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Being A Doctor Made Her Parents Proud While Going On Onlyfans Made Her Rich



Onlyfans Nang Mwe Sang
Nang Mwe Sang (Instagram)

Nang Mwe San’s parents were happy with how her life was going. She became the doctor they wanted her to be at 20 years old. 

Nang however, didn’t want to end up like the other underpaid doctors. According to her, a public doctor in Myanmar, gets just 20 USD in a month while a private doctor might get a slightly higher pay. 

She is from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), a Southeast Asian Nation bordering India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand. She was raised in Yangon but born in Shan state, Kuching area.

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Onlyfans Nang Mwe Sang
Myanmar (Burma)

Nang Mwe Sang says she started her desired modelling career by  posting sizzling body pictures on social media.

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 After her sexy lingerie and swimwear photos made rounds and somehow landed on the Malaria Monitoring and Evaluation (MME) Office, she received a resignation demand from the office.

It didn’t stop there, the National Medical council also ensured she couldn’t get employed as a doctor ever again. This was after she ignored their requests to stop posting her sexy pictures.

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She has also received a lot of rejection and criticism from her family and her parents have made it clear that they don’t support her actions at all.

To Nang Mwe San, financial stability was and still is a motivational factor and she seems to have achieved her goals so far.

 The Instagram model opened an OnlyFans account about a month ago and since September the 21st, Nang says she has made 50,000 dollars, in just one month. 

Stating celebrities like Amber Rose and Bella Thorne as her role models, she says no one is entitled to judging her. She also adds that OnlyFans has helped her since she didn’t want to have to sell her body out to sugar daddies. 

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Nang says she plays with sex toys and posts erotic videos for her fans to enjoy. Her followers pay access of up to $25 per month.

She applauds doctors like her young brother and calls them heroes during this pandemic because they are fighting for people’s lives on the front line.

With her diverse audience, Nang Hope’s to make herself financially comfortable. 

Currently, she is 30 years old with 2 million followers.

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Rapper Casanova Allegedly Accused of Promoted Gang Ties



Casanova, whose legal name is Caswell Senior/Gabriela Bhaskar

Prosecutors express that rapper Casanova allegedly promoted his ties to the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang by posting images of diamond-encrusted gorilla pendants on his social media accounts in a memo urging the judge to hold him and most of his associates without bail.

Using his public platform, he has amplified the message of the gang — both through his music and his social media profiles,” wrote Assistant US Attorney Shiva Logarajah.

Casanova stands accused of wearing jewelry that show his ties to the gang. Investigators also stated that his appearance on ‘Big Ape,’ a song the prosecutors refer to as a ‘gang anthem’ solidifies his involvement with the gang.

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Caswell Junior, popularly known as Casanova, reiterated his claim that the accusations against him by the FBI are false after he turned himself over to the authorities and pleaded not guilty to charges of firearms possession, narcotics conspiracy, and racketeering.

Seventeen other gang members face similar charges and have been accused of being tied to the murder of a 15-year-old.

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Prison calls also allegedly show that he sends money to Dwight Reid, aka Dick Wolf, the alleged gang founder who is currently behind bars serving a sentence of 50 years to life for a murder that occurred in 2014.

“Senior has closely coordinated his artistic endeavors to benefit the gang… Prison calls allegedly show that Senior forks over some of his earnings to alleged gang founder Dwight Reid aka Dick Wolf.”

Casanova is also said to be a ‘drug supplier,’ and if convicted, he could be facing a minimum of 15 years behind bars.

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Spotify Suggests Treading Crypto Mode Of Payment Waters as It Posts a Job Offer




While publishing a new job listing, music and podcast streaming service, Spotify, may have hinted at treading Crypto waters. On the listing, the company wants an “Associate Director, Payments Strategy & Innovation” who is expected to bring in new payment strategies.

The job is based in their London offices, and the job’s description reads as follows:

“This role will report to the Director, Payments Strategy & Innovation and will play a key part in defining and implementing Spotify’s payments strategy as well as leading Spotify’s activity within the Libra stablecoin project and wider digital asset & cryptocurrency space.


The streaming giant goes further to explain that the director should look for new opportunities in the “emerging ecosystem” of distributed ledger technology (DLT), blockchains, cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and other digital assets.

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Other streaming services such as Twitch have also ventured into cryptocurrency, even encouraging people to pay for their subscriptions via crypto by offering special discounts to those that do. Twitch uses Bitpay, an Atlanta-based crypto firm that allows for payment in bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, four USD-pegged stablecoins, and ripple.

We’d like to know what you think. Are you willing to dip your toes in the Crypto waters?

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Boosie Badazz is Suing Mark Zuckerberg for $20 Million Over Instagram Ban



Recovering Boosie Badazz doesn’t seem pleased with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and is waging a legal battle against the tech titan.

During a sit-down with VladTV, Boosie Badazz mentioned that he is suing Mark Zuckerberg for $20 million over his Instagram ban, which took a heavy toll on his business ventures.

“[Zuckerberg] made some of my business ventures go down, so I’m suing him now. I’m filing a lawsuit against him now,” he said. “… He stopped me off Instagram, and he didn’t put me back on Instagram. And that’s affecting my business.”

The 38-year-old rapper alleges that his Instagram was targeted because of his race. He went on to point out that other ‘worse’ policy violations didn’t result in permanent deactivation.

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“This is the first time my Instagram has ever been [taken] from me… This is discrimination. Something is wrong. Somebody must be mad ’cause I said their name wrong, and they’re trying to chastise me.”

He continues: “And my Black people are starting to tell me, ‘Boosie, this man is a racist. He knows you affect the Black community and make them smile every morning? Why is he not giving you your page back? … He might be trying to stop us from smiling’… You’re going too far.”

Boosie Badazz
ATLANTA, GEORGIA – JANUARY 04: Rapper Lil Boosie attends Indiana Pacers vs Atlanta Hawks game at State Farm Arena on January 04, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Instagram deactivated the rapper’s account due to sexually explicit content, which he featured on the page’s Insta live broadcasts. Shortly after, Boosie released a video asking the Facebook founder to reactivate the page claiming it was one of his most extensive sources of income.

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In a botched attempt, Boosie Badazz even went to offer Zuckerberg $100,00 to get back his account. When his efforts failed, he ended up creating another unverified account, which he claims is also being targeted since he cannot use the live broadcast feature.

“I had 10 million followers. You’re fuckin up my income,” Boosie says. “… I’m not suing for $300 billion … I’m only suing for $20 million.”

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Dr. Dre’s Eldest Daughter Talks About Her Financial Struggles & Her Strained Relationship With Her Father



The last time I saw him was when I was 20 at my mom’s house.

In an exclusive interview with DailyMail,Dr. Dre’s eldest daughter reveals how she has not seen her father for 17 years, the fact that she doesn’t even have his phone number, and her financial struggles.

dr dre
LaTanya Young/SWNY

37-year-old LaTanya Young is the eldest daughter of Dr.Dre and his ex-wife, Lisa Johnson. The former couple had three children together: LaTanya, LaToya,36, and Ashley, 35. The couple split when LaTanya was only five years old, and from that young age, the 37-year-old mother of four was forced to communicate with her father through his staff.

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LaTanya (right), LaToya, now 36, (center) and Ashley (left), now 35 / SWNY

LaTanya, who has not seen her father in 17 years, desperately desires a close relationship with her father. She maintains that her goal for getting close to the legendary producer is not to get close to his riches. It is quite shocking that while Dr.Dre boasts of a net worth of around $800 million, his eldest daughter has struggled financially.

Money is not what I want; I feel better doing it on my own,” she shares.

The mother of four is currently training to be a nurse and takes odd jobs to keep afloat with her bills, including working as a FedEx driver. LaTanya even went on to admit that she doesn’t even have her father’s phone number and that Dre has never met his grandchildren Tatiyana, 16, Rhiana, 13, D’Andre, eight, and Jason III, three.

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He did offer to help me with tuition, but he never speaks to me. He never set me up to be able to not need him. He never paid for college; he never did anything to help me and my sisters get along.

LaTanya blamed the strained relationship on Nicole Young and hoped that their split and divorce would bring them closer.‘ I got the impression she didn’t care to know any of us.’

Dr. Dre & Nicole Young/ Getty

LaTanya then goes on to share that she once went to see her father with her sisters when she was 16 and was turned away by his then-wife Nicole. Nicole even threatened to call the police on them.

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LaTanya still holds on to the hope of Dre one day repairing their strained relationship and even getting to meet and know his grandchildren.

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CCTV Footage Captures Video Of an Unlucky Woman Who’s Sent Sprawling By a Flying Tire




If you spend as much time on social media as I do, most specifically Twitter, then you have probably already seen this video.The whole scenario on the footage pretty much sums up 2020 for most of us! Surveillance cameras along a path in the Copacabana district of Rio de Janeiro captured shocking footage of an unnamed woman getting hit on the head by a flying tire as she walked along the street.

The woman was walking along the street, and she noticed the fast-moving runaway trye head toward her. She then managed to dodge the tire that flew past her at high speed, or so she thought.

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Woman in Brazil gets hit by a flying tire

After she narrowly misses the tire, she continues walking along the street, oblivious to the fact that the tire had hit a pole and was headed straight for her head. The tire ends up hitting the back of her head, sending the woman sprawling on the floor and her shoes fly out of her feet.


Seconds after she sprawls onto the floor, the car from which the tire rolled out rolls in. A driver then rushes out of his car, removes the tire that is on top of her, and helps her up.

This comes after another CCTV footage of a man sipping beer in a sidewalk bar was in a similar fashion taken out by a dislodged car tire in the same country of Brazil.

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