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Top 10 Affordable and Amazing Gifts To Get Your Girlfriend



Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

So you probably want to surprise your girl, but you don’t have any idea what to get her?

Well, we have your back. We have compiled a list of ten ideas you might want to consider.

What Do You Get A Girl Who Loves Sleeping?

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

1. A Customized Fleece Photo Blanket

You probably know by now that she loves spending time on the bed in her room, so you could plan for her room to get a makeover.

You could also get her a fleece photo blanket to break the monotony of her usually plain blanket. You can compile a grid of photos of your memories together and print them on it.

2. Framed pictures with funny messages 

Depending on her character, this can also be the perfect gift as she can hang them on her bedroom wall and see it every time she wakes up. Avoid writing provocative words like “You are quite lazy ” as some girls might not like it.

If she has an uncomfortable bed and you can afford it, you could get her a more comfy bed. Your girl will love you more *wink*.

Gifts For Girls Who Love Beauty and Makeup

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

1. Buy her Beauty Products

Pleasing a girl who loves makeup and beauty products is not as easy as it seems. 

There are a variety of products, and different girls have different preferences. Avoid buying random products as you might end up spoiling your girlfriend’s skin and then dumping her for your mistake. 

To know what to get her, you could take some time to study the products she is into and inquire during your daily convos. 

That way, you can even know what she has always wanted to get but couldn’t. If you have a mutual friend, you can ask for sausages.

2. Spa date

Nothing tickles a girl’s fancy like a great day of relaxation. Sometimes it doesn’t require money, since you can do it yourself. 

All you need to do is look up the steps of giving an award-winning massage, and voilà! She loves you more. Thank you Technology!

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3. Hire Her a Makeup Artist 

Again, they need to be qualified. Don’t get your friend to act as one, John! The artist can be occasional or permanent, depending on what you can afford. 

For Girls Who Love Fashion 

Photo by from Pexels

1. Take her to a Fashion Show

Apart from taking her shopping, you can take her to a fashion event ( don’t forget to get her an outfit for the occasion).

You can be a little romantic and place it on the bed with some cute notes, you know, like in the movies.

2. Fashion sketchbook

Maybe she likes expressing her creativity. Purchasing a fashion sketchbook that comes with a guide might be highly appreciated by your lady.

You can also get her a sewing machine, a mannequin, and other accessories. You never know, she might be the next Coco Chanel.

2. Organize Her A Photo Shoot 

Does she love pictures? Let her pretty face meet a professional camera’s lens. You could do both indoor and outdoor with a change of outfits. 

What To Get Girls That Love Eating

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

It is not in your place to force your girlfriend to change so that you can look good. She needs to decide to do it on her own. With that said, we will scrap the idea of getting her a weight loss guide book.

1. Of course a Date

If you can afford a candlelit dinner for two, you know, something out of your usual activities, then do it.

If you are working on a budget, you can decide to grab her favorite snacks (even if it is yourself), and take a blanket and do the traditional picnic. 

2. Cook For Her

Start with some breakfast in bed and adorn the tray with a rose maybe. 

You can also cook for her the whole day and treat her like they would in a high-end restaurant. 

3. Customize Her Utensils 

Get her a customized mug or plate. There are several things that you can print on her utensils. They include her name, a favorite word you share, among other things.

4. Take Her to Tasting Events

Wine and food tasting can be a good idea to please her taste buds. Check the dates for the events near you online and have fun tasting them with your girl.

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For Girls Who Love Reading

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

1. Personalized Book Stamp

If she is fond of giving out her books to you or other readers, a stamp with her details can be a great gift idea. 

2. A Journal

To keep a record of books read and the sentiments she has on each, you can get her a journal. It is available online, and it is quite a thoughtful act.

3. Book club starter pack 

If your girlfriend always wants to start a book club, you can get her a kit filled with recipe ideas and best seller suggestions from famous authors.

4. Book Page Holder

It can get uncomfortable for a reader to hold down her pages every time. So the best way to make her comfortable is by purchasing her a page holder. It is available online and in many physical bookstores. 

5. Book Lover Themed Art

To create a soothing ambiance for reading, you could get her something that resonates with her love for reading or get her a subscription to the beautiful reading space around your area.

If Your Girl Likes Pets

Photo by Japheth Mast from Pexels

1. Animal Games

Are you familiar with guess in 10 or animal puzzles? They are exciting ways of spending a night with your girlfriend if she loves animals. There are a variety of games to choose from, so check the internet for suggestions. 

2. Animal Sweaters 

Getting her pet a sweater is an incredible way of warming her heart. She probably loves her dog so much, and the fact that you show how much you care for her furry bestie, makes you look even more attractive. 

For Girls Into Music

Photo by Jorge Fakhouri Filho from Pexels

1. An Instrument 

There are a variety of options to choose from around the world. You could buy your female partner a guitar, a violin, or even an authentic African instrument. You know what they say about love and boundaries.

2. A Concert Ticket

If you know her favorite band or celebrity will be performing somewhere, why don’t you purchase a ticket for her? It could be a great way to spend time together. 

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3. Karaoke Night

If she is an aspiring Queen B, a nice karaoke night will do the trick. You can also organize one at home, and don’t forget to take part in it whether you know how to sing or not. Girls find it attractively romantic. 

Girls That Love Painting

Photo by from Pexels

1. A Painters Apron

Painting can be a little bit messy, so to help reduce the mess, you can get your painter an apron.

2. Award-Winning Paint

You can add to her paintings collections, work from a famous painter, or her icon. Or buy a piece from her to show her you appreciate her work.

3. Easel stands

To enable her to stand or sit when she is working on a piece. There are a variety of easel sizes to choose from in the market.

For A Girl Who Loves Video Games

1. Gamers T-shirts 

Many of these collections exist on the online market, and you can purchase them according to her taste.

2. Nintendo Switch

This portable console has been on the wish list of many gamers for the past three years. You could also game with your baby girl for memory’s sake.

3. Games

There are several games in the market, ranging from indie games such as Outer Wilds, Donut County, among other games.

For Girls Who Love Giving back To The community 

You could organize a lunch date with homeless people or a giveaway event. You could also volunteer to help random people and make a compilation video, including messages of appreciation from the people directed to her.

You could caption it, “Thank you for teaching me how to be kind to others. I love you.”

What matters?

The fact that you are here reading this is a starter. You care about your loved one, and that is the root of love. 

It is not about whether you can afford it. The little things are what matters. 

We hope this article was helpful. Share your favorite gift idea through our comment section. 

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Air Jordan 2021 Releases To Look Out For



Air Jordan 2021 Releases To Look Out For

So far, a number of OG all-time pairs, such as the “Cool Grey” Air Jordan 11 and “Carmine” Air Jordan 6, are set to be making a come-back this year. 

January Releases

Air Jordan 35 “Bred”

Price: $180

Air Jordan 1 High OG “University Gold/Volt”

Retail Price: $170

Air Jordan 3 “Midnight Navy”


Air Jordan 13 “Starfish”

Price: $190

Air Jordan 9 “University Gold”

Retail Price: $190

Air Jordan 5 Low “CNY”

Retail Price: $215

Air Jordan 1 Low “Elephant”

Price: $90

Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG “Chinese New Year”

Price: $130

February Releases 

Air Jordan 1 High OG WMNS “Silver Toe”

Price: $170

Air Jordan 6 “Carmine”

Price: $225

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Air Jordan 1 High OG “University Blue”

Price: $170

Air Jordan 5 Retro “Anthracite”

Price: $190

Air Jordan 1 Low “All-Star”

Price: $190

March Releases

Air Jordan 4 Retro “University Blue”

Price: $190

Air Jordan 5 Retro “Hyper Royal”

Price: $190

Air Jordan 5 Retro “Raging Bull”

Price: $190

April Releases

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG

Price: $170

Air Jordan 35 “Fire Red”

Price: $180

Air Jordan 1 Centre Court “Banned”

Price: $135

Air Jordan 9 “Cactus Flower”

Price: $190

Air Jordan 1 “Court Purple”

Price: $170

May Releases

PSG x Air Jordan 7

Price: $225

Air Jordan 4 Retro “White Oreo”

Price: $190

June Releases

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Paisley”

Price: $170

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Air Jordan 9 Retro “Chile Red”

Price: $190

July Releases

Air Jordan 3 “Racer Blue”

Price: $190

Air Jordan 12 Retro “Twist”

Price: $190

August Releases

Air Jordan 13 “Dark Powder Blue”

Price: $190

Air Jordan 1 High OG “Pollen”

Price: $170

September Releases

A M Manie`re x WMNS Air Jordan 3 Retro “Violet Ore”

Price: $210

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Black Toe Shattered Blackboard”

Price: $170

Air Jordan 5 Retro “Total Orange”

Price: $190

Air Jordan 13 Retro”Court Purple”

Price: $190

October Releases

Dior x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG

Price: $2000

December Releases

Air Jordan 6 Low SE “Tour Yellow”

Price: $190

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Kobe Bryant Wanted to Leave Nike, Shervin Pishevar Reveals



Kobe Bryant Wanted to Leave Nike, Shervin Pishevar Reveals

Before his untimely death, Kobe Bryant had a collaboration with Nike, and it was going great.

 According to reports, Kobe was supposed to ditch the collaboration and start his own sneaker company Mamba.

Iranian-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar claimed that he had a conversation with the Lakers Legend about his new business idea back in 2019.

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According to Shervin, Kobe was not satisfied with his collaboration with the Nike company. The entrepreneur highlighted that the NBA player disliked Nike’s marketing and promotion skills line.

Replying to a tweet that asked why the basketball player wasn’t happy, Pishevar wrote, “He wasn’t happy with Nike’s marketing and promotion commitment to Kobe’s line. And the sales of his shoes were anemic, and he blamed Nike. He retained tight control because he didn’t trust Nike’s judgment in design“.

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Kobe and his daughter Gianna, lost their lives among other passengers early last year after the helicopter they had boarded on crashed.

Shervin Pishevar has vowed to bring the legendary basketballer’s dreams to life.

The philanthropist wrote, “That is my dream. Sports teams and sports product companies could and should be owned by the players. PLAYER OWNED BUSINESS MODEL is superior to other models”.

We wish him all the best in his endeavors. Stay with us for more sports-related updates

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“Alien Blue” Adidas Yeezy Boost 380 to Have a Completely New Design



Alien Blue' Adidas Yeezy Boost 380 to Have a Completely New Design
Photo Credits: yeezymafia

The Adidas and Kanye’s Yeezy collab has had a very successful 2020, despite the coronavirus pandemic, and things seem to be leveling up for Yeezy Mafia in 2021. 

Last year, around this time, Kanye West debuted the Yeezy Boost 380 Alien to the market. The rapper claims that his main goal is to make Yeezys available to everyone, and he recently even advocated for 20-dollar Yeezys.

This 2021, the Adidas Yeezy Boost 380 will come in a new colorway, Alien Blue. The new collection will have features similar to the original Alien but with a slight twist.

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The collection, which will drop in the Spring season, will have the original Alien’s grey upper, but with perforated sides that are green in color.

Photo Credits: SBD

The midsole has white and blue tones on it, and it sure looks comfortable to us.

The official release date of the collection has not been confirmed but stay with us for updates on it and visit our website for more Kicks-related updates.

Do not forget to share your sentiments on the new collection. Do you think the Yeezy collection will sell out like it usually does?

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Where To Buy The New Air Jordan XI Adapt Right Now



Where To Buy The New Air Jordan XI Adapt Right Now

The Jordan XI Adapt, arguably the best Air Jordan so far considering the power lacing technology, is available on StockX. Considering how prices went up last week when the shoe was included in Nike’s surprise release last week, it would not be a bad idea to order on StockX now. 

Nike announced the Jordan XI Adapt alongside the Air Jordan XI Jubilee on November 11. Since then, the new Jordans have been all the hype in the sneakerhead community. 

The Air Jordan XI Adapt is the shoe in the Jordan Brand to feature Nike’s self-lacing technology. Users can customize the perfect fit via an app on their phone. The Adapt app also allows users to change the flashing pattern of the shoe, which is powered by rechargeable batteries. 

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The shoe was set to debut on December 30. However, last week, Nike included the AJ11 Adapt in a surprise release. The shoes sold out almost immediately. And due to the demand-supply concept, the prices shot way above the initial $500 price tag. 

Nike might soon restock. But before they do, you might wanna head to StockX and grab the AJ11 Adapt “White” for about $700 before prices shoot to over $1,000. The average price for the Jordan Brand is about $660 on StockX. However, some Jordans have sold for over $10,000 on the platform. 

Check out the Jordan XI Adapt “White” on StockX here. You can also have a sneak-peek at the full Jordan XI offering

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Jordan 12 Retro Reverse Flu Released



Jordan 12 Retro Reverse Flu Released

You might be wondering what present to get your basketball-loving friend or boyfriend, and the Jordan 12 Retro Reverse Flu would be the perfect gift.

Also known as Jordan 12 Varsity Red, the Jordan 12 Retro Reverse Flu Game comes in the Varsity red/black colorway.

The collection provides a vintage Chicago Bulls vibe, and its release comes at a great time as the NBA games are about to commence.

The shoe’s mudguard, placed on the upper to protect it from mud and dampness, has a lizard-print on it and the tongue has a Jumpman logo.

Released this December (26), the shoe goes for a retail price of 200 US Dollars. 

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The Jordans 12 Retro Reverse collection is available in all sizes on StockX.

We know you sneakerheads have been waiting for this the whole year, and it sure is a great way to spend your money. 

Here is a link to the StockX website. Have fun shopping and happy holidays!

Stay with us for more updates on sneakers.

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