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Dashcam Video Shows Florida Man Shooting Through His Windshield



A man in Florida, Marco Mazzetta, posted dashcam footage from his car. You can see Mazzetta and his friend enjoying the drive from the dashcam footage, and they suddenly encounter an aggressive Nissan 370z driver. Mazetta was driving in Orange County in Florida. He claims that the Nissan driver was tailgating him hard and eventually bumped into Mazzetta.

The Nissan driver then speeds around Mazzetta’s truck, and in zoomed-in footage, Mazzetta claims you can see the other driver aim a gun at him.

From the video, you can see that Mazzetta’s windshield is shot at more than once. Mazzetta then pulls out his piece from his waistband. Unlike anything you’d expect, Mazzetta fires at the Nissan through his windshield. The shooting results in shards of glass flying everywhere and even leaving his friend in the passenger seat freaked out.

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While speaking to WESH 2’s Bob Hazen, Mazzetta said

I know this video doesn’t capture my smartest moments but I hope any idiot criminal with a gun watching thinks twice before loading, brandishing & aiming their firearm at someone over a traffic infraction.”

Mazzetta claims that he was only defending himself since he feared for his and his friend’s life. From the video, it is unclear if the Nissan got hit by the shots that Mazzetta fired. Mazzetta says he pulled off the freeway immediately and personally reported the incident.

You don’t know the mindset of the other driver that you may accidentally get involved with some type of situation,” Florida Highway Patrol’s Kim Montes said in response to WESH 2. “A lot of people carry weapons in their cars and this could have really escalated to somebody getting shot, somebody getting killed.

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7 Ways to Break Up Cannabis if You Don’t Have a Grinder



7 Ways to Break Up Cannabis if You Don't Have a Grinder

For many patients and cannabis consumers alike, grinding of the cannabis flower is an essential part of consuming the plant. It allows for proper airflow and adequate exposure to the plant’s trichomes. So what do you do when you need to break up your cannabis but do not have a grinder?

Being familiar with the benefits of well ground buds, you would not want to miss the opportunity to grind yours properly. Thankfully you don’t have to panic, as there are plenty of other ways to get your weed ready for a smoke session. With just a few basic household tools, you’ll be able to get your buds ready for use in no time.

Below are 7 different ways to break up your cannabis without necessarily using a grinder: 

1. Chopping Board and a Knife

Photo Credits: Royal Queen Seeds

Place your buds on a well cleaned and dried chopping board, and start chopping. Chop until the buds look small and ground to the same consistency.

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2. Mortar and Pestle Grinding

Photo Credits: Royal Queen Seeds

These two kitchen tools can come in handy when it’s time to crush some herbs. Ensure your flower is well dried before you start. Partition your buds into smaller pieces and place them into the bowl; place small amounts at a time.

Take the pestle and start pressing on your buds, grinding as you turn until it’s crashed enough. Shake the bowl before you pour out the buds to ensure they are evenly crumbled. Your weed is now ready to be rolled.

3. A Coffee Grinder Can Also Process Weed

A coffee grinder works almost as well as a grinder. Take out all the stems and seeds from your buds, and then place the buds in the grinder. Turn it on and make sure not to over-grind to avoid turning the weed into powder.

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4. Grating Your Weed

Another one of the many kitchenwares that can turn into a grinder is the cheese grater. Simply grab a plate, place your grater on it, choose the smallest grating side, and start grating your bud. A grater can be really efficient as it can chop up even the densest, toughest strains. Ensure your grater is clean and dry; avoid using a grater that has been used to grate pungent ingredients such as garlic or ginger.

5. Blender or Food Processor 

If you’re looking to grind large quantities of weed, you may find the kitchen blender or food processor quite useful. The blender’s sharp blades help produce a consistent product perfect for a bong, vaporizer, or even blunt. Just load your buds into the blender and grind away.

6. Shot Glass and Scissors

This may not be the fastest method to grind your weed, but it works either way. You will need a pair of scissors and a shot glass. First, cut the bud into two halves, then throw it in the glass. Use the tip of the scissors to cut the halves into smaller pieces. Keep cutting until you get your desired size.

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7. Coin and Container

International Highlife

Throw your weed in a sturdy container together with a coin, cover the container and properly seal it. Shake the container with the coin in it. The coin will bash into the weed and tear it apart. To avoid spilling your product, use a solid container which the coin will not tear through.

Not having access to a grinder should never deter you from lighting one up. There are plenty of alternatives as to how you can get your cannabis ground. All you have to do is ensure you use clean and dry tools.

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How to Store Weed: How Long is it Good for?



How to Store Weed: How Long is it Good for?
Brennan Linsley, AP

After keeping a weed stash for some time, you may notice the buds turning brown and getting dryer by the day and that smoking it, doesn’t get you as high as it did before. This may have you wondering, does weed go bad? If so, how long is it good for?  how should one store weed.

Well, brown and crumbly flowers often indicate the weed is not stored properly. Cannabis is best stored in a cool, dry place if you expect it to still be potent after an extended period.

Weed aging is inevitable, but with proper preservation, you can slow it down. If you store your weed properly, it may last for over six months before losing its flavor and potency.

What’s the Best Way to Store Weed?

Below are factors to considered when storing weed:

1. Temperature

Mold on marijuana, and other organic compounds often thrive in temperatures between 77° to 86° F, so it is very important to keep your buds in a cool place; this will ensure it lasts for a significant amount of time.

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Excessive heat may result in the drying out and damage of cannabinoids and terpenes, ending in a hot, harsh non-enjoyable smoking experience.

2. Air Control for Cannabis Storage


Storing your cannabis in an airtight container is crucial in ensuring the flowers’ terpenes are well preserved, which will guarantee your weed remains fresh and potent for a long period.

3. Light

Light settings for storing cannabis are crucial since harmful UV rays will degrade cannabis throughout the exposure. Cannabis will turn brown after the UV has destroyed and broken down most of the buds’ synthetic and organic materials.

4. Moisture

Controlling humidity is essential in keeping away molds and other contaminants from your cannabis. Generally, you are required to store your weed in a controlled environment under a proper relative humidity of 59% and 63% RH to maintain and enhance color, aroma, flavor and consistency.

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What Important Things Should You Keep in Mind When Storing Cannabis?

  • Avoid storing your weed in direct sunlight but in a cool, dry place
  • Store your cannabis in containers with a neutral charge, like glass Mason jars
  • Use hygrometers to control the RH levels of your storage area
  • To minimize oxygen exposure, ensure you vacuum your storage jars and containers
  • Do not store different strains together; separate your strains to maintain their flavor profiles
  • Don’t store in cheap plastic bags or containers. Plastic often has a static charge that can attack precious trichomes
  • Avoid the use of plastic jars and containers, which can encourage sweating
  • Store your flower separately from other cannabis products and equipment. Avoid storing your cannabis with grinders and pipes. The ash that remains from burnt cannabis tends to stick around and will stink up your storage container
  • Avoid using a tobacco humidor; most are typically made out of cedarwood, which has oils that may transfer and can affect the flavors of your cannabis bud and make changes on its precious terpene profile
  • Keep your stored cannabis away from electric appliances that give out heat. Instead, store your weed on a low shelf, cupboard or in the basement of your home
  • Avoid using inappropriate materials for moisture control. Some recommend tossing fruit rinds into storage jars to rehydrate the bud, but this can bring about too much moisture, which may encourage the growth of mold
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Now that you have a proper understanding of how you can suitably store your weed, you no longer have to worry about your stash going bad and can hold on to your cannabis for way longer than before.

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6 Factors that Impact How Quickly/Slowly Your Cannabis Burns



6 Factors that Impact How Quickly/Slowly Your Cannabis Burns

Typically, most cannabis smokers enjoy a lengthy rewarding smoking experience; this experience highly depends on the potency of the strand, the smoothness of the smoke, and in some cases, the burn rate of the blunt.

The rate at which cannabis burns can significantly alter the mood and pace of your smoking session. Slow-burning cannabis is more desirable as it encourages a longer, more enjoyable experience. To ensure your cannabis burns at the rate you desire, you first have to understand the conditions which impact the rate at which your cannabis burns.

Let’s look at these factors and how they can impact how quickly or slowly cannabis your burns:

What Factors Affect How Cannabis Burn?

1. The Density of the Rolling Papers

The thickness of the rolling paper you use determines how fast your cannabis burns. The thinner the rolling paper, the slower your blunt burns; with thinner papers, a large amount of air passes through, allowing you to smoke with ease; hence the joint burns slower as opposed to thicker paper, which is known to burn out quickly as it combusts at a faster rate.

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Rolling papers are made out of different materials; therefore, choosing the type of material for your blunt determines its burn rate. Rolling papers made out of hemp burn best since they are additive-free.

2. A Tightly/Loosely Packed Blunt


A tightly packed blunt will burn slower than a loosely packed one. Packing a blunt tightly prevents it from being airy, which reduces its burn rate. The airflow that passes through a tightly packed blunt is often limited, stagnating the rate at which the joint burns. This leads to a more desirable experience—loosely packed blunts lead to an uneven and accelerated burn rate.

3. Grinding Method

Photo Credits: Leafly

It’s important to invest in a good grinder. This will ensure you get the right consistency for your cannabis. Weed that is not properly ground will form a joint that burns unevenly, which will lead to wastage of the product. Make sure to evenly grind your weed with the use of a quality grinder.

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4. Inhale Intensity

It is obvious to any cannabis user that smooth slow inhalations will ensure a slow blunt burn, while intensely inhaling a joint would make it burn out much quicker.

Airflow plays a critical role in determining the burn rate of a joint. Due to the condensed content of the joint and the lack of airflow, a joint will burn slowly. 

4. Humidity


Generally, cannabis that is too dry burns faster than that which is slightly moist. A well-cured blunt will burn much slower as the buds will have retained the right amount of moisture.

5. Light the Joint Up Evenly

How you light up your joint also affects the rate at which it burns. To promote an even burn, hold the blunt over the flame of your fire source and rotate it as you light it up. You may also take small puffs and try to make the blunt burn evenly. The goal is to create a nice, circular burning area.

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6. Use Multiple Sheets

The number of rolling sheets used in making a joint can greatly impact its burning rate. Using multiple sheets will prevent burn runs from overtaking one side of your joint, which tends to cause an uneven burn. Rolling with more than one sheet also helps contain airflow, where the second sheet helps channel the air into tighter spaces, which helps prevent expedited burning.

After getting familiar with the factors that can influence the burn rate of your blunt, you can now control how quick or slow your next smoking session will be.

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7 Tips on How to Break into the Cannabis Industry



How to Break into the Cannabis Industry
© iStock/Bulat Silvia

Business is booming in the Cannabis industry. Now thanks to the governments that keep legalizing the use of Cannabis, the projected growth of the industry by end of 2021 is at $20.2 billion. More fields keep popping up and it needs people of different aspects to fill them up. In the USA, more than 28 states have already legalized the drug. This means in the USA out of 5 people, there is at least one person who is capable of using Cannabis for recreational purposes.

With the changing narrative around the world, the demand for Cannabis will keep growing exponentially. It won’t be easy but the road to a successful Cannabis business is full of confusing laws, ever-increasing steep taxes, and a lot of roadblocks that may limit you from reaching your intended potential in the business.

Here are the best 7 tips to help you through the way.

How to Get into the Cannabis Industry

1. Have a Plan

Every business requires a plan to implement and a strategy to follow through. Besides, you have to come up with a plan that will make you stand out whether you will be selling Cannabis online or not. You should ensure you know where you will get the proper funding you require too because not many major banks will fund companies dealing with Cannabis.

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2. Create a Network

It’s a competition because it is business. Know who you are in the industry with and their products as well. Network with professionals in the industry who might help you grow and let you know of any conventions you can go and meet with possible clients. Meet with your customers to know what they want.

3. Get Certified

You wouldn’t want to be dealing with Cannabis when you are not certified because it will cost you big time. Get certification for your business that will allow you to run the business in broad daylight giving you the chance to openly meet and showcase your products?

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4. Know Your Product

Customers will feel much better when they know they are buying products from a company or individual who knows what they are doing. Different breeds mean different kinds of high and whether it’s prescriptions or just getting used for recreational purposes, it is always important that you know what you are selling to your customers.

5. Understand the Industry

Like any other industry, coming to terms with every condition and that your industry holds gives you the advantage of having a foolproof plan. You can go around everything since you know all the perks and pitfalls that come while you are in the industry.

6. Encourage Referrals

Its been proven that people will mostly believe other people on the perks and lows of a product as compared to any advert or marketing ploy broadcasted through media. Get people to refer friends and family to your product will work you wonders especially if your product is high grade.

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7. Keep Researching

It’s a controversial industry. This means that a lot of things will happen within the industry that may change the way your business is run. You must make sure that you are on top of any emerging news or rule so that you know what steps to take.

Final Word

Being a growing industry that still has a lot to prove, being the pioneer will mean that you have to stick with most of the rules and regulations set by the government. It’s never going to be always easy but patience, determination and working smart will eventually get you where you want to be if you know where you want to be. Any questions about the Cannabis industry you may want to know, just ask in the comment section.

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Shocking! Conor McGregor Looses Against Dustin Poirier by TKO in 2nd Round



Dustin Poirier, left, celebrates after being declared the winner by referee Herb Dean following his TKO win over Conor McGregor at UFC 257 on Saturday. (Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Conor McGregor loses against Dustin Poirier!

The highly anticipated match between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier finally took place at UFC 257 at Fight Island in Abu Dhabi.

McGregor, a former two division champion, was up against his old rival, but sadly he lost again to Conor.

The two had their first round at UFC 178 over six years ago, where McGregor defeated Poirier. Since their first round, McGregor went on to become the biggest star in the UFC.

Dustin Poirier, left, and Conor McGregor faced off during the weigh-ins on Friday.Credit...Jeff Bottari/USA Today Sports, via Reuters
Dustin Poirier, left, and Conor McGregor faced off during the weigh-ins on Friday. (Credit…Jeff Bottari/USA Today Sports, via Reuters)

Poirier proved that to be true in the rematch on Fight Island when he survived early blitzes from McGregor to score a shocking upset victory by second-round knockout.

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McGregor came out fast, flashing his trademark speed and power, and even dipping back into the same shoulder strikes that led to the knockout of Donald Cerrone in his January 2020 return to the Octagon.

Through it all, Poirier remained steady, working over McGregor with leg kicks, eventually taking the base of the Irish superstar before blitzing him with punches, dropping him to the canvas and scoring the knockout at the 2:32 mark.

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The Irish professional mixed martial artist and boxer became the first fighter to hold world titles simultaneously in two divisions.

Poirier, on the other hand, claimed the UFC interim lightweight title. He went on to win matches against Eddie Alvarez, Max Holloway, Dan Hooker, and Justin Gaethje.

Congratulations Dustin Poirer on his win!

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