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Diddy In A Giving Mood; He Provides Miami Families With $50 Relief And Even Pays Their Rent



He Provides Miami Families With $50 Relief And Even Pays Their Rent

Diddy continues his giving streak after he recently splurged his mom with many gifts. In an event held on Tuesday at the House of Wings in Miami’s Overton neighborhood.

Diddy’s foundation, Sean Combs Foundation, in partnership with Teens Exercising Extraordinary Success (TEES) aimed to create a difference in the lives of all families directly or indirectly affected by the pandemic in the area.

The giving project also included Michael Gardner and Headliner Market Group and Miami Dade County Commissioner Keon Hardemon organisations.

Diddy announced that his foundation in partnership with the organisations mentioned above were giving grants to a local organization that would help 175 families in the area to pay rent during the pandemic.

Sean “Diddy” Combs also handed out gift cards and essentials to the families that were present at the event. The gift cards and hygiene products that were gifted were as a result of Diddy partnering with Publix supermarket. 

This is such a generous gesture from the 51-year-old given the great number of people that have economically been affected by the global pandemic.

The multi-millionaire was walking alongside an entourage from his foundation as he handed out $50 bills to the hundreds of people that thronged the event venue. Diddy was caught on camera gifting the families.

In the said video, the rapper can be seen wearing a face shield and gloves as people lined up to receive the cash. Members of his crew were also gifting people with $20. The rap legend was also personally greeting everyone who was waiting in line.

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Rowdy Rebel Announces Lil Uzi Collab Amid RE-ROUTE Release



Rowdy Rich
Chad Marshall aka Rowdy Rebel, (Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Rowdy Rebel and his best friend Bobby Shmurda were locked up in 2014 after being charged with numerous offenses, including possession. Rowdy got released last December on the 15th day after serving seven years. 

The Remain Silent rapper released his first project since his release just yesterday. Titled RE-ROUTE, the project involved Funk Flex, and it was announced late last year.

It seems like just the beginning. Being in prison, it is not unexpected that the rapper came with a vision for future projects. 

Rowdy Rebel took to his Instagram to reveal that Lil Uzi and himself will be dropping a hit soon.

Intending to advertise his latest single, Rowdy wrote, “Get ‘Reroute’ til [sic] 500K views… Me & Lil Uzi Vert dropping next week.”

The rapper also worked with Rav on a music video, and hopefully, we will see it soon. In a lengthy caption on his feed, he wrote, “GLLTTT BOW BOWBOW … 6YRS I WAITED TO GET MY MOMENT BACC THEY LET THE BULLY OUT -ITS FULL THROTTLE FROM HERE, MORE MUSIC TO COME GO RUN THAT UP.”

Rowdy’s best friend Bobby Shmurda might get a conditional release this February (23rd), and his mom, fans, and Rebel can’t wait.

Stay with us for more stories as they unfold. 

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Famous Dex Returns To Social Media After A Month In Rehabilitation



famous dex
Famous Dex / Getty

Since his career kicked off in 2017, fans have always raised concerns about how Famous DeX abuses drugs. 

Late last year, even DJ Akademiks showed concern when he posted a video of DeX high on drugs. There was also a point where the Drip From My Walk rapper experienced a seizure during a performance. 

His friends held his legs, and he seemed to be shaking. Some medics came to his rescue, but it remains unclear whether the rapper went to the hospital. 

Fans gave comments asking other celebrities and friends of the rapper to reach out and help, and it didn’t take long before his close friend Rich The Kid reached out to him.

Rich posted pictures with Famous DeX before he went to rehab and even called him during his rehabilitation. The call aimed to give fans hope that the rapper is doing well, and he sure is.

Famous DeX recently posted a short clip where he seemed quite happy dancing. 

After a month of being offline, the rapper is back home healthy. Dex flexed his muscles for us to see and vibed to music from the comfort of his house. We are glad he is back.

Just like most people, we would like to congratulate Famous DeX for his achievement. Raise your glasses to a healthier lifestyle.

Stay with us for more updates on the story as it unfolds. 

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Remembering XXXTENTACION on What Would Have Been His 23rd Birthday



Remembering XXXTENTACION on What Would Have Been

XXXTENTACION, whose real name is Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, would have turned 23 today. Hip hop lost a legend in the making when the American rapper, singer, and songwriter was shot dead on June 18, 2018 afternoon.

XXX was shot dead just outside RIVA Motorsports in Deerbeach in an apparent robbery. The then 20-year-old was out shopping for a motorcycle. He was shot multiple times in the neck and was in critical condition before being pronounced dead at 5.30 p.m.

Many took to Twitter to pay tribute to the fallen legend and wish him a happy birthday. Below are some of the birthday tributes.

@DailyLoud tweeted, ” Happy birthday XXTENTACION. He would have been 23 years old today #RIP.”

“happy birthday, Jaseh,” tweeted @makeouthill.

“Happy birthday to XXXTentacion, he would’ve turned 23,” tweeted @BlackSpeakz.

“Happy birthday x, the short time you spent on this earth made a permanent impact on all of us,” tweeted @anzio999.

‘Old Town Road’ hitmaker Lil Nas X also took time to pay tribute to XXX on his Instagram story by sharing a photo of XXX.

He is and will continue to be missed by many. 

Happy birthday and continue Resting In Peace XXTENTACION!

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XXXTENTACION’s ‘SAD’ Hits 1 Billion Views On YouTube



Even in death, XXXTENTACION continues to make an impact through his music. XXX’s most famous song, ‘SAD,’ hit more than 1 billion views on YouTube on January 14, joining other elite tracks in the 1B club.

The track, which was released in 2018, was the lead single from the album, ?. The track is XXX’s highest-charting single.

SAD‘ peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 following his tragic death, making him the first act to earn the posthumous Hot 100 number-one single as a lead artist since Notorious B.I.G. in “Mo Money Mo Problems” in 1997.


XXX, who was shot dead in 2018, worked on SAD with producer John Cunningham. The song debuted as number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 and had 66 million streams in 12 days.

The song amassed 10.4 million streams on Spotify the day after he died, breaking the single-day record for streams on the streaming platform. The song has been certified 9x Platinum by the RIAA for having sold nine million units.

Credits: Dan Garcia

The Florida native was shot dead in Florida after an armed robbery outside a Riva Motorsports dealership in Deerfield Park on June 18, 2018.

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The 10 Best Pusha T Songs



The 10 Best Pusha T Songs

Pusha T had his way to the limelight with the support of his brother who was in the Hip Hop industry. They created a duo Clipse that made rap fans switch their attention to the then-upcoming artist. 

He and No Malice formed Re-up records where they kept the fire burning for years. Here are some of his greatest hits to listen to while you pass the time.

Top Pusha T songs

1. Untouchable

Listening to Pusha T makes you feel untouchable from the metaphorical raps he gives out. Untouchable was the first single from Pusha’s Darkest Before Dawn album produced by Timbaland.

2. If You Know You Know

Pusha T’s If You Know You Know track was written and dedicated to himself as a person who has made it out of the drug-dealing lifestyle. The song is also a dedication to the people who are still in the streets dealing with drugs. Pusha is trying to show the other side of his success.

3. Nostalgia

Featuring Kendrick Lamar, the track has two different perspectives about the cocaine dealing world. Kendrick gives a closer look at his own home and how the drug epidemic affected him and his family members, while Pusha T, who has sold cocaine half his life, looks back to a childhood growing around cocaine.

4. Lunch Money

This track finds him going after his competitors to claim his place at the top of the rapping game. The meaning of the music title is taking everybody’s lunch money, which he uses metaphorically to show how music is a competitive game.

5. Numbers on The Board

Numbers on The Board was the second single from My Name is My Name album. Pusha T dedicated the song to his fans and he wanted it to sound like a mixtape. 

6. Suicide 

The song is an inspiration from My Name is My Name hat Pusha and Ab-Liva did a song with. The duo recreates the story to a perfect hit song with Pusha calling out his enemies in a rap.

7. My God

Pusha T is a go-getter that dares to dream big about how he rides a Lamborghini down the street. The time bandit wishes to take over the streets, making him the most feared man inspiring the name My God.

8. Sunshine

It is the last track on the Darkest Before Dawn, ironically named Sunshine featuring Jill Scott. It’s a rare song by politically minded Pusha T where he tackles some of the most sensitive issues of the time, from police violence and brutality to underfunded public schools to the prison industrial complexes.

9. Alone in Vegas

Apart from its lyricism, Alone in Vegas is about emptiness and isolation. Like Las Vegas, a city isolated in the desert to trap you with its superficial designs providing meaningless fulfillments. Pusha’s words about those around him are gone, like her brother No Malice.

10. The Games We Play

Produced by Kanye West, The Games We Play samples Booker T. Averheart’s Heart ‘N Soul. The track from the Daytona album is named after the Rolex Daytona wristwatch. Pusha intentionally called the album Daytona in reference to the care and time put to record the song. Pusha’s song digs into the competitive nature of life as a hustler and tries to beat his competitors.

Bottom Line

Going all the way up for Pusha was not as easy despite having been inspired by his brother. He had a tough time dealing with cocaine but rose above the odds to rapping his way to success. His is a story of inspiration as depicted in some of the above best songs.

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