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NBA Youngboy Says He is Struggling Mentally



Nba Youngboy
YoungBoy Never Broke Again (Chris Scheurich)

NBA Young Boy is not the wisest person when it comes to making decisions.  He is  often found on the wrong side of the law and also has several children each with different mothers. He recently even made his wish to add one more child to his list with Lil Wayne’s daughter known through a song. 

The rapper has, in the past, been open about his is mental struggle. Just last night he gave his fans an update through a video saying that he is hurting and is still in a dark place in his life, but that he always prays about it.

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Pray for #nbayoungboy

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Quando Rondo was signed by Youngboy’s label while King Von was signed to Lil Durk’s. Why are we saying this?  

Recently, Quando was linked to King Von’s shooting  that occurred last week and people are  speculating that YB uploaded the video because he fears for his life and is avoiding an attack from Von’s crew members. 

The rapper has also created beef between other people like his mother and his baby mama’s dad, Floyd Mayweather. 

You see, Youngboy and Yaya’s dad, have not been in good terms after he called him names.

 Mayweather spoke in an interview blaming his ‘bad behaviour’ on his upbringing and drug intake. Young Boy’s mother replied saying it was definitely not her fault asking Floyd to stay away from her.

As for his music, it seems to be doing quite  well as his Top album hit the Billboard charts at No.1,and still gets day and night streaming from his fans who give him incredible numbers. Youngboy also has a good following of people who vibe and relate to his music.

It is not easy to have too much on your plate. More than six kids, a gang after you, the police on your neck and other personal issues like the pressure that comes along  with being famous. Hopefully, NBA will work things out and get his life on track. 

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CCTV Footage Captures Video Of an Unlucky Woman Who’s Sent Sprawling By a Flying Tire




If you spend as much time on social media as I do, most specifically Twitter, then you have probably already seen this video.The whole scenario on the footage pretty much sums up 2020 for most of us! Surveillance cameras along a path in the Copacabana district of Rio de Janeiro captured shocking footage of an unnamed woman getting hit on the head by a flying tire as she walked along the street.

The woman was walking along the street, and she noticed the fast-moving runaway trye head toward her. She then managed to dodge the tire that flew past her at high speed, or so she thought.

Woman in Brazil gets hit by a flying tire

After she narrowly misses the tire, she continues walking along the street, oblivious to the fact that the tire had hit a pole and was headed straight for her head. The tire ends up hitting the back of her head, sending the woman sprawling on the floor and her shoes fly out of her feet.


Seconds after she sprawls onto the floor, the car from which the tire rolled out rolls in. A driver then rushes out of his car, removes the tire that is on top of her, and helps her up.

This comes after another CCTV footage of a man sipping beer in a sidewalk bar was in a similar fashion taken out by a dislodged car tire in the same country of Brazil.

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Woman Makes Husband Sell His PlayStation 5 After Realizing It Wasn’t an Air Purifier




As reported on Taiwan News just last month, a man in Taiwan was forced to part with his PlayStation 5 after his wife discovered that he had lied to her about it being an air purifier.

This story comes courtesy of a Taiwanese Facebook user named Jin Wu, who turned to be the lucky recipient of the next-gen Sony console. On November 21st, Jin Wu shared that he had purchased the PS5 from someone reselling it the previous day.

He said after he agreed to pick up the device in person, he called the seller’s number only for a woman to pick the phone. He shared that when he spoke to the woman about the console, she sounded like someone who does not frequently play video games.

Wu was quite marveled at the meager price tag for the new device, cheaper than any others he had seen. Despite the price, the woman seemed quite eager to sell it. Upon meeting the person who was reselling the console in person, he was surprised to see a middle-aged man, whom he judged to be an avid gamer.


Wu began chatting with the man and asked him where he had initially purchased it. The man responded that he had bought it on the e-commerce website PChome.

“Did you buy two? Otherwise, why are you selling it?” Wu remembers asking the man, who fell silent before coming forward with the truth, saying, “My wife wants to sell it.”

“I went silent after seeing the look in his eyes. I could feel his pain,” Wu recalls, remembering the bitter expression on the man’s face. “It turns out that women can tell the difference between a PS5 and an air filter.” 

Since its release last month, the PlayStation 5 has made many people do the unthinkable just to get their hands on one. We can only imagine the pain of the man who had to sell it.

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Juicy J Is Considering Starting An OnlyFans



juicy J joining onlyfans

If there’s one thing that has grown at an astronomical rate in 2020, it has to be the OnlyFans platform. The site has gained popularity not only due to the sexual content that the site is known for but has mainly gained quite the buzz for the huge checks people seem to be bagging by putting out content on the site.

Photo Credits: juicyj/Instargram

The site has not only seen many people subscribing to view content but also several people joining the platform to put out content. There has been an influx of celebrities joining the platform to earn some extra coin, and it seems like Juicy J is contemplating it. 

During his interview with HighSnobiety, the rapper revealed that he was blown away by the fact that actress Bella Thorne made $1 million on OnlyFans within her first 24 hours on the platform. The rapper, who is no stranger to fat paychecks, shared that he contemplates joining the platform, which he thinks is a great way to interact with fans and promote your music and get a paycheck in the process.

Bella Thorne made a million dollars in a day. I love it. I’m about to get me an OnlyFans. Put some stripper chicks in there so fans can see some cheeks dancing or something,” he said.

“I can play some music and work on promotion. I heard a lot of people be like, ‘Oh man. OnlyFans is OnlyFans.’ I’m like, look, somebody made a million dollars. I don’t even know what she did to get that million dollars. She probably just showed pictures of herself, just chilling in the house or whatever. You can bake a cake, make spaghetti, and whatever the hell you’re doing, and, as long as you have an audience, people will pay to tune in. Somebody wants to see Juicy J make spaghetti. That’s how you run that check up.” he added.

If at all, he decides to join the platform, he assured to take home a fat paycheck. We are eager to see what content he’ll be putting out there.

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Boosie Badazz Shares Graphic Video Of His Gunshot Wounds



Boosie Badazz
Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Graphic content warning: This article contains a graphic video of Boosie Badazz’s shooting wounds, view with discretion. Don’t watch the video if you’re triggered by graphic content.


Ever since his shooting that occurred mid-November,Boosie Badazz has been recovering and has undergone two successful surgeries. The rapper claims he needs a third operation to heal fully and, thankfully, doesn’t need an amputation as had been incorrectly suggested before.

The rapper has had to continually check in with the doctor to ensure his leg is properly healing due to his diabetes condition, which slows down the recovery process. The rapper decided to be open with his fans about the whole shooting and recovery process by sharing photos, videos, and updates on his OnlyFans page.

As shared on TheShadeRoom Instagram page, a clip shows the gruesome video Boosie is shared. In the video, he films his leg, which has deep scars and staples from his surgery. The video goes on to show the rapper lying in a Versace bed as he rests his leg. He then turns the camera to his family members who are present and the “get well” balloons surrounding his wheelchair.

We wish Boosie Badazz a speedy recovery.

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NBA Players Are Not Getting Tested For Marijuana During 2020-21 Season



NBA stops marijuana test

According to an NBA insider report, players will not get tested for marijuana during this upcoming season, but the league has not entirely stopped the testing.

Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

“Important clarification here, per source: The NBA’s random marijuana testing program will not run for 20-21, as reported below. However, testing FOR CAUSE – that is, past offenders or those who have given reasonable cause to suspect use – will continue.” tweeted Ben Dowsett.

NBA players can usually be randomly tested up to four times during the season and twice during the off-season, with half being tests for the human growth hormone. Refusing a test is treated the same as a positive result.

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