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Is the McGregor & Khabib Beef Over?



Mcgregor Khabib
Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov fought in 2018. 
Photo by Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Back in 2018, Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov battled against each other with Khabib coming out victorious. 

Their beef started when the two gave a chaotic show after drama erupted between them.

 According to Nurmagomedov, Cornor talked about his father, religion and country. He added that McGregor almost killed two people in Brooklyn and broke a bus. 

Recently, the two seemed to still have beef  after Conor alleged that the UFC star, Khabib, chickened out of his fight with Tony Fergusson. 

According to Cornor, Khabib scurried out to his home country Russia to evade the fight making Tony the ultimate winner. Khabib however, remained home because it was a precautionary measure during this pandemic crisis.

Fergusson wanted Cornor to replace Khabib in the fight, but he respectfully declined the offer.

After his recent fight with Justin Gaethj, Khabib announced his retirement . The UFC star lost his father and confirmed that, that fight would be his last, because he cannot fight without his dad.

This might be the reason Cornor has kind of settled their beef. In a Q&A he conducted, he asked his twitter fans to ask him any questions and he will be open to answer.

One fan asked about his thoughts on Khabib as a fighter and he said,” “A phenomenal grappler fighter. The current best in the sport with it. I’ve the answer however and they know it,” 

Khabib might have retired but McGregor is still on with the fight between him and Dustin Poirier scheduled for January.

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Offset Disses Wiz Khalifa Due To Shady Cardi B Tweet



Offset Disses Wiz Khalifa Due To Shady Cardi B Tweet

Wiz Khalifa  entertained a tweet that seemed to pit Cardi B against Nicki Minaj. The tweet read,

Cardi winning a Grammy when Nicki Minaj didn’t is the biggest proof that they don’t know a shit about music.”

to which he responded,

Most self made artists have this problem.”

Wiz who may just have been trying to offer the opinion of self-made artists not being able to easily win the Grammys is now being seen as an enemy as he was seen to side with the tweet that shaded Cardi. It was quite unclear why Wiz Khalifa seemed to side with that particular tweet yet he’s generally an unproblematic character in the rap game.

His response resulted in Cardi B firing back and Wiz Khalifa spent the next few minutes answering to Cardi B and the Bardigang. Offset even ended up getting involved and dissed the “Black and Yellow” hit-maker. 

Cardi B posted a screenshot of Wiz Khalifa in her DMs encouraging her and offering her advice back in 2016 and tweeted ,

 “This was Nikkas in my dms in 2016! They really support you when you grinding at the bottom then it’s a different story when you make it!”

Wiz Khalifa then responded to Cardi saying, “I still support u. Nothing’s changed. Your self made in my book as well.”

Offset then tweeted,” Niggas be hoes!!!! Smh.” He did not specify that the tweet was aimed at Wiz Khalifa but the tweet’s timing lines up with the timing of Cardi’s tweet.

Do you think this may turn into a feud or it will just blow over? Share your thoughts with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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Lil Baby Seemingly Clutches Gun In New Picture With Bun B



Lil Baby

Lil Baby seems to be taking extra security precautions. A new photo posted by Houston rap legend Bun B seems to be sparking some talk. The photo which is on Bun B’s Instagram,is of Bun M standing together with Lil Baby whose right hand is in his hoodie’s pocket. Lil Baby fans were quick to notice that he seems to be holding a pistol in the hand that’s in his hoodie’s pocket. 

With the shooting incidents in the hip-hop community increasing, it may not be a bad idea to walk with just a little extra protection. Some of these shooting incidents include shooting of Boosie Badazz and in worst cases death such as King Von and Mo3. It’s sad to see him walk around strapped just for protection regardless of him having security detail.

Lil Baby is, however, celebrating multiple Grammy nominations such as the Best Rap category and category for the Best Rap Performance.  His team at Quality Control, however, felt that he needed to earn more nominations.

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Lauren London Gets Nipsey Hussle’s Love Note Inked



Lauren London & Nipsey Hussle
Lauren London & Nipsey Hussle/ Getty

In a few months, it will be the two-year anniversary since Nipsey Hussle was shot dead outside his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles. In honor of Nipsey’s memory on top of the lifelike portrait of the rapper, she added a tattoo of Nipsey Hussle’s love note.

The 33-year-old rapper was on a meteoric rise in the rap and community activist industry before his tragic passing. He was known as a positive force in the rap game and was known as a leader among his peers. 

His longtime partner and mother to his children, Lauren London, got a lifelike portrait of him on her forearm following his murder. She then took to Instagram to share a picture of the ink with the caption, “Real Love Never Dies. When you see me, you will always see him #LoveYouHussle #TMC.”

Lauren London’s new ink pays tribute to the love of her life copying a simple yet sweet love note that he reportedly wrote to her which she shared on her Instagram. The tattoo reads, “2 Lauren, You my heart. Love you more!!!-Eremias.”

Nipsey’s murder trial is still looming and we can only hope for justice will be served for Nipsey.

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B.Simone Announces Joining OnlyFans With An Underwear Photo



B. Simone/Instagram
B. Simone/Instagram

B.Simone is the latest celebrity to join the fast-growing adult site adding to the long line of celebrities that are milking dollars from the site. Some of these celebrities include Chris Brown , Amber Rose, Bella Thorne and Tyga.

B.Simone made the announced on her Instagram by sharing a black and white photo of herself dressed only in underwear and texts covering her breasts.

On the photo, she wrote “I made an OnlyFans,” followed by a red heart emoji “Fuck It.” Her followers were then to access her OnlyFans account that she had linked to her story by swiping up. The music cum comedian is still to specify what content she’ll be putting out on her OnlyFans page.

B. Simone/Instagram
B. Simone/Instagram

In case you don’t know who B. Simone is, she is an American singer, actress and social media personality. The 30-year old was born in Dallas, Texas and is known for her appearance on MTV’s ‘Wild n Out.’ She has also amassed over 5 million followers on her Instagram account.

Earlier this year, B.Simone had faced some backlash after she was accused of plagiarizing bloggers to create her manifestation book. Following these allegations, Simone took to Instagram to explain in a 3-minute video  that she accepts full responsibility and that she had in fact reached out to all the creators that her team stole work from.

Regardless of her apologizing, people have not yet let the scandal go and had a lot to say about her joining OnlyFans. Some took to Twitter to voice their thoughts with some taking a rather sarcastic tone. Check out a few below.

“B. Simone made an OnlyFans? Lmaoooooooooo the jokes write themselves”@KB6Champion

“B. Simone was a “manifest queen” now she has an only fans! (laughing emojis) I guess the book wasn’t selling”@illest_mix

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Best Deals Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals



Black Friday

Black Friday is here! Although Coronavirus ruined the year for many businesses, including the retail markets, online buying and selling has grown tremendously. 

This Thanksgiving will feel different however, as most of the stores including Walmart will remain closed until 5 in the morning. 

Black Friday and cyber Monday deals for many stores will be done online, through their e-commerce websites as well and stores will also increase their selling days.

 According to reports, discounts will be higher this year, compared to other years probably due to the pandemic. Here are some suggestions you should look out for.


Ssense is giving a discount of up to 50% on their designer and luxury streetwear. Designs from Alexandra Wang and Thom Broan, will be among the apparels on sale.

They just went live and as their sale was so much anticipated, you need to hurry and buy before you miss it. Click here to visit their site.


According to a live Diesel conducted, it is offering 40% off on a few deals and 20% on nearly every other product. Their sales vary from designer jackets to shoes and so much more.

 You can go to their physical stores or shop online through their e-commerce website at

Remember to use CYBERWEEK20 as your promo code in order for the savings to apply. 

Online shoppers will get free shipping and returns so hurry while stocks last. Good luck! 


They announced their discounts live, just recently. So if you love Levi’s, you don’t have to wait for the week of Thanksgiving to buy anything from them.

All you need to do is use a BLUESTREAK as your promo code to get the 40% discount they are offering. Their offers last until 1st December. Happy bargain!


If you are looking for gift ideas for your family and friends this Thanksgiving, then hurry to the Adidas store and buy, as they are offering 50% off on most of the deals. 

From pants to sneakers and so much more everyone including kids are guaranteed satisfaction. 

From 29th November to 2nd December,  you can decorate your closet with the Adidas brand logo on jerseys, sweatshirts, Polo, pants and so much more. Have fun shopping!

Don’t forget to use the promo code BRINGJOY.


Normally MR PORTER did not do black Friday sales but in this year’s Black Friday and cyber Monday, expect discounts of up to 30% off, on designer footwear and apparel (including Balenciaga and Off-white). 

Get your man, son or friend something special this Thanksgiving from Mr Porter. Hurry while stocks last!

We hope you have fun shopping for Thanksgiving, and we sure do wish you a good bargain!

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