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New Jersey Among the Four States that Have Recently Legalized Weed




To some  imPOTant news. If the candidate you are endorsing wins and you are in these four states (New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota and Montana), you have double reasons to celebrate.

Voters on Tuesday approved weed measures and those states joined other states that had already legalized the ‘holy herb’.

Many American rappers have engaged in the cannabis business. Just recently, Beyonce’s hubby JayZ, launched his cannabis line Monogram and even made a playlist to advertise it.

New Jersey chose to legalise kush for non medicinal use for people twenty one years and above. The state is still figuring out its regulatory system but it could possibly have the lowest marijuana tax rate in the United States once figured.

 NJ is expected to be the biggest new cannabis market in US, according to the New York Times. 

As of November 4th, fifteen states in the United States have made cannabis legal. 

Oregonian reports have it that Oregon is the first state to make small hard drug amounts legal. 

Drugs like LDS, cocaine and Heroin were decriminalised in Oregon. The aim of legalizing these drugs, is keeping people out of jail and offering alternative medical treatment options.

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Best Weed Smoking Accessories: Different Ways You can Smoke Weed!



weed smoking accessories

There are many gadgets for smoking weed.  

Some of these devices have been in existence from ancient times, and have been improved just recently.

Each device gives a different experience and is used differently.

Here is a list of the devices and how each one of them is used, the kind of feeling to expect, and their boons and banes.  

What are the Best Weed Smoking Accessories

1. A Joint

A joint begins the list for us. Many people call it a spliff, although the spliff is slightly different as it has cannabis mixed with tobacco.

They are wrapped in rolling papers that are offered in a variety of colors and flavors.

The choice of paper is an important factor. The thicker it is, the more time it takes to burn. They should not rip up easily and should ignite evenly.

At one far end of the joint is a crutch, that is used as a filter, and is also useful when the joint becomes too small to hold in between fingers.

Credits: Leafy

A blunt falls under this list. It is however larger and takes longer to burn up compared to spliffs and joints.

When rolling out a joint, load the paper with the pot, place the filter, roll and seal it with your saliva.

Joints are mobile, easy to throw away and it gives stoners an instant and stronger feeling.

However, getting knowledge on how to smoke and roll it requires tolerance.

2. Bongs

These are cannabis smoking devices that contain water that filters and cools down the smoke.

Bongs are like those bamboo tubes that were used in traditional times, but now slightly improved.

Ebay Photos

Water dupes particles which are heavy from the smoke, to give a stoner a refined smoke and making it easier to push in smoke.

It is easy to clean and use a bong.

 Even so, they are brittle and are not easy to carry around. The water has to be poured and replaced to avoid a fusty smell.

3. Electronic cigarettes(vape pens)

The cannabis flower is heated and cannabinoids are released in form of vapor,

The vapes are called pens because it takes after a quill pen.

Made of a battery and a cartridge(contains oils with high amounts of cannabinoids) When the cartridge comes into contact with the battery, it is turned on.

Photo credits: mg src

It uses a more convoluted process that does not include smoke.

Some vapes advantages include;

They are easy to carry about.

This method is less harmful because the liquid is turned directly into vapor.

Respiratory diseases are less common when using this device.

5. Weed pipes

There is no substantive difference between a traditional tobacco pipe and a marijuana pipe. It has a bowl at one end for the cannabis flower and a narrow trough that pops from the bowl.

Examples of weed pipes are steamrollers, hand pipes, and One-hitters.

Photo Credits: futeng_smoking/Instagram

To smoke, ignite the flower in the bowl and inhale the smoke. For convenience, cover the hole on the bowl side.

Pipes are easy to clean but since most of these pipes are made of glass, they are fragile hence disadvantageous.

You can also be creative and come up with your device. Don’t  forget to share your innovation with us.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful.

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NBA Players Are Not Getting Tested For Marijuana During 2020-21 Season



NBA stops marijuana test

According to an NBA insider report, players will not get tested for marijuana during this upcoming season, but the league has not entirely stopped the testing.

Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

“Important clarification here, per source: The NBA’s random marijuana testing program will not run for 20-21, as reported below. However, testing FOR CAUSE – that is, past offenders or those who have given reasonable cause to suspect use – will continue.” tweeted Ben Dowsett.

NBA players can usually be randomly tested up to four times during the season and twice during the off-season, with half being tests for the human growth hormone. Refusing a test is treated the same as a positive result.

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Too High on Weed? 8 Tips to Help you Sober Up Fast



Ways to sober up from being high
Photo by Murat Esibatir

Maybe you inhaled too much Weed, or you are just curious, or perhaps you stole some brownies only to find out that the 20 you ate were weed infused. This article is dedicated to you. 

Even the people with the highest weed tolerance can and have experienced extreme and uncomfortable highs. 

The duration of the ‘high’ feeling varies from person to person, depending on the method of consumption used, the person’s tolerance and the amount of dosage.

Here are some tips to help you come down from a high when it gets too much.

How to Sober Up from Weed

1. Avoid Panicking 

It is not unusual for smokers to get paranoid especially after smoking too much. You may experience extreme fear and the best thing to do first is calm down.

Dont panic
Photo by Engin Akyurt

A fun fact before we continue, no one has ever died from overdosing on weed. So, no matter how scared you are, EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY. Just give it a few minutes or hours.

2. Try Get Some Rest

It might take a long time to happen, but sleeping is the best option one can have. Get a quiet place, lay down and wait until you fall asleep. Next thing you know, your friends are making fun of the previous day’s high and you are as sober as a judge.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

3. Go for a Walk

To get distracted and keep your mind busy, this could work for some people. The ambience could be a factor leading to your paranoia hence a new aura could help you. 

Don’t walk too far, as you risk getting lost or attacked in your state. In case you have a slight dizzy feeling, stay indoors and use the resting option.

Photo by Marta Wave

4. Hydrate and Eat Snacks

When we say hydrate, we don’t mean drink alcohol.  Alcohol will increase the concentration of THC in the blood hence more euphoria.

Drink a ton of water or juice when you get overwhelmed. It will not only help deal with your dry mouth, but also take your mind off things. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Light snacks will also keep you grounded so chew on some nuts or fruits and see whether they will come to your rescue. 

5. Consume Around Trusted People

This tip is handy especially when you are preparing to indulge. When you are around trusted friends, you will reduce the risk of acting up. They might also help keep you reassured. Calling one up might be a good solution as well.

Smoke weed with friends
Photo by Brett Sayles

6. Get Distracted 

Doing things like listening to a music album you love, watching your favourite YouTuber or cuddling up with your partner could really do you some good. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

It will give you a sense of assurance and even make you very comfortable. Some like cuddling could even turn your paranoia into pleasure. 

7. Use Black Pepper 

Black Pepper balls are a golden trick and even Neil Young seems to agree.

Sniffing or chewing on some black pepper can give instant results. Next time sh*t hits the fan, try it. You will have us to thank.

8. Take a Shower

A hot shower or bath is a soothing method of toning down on the high. If you are at home or can access a shower, take off your clothes and get relaxed in the water. 

When you come down from the ‘very HIGHland’, don’t forget to comment on your experience. 

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States Where Weed is Legal in The US




Weed may or may not be legal depending on where you’re located currently.

 In the recently concluded election, four states (Montana, South Dakota, Arizona and  New Jersey) voted to join the other states that had already legalized the use of recreational marijuana. 

Currently a total 15 States have legalized the use of recreational pot.


Starting from the first to legalize, these states include:

  • Colorado (2012)
  • Washington(2012)
  • Alaska (2014)
  • Oregon (2014)
  • California (2016)
  • Maine (2016)
  • Massachusetts (2016)
  • Nevada (2016)
  • Vermont (2018)
  • Michigan (2018)
  • Illinois (2019)
  • South Dakota (2020)
  • New Jersey (2020)
  • Montana (2020)
  • Arizona (2020)

According to a census conducted in 2019 over a hundred and ten million people live in states where weed is legal. 

A marijuana advocate at a rally for legalization in New York.

It is important to note that each state has different laws on the drug, despite legalizing it and although it is legal, pot is classified as a schedule I drug by the states.

Just like anything else, it has its pros and cons. Mary Jane is a source of employment for many, it can be used to relieve chronic pains, and even treat mental disorders among other conditions.

Despite all this, the drug has some long term effects including addiction.

Some states chose to legalize it because of the impact they claimed it will have on their economy, as Kush is very marketable, while some didn’t because of certain factors like fear of minors abusing it.

Is it legal where you are and do you support its legalization?

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Cannabis 101: How To Safely Consume Marijuana



To enjoy your ganja, you need to be aware of certain things, like what the drug really is for example. If you don’t know what Cannabis/Marijuana/Kush/pot/Mary Jane is, allow us to fill you in.

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that is used for both medical, recreational and even spiritual purposes. It can be ingested, smoked and vaped.

Before you indulge in the drug however, here are a few tips you need to know, to ensure you are safely doing pot.

Understand the Law

Although marijuana is legal in other places, it still remains illegal in others. Before you own weed or indulge in it, you need to be aware of its legality. 

If you plan on going to a new country as well, familiarize yourself with Cannabis laws in that particular country. You don’t wanna get paranoid and ask the cops for help. Trust our co-worker Mary Jane.

Read the Package 

A good packaging should contain the percentage of cannabinoids present inside, the name of the company, a government warning, and even the date of harvesting.

If you have children, you could look for packages that don’t have cartoon characters that could attract them.

Once you know the company, you could look it up online to read reviews from its customers.

 JayZ’s Monogram for instance, has advertised its products quite well and the transparency in their packaging concept is quickly attracting customers for them.

Avoid Rash Decisions 

You might decide to do certain things like driving after the drug kicks in and best believe that this is a bad idea, as you might risk your life and the lives of others. You also risk facing different charges if you are caught.

Do Some Research on The Drug

It is good to understand the pros and cons of a drug before indulging in it. Understand how an overdose would feel, exactly what and when you should expect to feel different and even read about different people’s experiences with it, before you decide.

Read as many articles as possible to get all your questions answered as well. Basically,  understand what you are taking.

Consume Weed Around Trusted People


This is dedicated to those people trying weed for the first time or usually freak out. When you are high, you might feel a sense of comfort around people you trust rather than those you don’t, especially when you experience the paranoia effect.

One may end up creating a scene or laughing hysterically. It is just good to smoke with people you feel comfortable around when you’re usually sober. That way, you are more assured of your safety.

Did you find this helpful? Let us know.

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