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Rick Ross’s ‘Promised Land Just Got BIGGER’ with Another 87 Acres



Rick Ross Getty Images/Dimitrios Kambouris

Rick Ross is the proud new owner of Evander Holyfield’s estate, in Georgia. The rapper has acquired an additional 87 acres to add to his already vast estate of 254 acres to extend what he refers to as the ”promised land”.

Google Maps

In an Instagram post today, he revealed that he bought himself 87 more acres with the caption ‘Promise Land just got BIGGER’.


He parted with $1 million dollar to aquire the property which is not far from his multi-million dollar mansion. There are two houses in the property . it’s not clear what he intends to do with the estate but he probably has big plans.

Ross seems to be following in Kanye West’s footsteps who bought himself several thousand acres an year ago. 

His other compound is adjacent to the newly acquired one and it’s just what you’d expect from the Maybach Music Group boss. The mansion measures 45,000 sq. ft and has a whooping 109 rooms including 21 bathrooms and 12 bedrooms. 

There’s also an indoor and outdoor pool, a bowling alley, a movie theater, a baseball field, and a recording studio. The mansion belonged to Evander Holyfield before the bank repossesed it and Rick bought it at $5.8 million in 2014.

Now, Rick Ross has lots of room to expand. Who said the promised land was tiny?

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2020 Netflix Films and TV Shows to Watch this Holiday




So you made popcorn and got comfortable but you don’t have a movie in mind? Don’t worry we have your back.

Despite Netflix taking down some epic classics like David Fincher’s Zodiac and Soderbergh Steven’s Oceans, it has other options like Martin’s The Irishman and Uncut Gems starring Adam Sandlers.

Ranging from classics, romance, sci-fi, documentaries to comedies and even those based on true stories, here is a list of movies released in 2020 that you can stream on Netflix and enjoy this Thanksgiving. 

The Devil All The Time

Genre; Thriller, Drama

Director: Antonio Campos

After his wife was diagnosed with cancer, Arvin’s father tried to show his faith in God by sacrificing his family dog. When his wife died, he hanged himself. Arvin, now traumatized and orphaned, goes through a rollercoaster of emotions and when you watch this satanic-themed film, your mind will be kept alert scene after scene, or should we say sin after sin.

The Social Dilemma 

Genre: Docudrama 

 Director: Jeff Orlowski

Directed by Jeff Orlowski, the thought-provoking and enlightening film, looks deeper into social media platforms talking about the dangers of humans interacting with it. The movie claims that certain algorithms used on social media platforms, manipulate our brains into doing stuff like impulse buying. A great film to watch if you are into conspiracy topics.


Genre: Romantic Thriller also includes Drama and mystery 

Director : Ben Wheatley 

Adapted from Maurier’s 1938 novel, the eye catching film talks about a young girl who gets married to a rich widower but then she later discovers that his late wife’s memory haunts the entire family. The movie has been adapted five times with one being an Opera in England.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Genre: Psychological horror 

Director: Charlie Kaufman

Starts with Jessie thinking of breaking up with Jake but then Jake decides to take her to his parents home. On the way she is still thinking of ending it but when she get there what she witnesses leads here somewhere different. Words can’t describe it, your imagination should be broad to get what Charlie Kaufman was aiming for. Have fun watching it.

The Trial of Chicago 7

Genre: Drama

Director: Aaron Sorkin

The movie is based on the trial of seven defendants charged with more than  conspiracy in the 1968 Chicago protests at the DNC. Directed by Aaron Sorkin, the movie creates suspense every step of the way. 

The men’s lawyers are convinced that the charges are political since things turned bloody when the police were sent to stop the protests. Historical legal drama lovers, have fun!

Dick Johnson is Dead

Genre: Documentary

Director: Kirsten Johnson

Johnson’s father, an ex clinical psychiatrist, suffers from dementia and his daughter Kristen involves him in her imaginations. Her dark humor and fantasies endangers his life. She asks him to do scary things like fall down the stairs or strike his neck and bleed. Will he die? Watch and find out.

The Half of It

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Director: Alice Wu

Relationships, love and the sex life plus, coping in a Chinese family can not be explained better than in this film. A shy girl helps a Jock win a girl she also wants. She writes a letter for him. If coming-of-age stuff is for you, this is a must watch!

 The Forty-Year-Old Version 

Genre: Comedy

Director: Radha Blank

We all want or need a laugh and there is certainly no better way to get it than watching a movie like The forty-year-old-version.

Radha Blank, who is also the producer and director, is desperate to make it before she is forty. Join her in her journey to reinvent herself and find her voice through theatre and the music industries. 

Share some of your favorites with us and stay tuned for more suggestions. 

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50 Cent Disses Jeezy Over Versuz Tweeting ‘21 Savage Was Right’



50 cent jeezy 21 savage
Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson/ Getty Images

Seems like 50 Cent won’t be pressing the play button on Jeezy’s new album.

Last night, nearly two million people were glued to their screens to watch the live-stream of Gucci Mane and Jeezy’s historic battle on Versuz. In a surprising turn of events, the 15-year rivals decided to bury the hatchet. The live-stream that started at a tense note went on to end at a peaceful one. There were some heart-warming moments such as when the two artistes performed ‘Icy’ verses together and danced happily. 

Of course, the hip hop community had differing opinions regarding the matter. While some felt inspired by Jeezy who decided to remain calm after Gucci Mane performed ‘Truth’, a diss track where he flaunts killing one of Jeezy’s old friends, others felt that it was a show of weakness. Among those that thought that Jeezy had shown weakness were Freddie Gibbs and 50 Cent.

It does not come as a surprise that the two thought so since they had received harsh words on Jeezy’s recent ‘Therapy For My Soul’.

He even went to tweet and involve 21 Savage who had called out Jeezy on Savage Mode II. His tweet read:

“Oh shit, LMAO @21savage was right, that boy booty”

and even went on to add a peach emoji and laughing emojis.

No matter which side you are on, you can’t deny that Jeezy and Gucci Mane made history last night. We can only hope the two now love each other enough to collaborate together after a 15-year feud.

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Did Drake Just Reveal His Nike Collaboration Release Date?




If you have following Drake for a long time, then you know his long professed love for “Checks over Stripes” which is basically his love for Nike.

Drake’s partnership with the brand goes back to 2013 when he signed on with the Jordan Brand.

On Saturday (November 21), Drake seemed to tease his 72 million Instagram followers with a glimpse into his next venture with the sneaker giant.

The post was a clip focused on Lake Ontario and the camera pans up to Toronto’s skyline. On the night’s sky, an image believed to be Drake’s Nike logo is illuminated. The post’s caption reads, “12.18.2020.

This is not the first time fans of the ‘Mr. Right Now” artist have seen the logo. The logo was in Drake’s “Laugh Now Cry Later” video.

The date 12.18.2020 even has its own Instagram page which encourages rumors and speculation of the existence of the collaboration.

If rumours are true then Drake fans will have something to look forward to ahead of Certified Lover Boy album release in 2021. Drake compared the upcoming album to his 2016’s Views terming it as “…music to evolve to.

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Sommer Ray ”Plays With Electricity” For The Gram



Sommer Ray just taught her 25.5 million followers that water and electricity don’t mix.  The 24-year-old posted nine photos of her showering in the open with a captivating caption that read,

 “the last pic is when my dumb-ss realizes we have water running over the electrical cords”.

That caption would lead you to swiping to the ninth right? Over 1.4 million people did and liked the post and she even got more than five thousand comments.

Nothing about take care of yourself Sommer. Some asked her out, some asked her to reply and others, including celebrities, just used heart and fire emojis. Come to think of it the fire emojis, might be a warning. 

In her posts, Ray is seen taking a bikini shower outside surrounded by growing plants and electrical equipment. 

If anything bad could have happened, her posts would not be as cute. In fact, it could have traumatized her 25.5 million followers. 

It is okay for her to post sizzling pictures, we all love them, but don’t risk your life or the lives of others, right? 

There’s probably a little girl somewhere who looks up to Sommer and doesn’t understand how science works, but still wants to take a bikini shower surrounded by electrical equipment just cause Sommer Ray did it.

Sommar ray
Sommer ray/ Instagram

Are we overreacting or do you agree? We will not know if you don’t share your thoughts. Talk to us because we love hearing from you.

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Megan Has an “Ugly Soul” Says Megan Thee Stallion’s Ex-BFF Kelsey Nicole



Megan Thee Stallion (Photo by Taylor Hill/WireImage)

Calling them best friends might be a thing of the past because Megan and Kelsey seem to be very mad at each other at the moment. 

It is claimed that their beef started when the Savage hit maker alleged that Tory Lanez shot her around mid this year. 

Coming from Kylie Jenner’s house on the night of the incident, Megan claims Tory shot her in the foot and that Kelsey,  her then bff, was present and witnessed the entirety of the incident. 

Megan thought Kelsey would have her back and verify the information to defend her, but Kelsey chose to remain silent on the issue. It has however been speculated that that is not the real reason the two are beefing.

Megan & Kelsey during happier times

According to an unnamed witness, the two were arguing because they came to the realization that Tory was sleeping with both of them. Meg has since dissed Kelsey and Tory through her latest album Good News.

 A snippet of her Shots Fired disstrack says,

 “And if it weren’t for me, same week, you would have been indicted/You offered M’s not to talk, I guess that made my friend excited, hmm/Now y’all in cahoots, huh, you a puss in boots…

Megan Thee Stallion stated previously that Tory tried to bribe her and Nicole and in the lyrics she alleges that Nicole took the money and that is why she remained silent.

The track did not tickle Nicole’s fancy and she took to social media saying all sorts of ugly things about Thee Stallion. 

In one of the Instagram posts, she replied to a Meg fan who went on about how she wanted to be like the rapper. Nicole responded saying that Meg might have the looks, but she sure does not have the soul.

Megan’s ex-bestie also called the lyrics to Megan Thee Stallion’s diss ‘Weird’ when a fan posted the line, “I know you want attention from the n*ggas I get…”

Megan and Tory failed to attend their latest court hearing but Tory’s lawyer pleaded not guilty on his behalf. 

Their next hearing is set for January 20th 2021.

Do you think Kelsey will appear as a witness and who will she defend? Share your views with us. 

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