurry!

8. Boll and Branch

  • For orders worth 150 and above, save 25%

9. Beautyrest

  • Save up to $300 on your mattress 

10. Best Buy

  • Save up to $400 on flat screen TVs

11. Chewy

  • Heated Cat house at $52.24 from 100 dollars

12. Chromebook

  • Starting at $129

13. Casper Gifting

  • Gift sleep lovers with a weighted blanket. 20LB bundle at $257.

14. Disney Toys

Battery-powered train complete set @50dollars

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15. Dermstore

  • Over 200 brands save up to 30% promocode SHARETHELOVE

16. Deluxe Scooter

  • Micro kickboard $112

17. DELL Gaming Laptop

  • $849.99 with Free Godfall save $200

18. JBL

  • 10-60% off on speakers and more

19. Kohl’s

  • With the code Youget20 save 20% extra

20. Layla

  • Upto 200 dollars saves on mattresses


  • Save 700 dollars and more on many appliances 

22. Monica and Andy

  • 60% off on selected designs and 30% discount on everything 

23. Master and Dynamic

  • Save 25% as 5% donation goes to City Harvest

24. Nomad

  • 30% discount on everything!

25. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G

  • 750USD save 250 dollars

26. Shark

  • 180$ off vacuums

27. The Bouqs Co

  • Promo code CYBERMONDAY free shipping and up to 20% off
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28. Tushy

  • Free shipping and 15% off. Promo code FREESHIP

29. Vitamix

  • Best blender deals. Save upto 100 dollars

30. Vincero

  • For goods 200 US  dollars and beyond save 20% $300+ save 25%

31. World Market

  • 40% off on toys and decors


  • 90% off valid (Nov 28)

33. Zappos

  • For bags shoes and more, with 20% off

34. Zenni Optical

  • Goods worth 10 dollars and beyond get 15% off and 20% for $30+ and 25% discount for goods more than 75 dollars. Code: BF2020

The clock is ticking people! Explore these amazing e-commerce websites and we hope you get yourself amazing deals. Happy Bargain!

Let us know if this article was helpful. 

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CBP Patrol Officer ‘ICEbae’ Quits Job to Join OnlyFans



Latina patrol officer, Kiara Cervantes, trended in 2019 after her picture with vice president Mike Spence went viral. Her beauty attracted a lot of people and they made her trend with the hashtag ICEbae.

Others however, were angered saying that people were making someone who puts black and brown humans in cages trend, because of her gorgeous looks. 

At her work place things got worse. She complained about her co-workers who, according to her, were sexually harassing her but it landed on deaf ears of the Custom and Border Protection. 

Credits: thebright

Kiara claims that one of her colleagues asked if she had a boob job done while the others posted memes and made comments about her. 

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She claimed that a co-worker walked up to her and pointed at her chest asking if she had some work done. Kiara said he also asked her to stand straight for him to confirm. 

Making her uncomfortable, she reported the situation to the concerned authorities but they ended up turning the tables on her. They asked her whether the relationship between her and her co-worker is what could have made him that comfortable. 

Cervantes also said she was demoted for no apparent reason and that her work mates looked down on her ever since she trended and did not even give her the attention she deserved. 

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Since the treatment she received from her co-workers affected her work, ICEbae said she was quitting. She had been working for five years and her advice to CBP was to respond to such critical matters instantly.

Currently, if you are an OnlyFans subscriber, you might want to check her out. That’s right. Kiara joined OnlyFans after announcing on her socials, that she is quitting her job. 

Border Agent Kiara de Leon has said her co-workers harassed her on social media

At a fee of 30 dollars a month, you can have access to her content. Kara’s bio reads, ‘ask and you shall receive’ and she has received a lot of sexual Officer jokes from her fans.

The ex CBP patrol officer says that since her trend, people have been offering her a ton of job opportunities. One person even wanted to take her to dinner and pay her 50,000 dollars. 

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Some of her subscribers took it to Reddit saying they want a refund since her content is not as enticing as she made it seem. According to them, Kiara has not done any full nudes.

She claims they also made comments to her in work about the business aspect of her accounts
The mother of two says she now needs a break from the job for her mental health

ICEbae is among the many females who have joined OnlyFans. Like the Instagram model who was robbed off 100,000 dollars and San who left her career as a doctor to join OnlyFans

Would you join OnlyFans? Talk to us. We love your response. 

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Lil Nas X’s Jaw-Dropping Halloween Costume!



Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X (Getty)

Halloween season is upon us, and y’all know what that means…people and especially celebrities are going all out with their Halloween costumes.

Saweetie dressed up as all three members of Destiny’s Child, Ciara dressed up Cardi B, Kylie and her squad donned the Power Rangers outfits, but no celebrity has outdone Lil Nas X.

The 21-year old hitmaker made jaws drop when he dressed up in Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” costume. The Old Town Road rapper went all out with the transformation and has, in turn, received praise from so many celebrities.

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Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X as Nicki Minaj (Vijat Mohindra)

Many of us have admitted to being Nicki Minaj’s stan, but we can all agree that Lil Nas X takes the crown for the ultimate Minaj stan. He turned himself into the “Super Bass” hitmaker. He shared his jaw-dropping transformation on his social media and even dubbed himself “Nas Maraj.”

Nicki Minaj on Super Bass (Distant Designs)

Some were shocked by his transformation into the Barbie rapper since he had once denied love for the rapper. He later explained he denied being an avid admirer of Nicki Minaj since he didn’t want people questioning his sexuality as he was a gay rapper living in the closet. He is now not ashamed of sharing his love for Minaj with the world ever since coming out of the closet.

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Many celebrities such as Iggy Azalea, Skai Jackson, 24kgoldn, the Clermont Twins, and Andy Cohen took to his social media post to applaud him.

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Kylie Jenner and Her Squad Rock Power Rangers Costumes for Halloween



Kylie Jenner
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

For all Power Ranger fanatics like myself, you’ll be left feeling nostalgic after seeing Kylie’s Halloween costume.

It’s Halloween season, which means people go all out to truly express themselves and, in the process, impress with their costumes. Spooky season is when make-up artists go above and beyond to share their creative make-up Halloween looks. Celebrities also tend to go all out with their elaborate costumes, with most of them dressing up as their favorite fictional characters or as icons they have always admired.

For beauty and make-up mogul Kylie Jenner, this year’s make-up look was the Power Rangers. In case you don’t know who or what the PowerRangers are, it is an iconic 90s superhero kids-show.

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Kylie opted to go as the red Power Ranger. She even went all out and dyed her hair red for the occasion. Her friends also followed suit and went on to match their hair colors with their outfits.

Kylie Jenner and gang (Instagram)

Group Halloween outfits are honestly such vibes! Hope you and your squad have gotten to rock a bomb ass squad Halloween costume.

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