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Ripple Continues Its Global Expansion With Job Adverts All Across The Globe



Image by WorldSpectrum from Pixabay

Ripple continues its global expansion efforts; the company advertised 31 positions, including high-ranking roles in Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

In Europe, the company is looking for a Managing Director of RippleNet Europe and a sales development representative for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region. Those who will fill the positions will be based in London.

The San Francisco-based payments services company is also looking for a client solutions manager in Latin America, a position based in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo.

Most of the advertised positions are based in Asia. The startup is looking for a senior policy manager who will be based in Singapore. The senior policy manager will be tasked with lobbying XPR-friendly policies in the Asia-Pacific region. Another senior position based in Singapore is the managing director of RippleNet.

At the Tokyo office, Ripple is looking for an account manager for SBI Ripple Asia. In 2016, the Japan-based SBI Holding invested in Ripple, and the two companies later formed SBI Ripple Asia, a company focused on enhancing the services of financial institutions through Ripple’s distributed ledger technology. SBI Holdings has also been experimenting with XPR as an option to settle corporate credits and debts.

However, the company has a problem with retaining talents. In 2019, at least nine executives left the company for other ventures. 


11 Best Cannabis Companies to Work for in 2021



11 Best Cannabis Companies to Work for in 2021

The cannabis industry continues to grow as the market for both medicinal and recreational marijuana expands. Might you be interested in working in the cannabis industry? There are several jobs in companies in the marijuana business that may interest you. You can provide a number of services working for these companies, including vending in a dispensary, growing and harvesting, and much more. 

Here is a list of the best companies in the cannabis business:

Which are the Best Cannabis Companies to Work For?

  1. Apeks Supercritical

Apeks Supercritical is a cannabis company that prides itself on providing considerable improvements in employee health and well-being. Some of the benefits that Apeks Supercritical provides include cash incentivized wellness programs, golf outings, and two therapy office dogs.

  1. Berkeley Patients Group
Photo courtesy of Berkeley Patients Group

Berkeley Patients Group is the oldest medical marijuana dispensary company in the country. The company offers great starting wages and provides employees with product samples allowing them to participate in sales planning.

  1. Advanced Nutrients

This is a Los Angeles-based company that uses the hydroponic method to make specialty fertilizers for growing cannabis. Employees of Advanced Nutrients enjoy many benefits that most companies don’t offer, such as employees being allowed to bring pets to the office, receiving staff meals, and flexible work schedules.

  1. Baker Technologies

Baker Technologies holds its offices in Denver. This company provides the leading CRM system for the cannabis industry and offers amazing benefits such as meditation time and paid-time-off.

  1. BDS Analytics

BDS Analytics is located in Boulder, Colorado, and produces leading cannabis market analyses, cannabis consumer research, and reports. Employees of BDS Analytics enjoy substantial dispensary discounts, PTOs, and employee stock options.

  1. Canndescent

Canndescent is a company that offers many career advancement opportunities for its staff members. The company sells premium cannabis products and is located in Santa Barbara, California.

  1. Eaze
Photo by Tommy Quicksilver

Eaze is a  San Francisco-based company that specializes in delivery driving. The company offers a lot of career opportunities and family benefits for its staff members, including a new-parent support program and a fertility and adoption reimbursement program.

  1. General Cannabis Corp

This company specializes in the cultivation,  production, and retailing sides of cannabis. They offer a family feel environment for their employees with benefits such as gym membership reimbursement, disability insurance, and stock options.

  1. Cresco Labs

Cresco Labs operates in 9 states. The company has  19 dispensaries and 15 production facilities. Employees of  Cresco Labs enjoy various benefits including, unlimited PTO, a 401K, outings, having dogs in the office, and much more. 

  1. Dixie

Located in Denver, Dixie is one of the best cannabis companies that offer various products. The company’s staff members enjoy working at Dixie because of the fun activities in their daily workdays. Such activities include cooking competitions, snowboarding trips, field trips, and private boxes at sporting events.

  1. Garden Remedies

Garden Remedies is located in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and offers more conservation and recycling programs than most other cannabis companies. Half of their executive roles comprise of women. Staff members of Garden Remedies are assured of a  safe and fair workplace. 

Final Word

Most companies aim to create a conducive work environment and culture to attract and retain good employees. Employees feel motivated by the level of a company’s efforts, which enables them to learn various techniques raising their creativity, efficiency, and effectiveness level. The amount of motivation you get from your workplace guarantees you work satisfaction enabling you to offer better work output. Each listed company offers uniqueness in the packages provided to its employees to motivate them and develop their skills. Before applying for a job in a weed company, you should consider choosing the best out of the ones available. 

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Top 7 Cannabis Brands 2021



Top 7 Cannabis Brands 2021

With the cannabis business booming in most parts of the world, new cannabis brands are cropping up by the day. As we enter a period where most countries and states in the United states are legalizing weed, it important that you know your weed brands. In this article we are going to list some of the top cannabis brands in 2021.

Which are the Best Cannabis Brands in 2021?

1. Caviar Gold

This is a brand deemed to be one of the best in the United States. It mainly focuses on flower products and distributes in California, Washington, and Nevada.

Caviar Gold delivers highly potent products, be it a jar of flowers or blunts. Their products come with a high THC content, which can get even the most affluent weed smokers stoned to the skies.

2. Willie’s Reserve

Willie’s Reserve gets its name from the singer-songwriter legend Willie Nelson, a company whose products are offered all over the USA. The artist ventured into the cannabis business in 2015 and now offers variant products, including marijuana candy, chocolate, and even drink mixes. This company also provides various pre-rolled joints. 

3. Marley Natural

This is a business that has been around for quite some time. It is one of the most widespread companies in the country, having been developed by Bob Marley’s estate with the partnership of a private equity firm called Privateer Holdings. This brand is the favorite of most weed enthusiasts. 

4. Wana Brands

This is a brand that provides sweetened edibles in the form of cannabis gummies. It’s also a recreational cannabis company with the broadest reach in the country, selling its wares in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Michigan, and Oregon. It provides various cannabis gummy flavors, including Watermelon Indica and Mango Sativa, guaranteed to satisfy your cannabis needs.

5. Level Blends

This brand differs from the previously mentioned companies in terms of product form. Level Blends offers oral cannabis-infused tablets that give out a clinical appeal and are categorized into three catchy varieties “Float,” “Elevate,” and “Soothe”. The tablets contain isolated cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, THCV, and THCA.

6. The Goodship Company

This Seattle-based company specializes in offering an all edibles supply from delicious cookies, jellies, tokens to pasties that thrill and expand your cannabis experience.

Considered a

7. Omaha Farms

Considered as one of Arizona’s rising stars, this Phoenix-based company is among the brands focused on the medical marijuana business. With a huge production facility that enables it to meet the market’s demand.

Bonus Brand

1. Monogram

Monogram was opened in December, 2020 by the famed rapper Jay-Z. Unlike cases with most celebrity brands, Monogram is a unique business brand thought and executed by the rapper himself. In a press this is what Jay -Z had to say about Monogram “I created Monogram to give cannabis the respect it deserves by showcasing the tremendous hard work, time, and care that go into crafting a superior smoke. Monogram products are next-level when it comes to quality and consistency, and we’re just getting started.”

It is believed that Monogram will likely grow exponentially in 2021 to be among the very top brands would wide as it brings class to smoking weed.

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The Top 10 Fastest-Growing Marijuana Stocks in 2021



Top 10 Marijuana Stocks as of January 2021

The cannabis industry is growing in size as cannabis continues gaining wider acceptance across various nations and states aided by various governments legalizing legal and recreational uses of cannabis.

The marijuana industry is made up of companies that either develop, distribute, sell, support, or are engaged in the research of medical and recreational marijuana. 

Below are the top 10 fastest-growing stocks in 2021, which are expected to deliver sales growth ranging from 60% to 176%.

What are the Top Marijuana Stocks?

1. Jushi Holdings

This holding company focuses on limited states: that is, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Illinois, is set to profit from stores opening in Virginia and organic growth in Pennsylvania. Wall Street expects the company to be at the top of the fastest-growing marijuana stock in 2021, with an estimation of 176.2% sales growth.

2. Columbia Care

Columbia Care is set to have 142.9% sales growth in 2021. Its expansion can greatly be attributed to acquisitions. The company had 76 operational dispensaries in 18 different states as of mid-December. According to Wall Street, the company’s revenue should shoot up to $464 million this year.

3. Curaleaf Holdings

Curaleaf is on the way to becoming the first pot stock with 97.8% sales growth. Last year, Curaleaf acquired Cura Partners and purchased Grassroots, which are part of the more than 130 retail licenses it holds. This year’s profitability can be attributed to its presence in nearly two dozen states, favorable legislation, and organic growth.

4. Cronos Group

As per Wall Street, this is the fastest-growing Canadian pot stock in 2021. Its minimal sales are forecasted to double this year. The primary growth driver for this group this year is attributed to the opening of new dispensaries in key Canadian provinces. Cronos Group has 96.7% sales growth.

5. Planet 13 Holdings

With 94% sales growth, this MSO comes in as the fifth-fastest-growing cannabis stock for 2021. It has an operational dispensary in Las Vegas, which covers 112,000 square feet. It plans on opening a dispensary in Santa Ana. The MSO bagged lots of profit after opening up its dispensary to the public.

6. TerrAscend

According to Wall Street, TerrAscend sales will rocket from the 2020s $197 million to $369 million. It has a sales growth of 87.3%

7. Innovative Industrial Properties

This marijuana-focused real estate investment trust has a sales growth of 71%. As of last month, it owned 66 properties in 17 states. It has an average weighted-lease length of 16.6 years. It is set to continue adding new marijuana cultivation and processing sites, which could, in turn, take up its annual revenue to $200 million.

8. Cresco Labs

This is a consumer-packaged cannabis products company involved in growing, manufacturing, and distribution. This MSO should see its sales grow by 69% in 2021. The labs’ estimated growth can be attributed to its accessibility to over 575 California dispensaries and the opening of retail locations in Illinois.

9. Harvest Health & Recreation

This MSO with a large presence in the Grand Canyon state will have a sales growth of 60.5%, hugely benefiting from Arizona legalizing recreational marijuana. Wall Street predicts its full-year sales going up to $368 million.

10. GrowGeneration

This hydroponic and gardening retail solutions chain is expected to have a sales growth of 60% this year. As of mid-November, it had 36 open retail stores in 11 states. They aim to have 50 retail stores in 15 states by the end of 2021. Part of the company’s success can be attributed to acquisitions, which have broadened its geographic reach. 

**MSO (Multiple-State Operator) refers to a cannabis company that focuses on operations across multiple legal cannabis states. 

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Drinkables are the New Edibles. Where, When and How Can You Get Them?



Drinkables are the New Edibles. Where, When and How Can You Get Them?

How do you consume your cannabis? Smoked, vaped, eaten, or rather sipped? Well, due to the recently garnered popularity of marijuana since it’s legalization across several states, many companies nationwide have taken measures to make weed drinkable and tasty while still maintaining the ability to get you high.

So how can you get your hands on some good cannabis beverages? Here are a number of cannabis drinks to try out:

1. Artet Aperitif


Each 50ml shot of this nostalgic drink contains  2.5mg of THC, providing you with a pleasant munchies effect. The cannabis beautifully pairs with the neat botanical flavors of this beverage.

Artet Aperitif

2. Legal Beverages

Among the most popular cannabis beverages in the market is the Legal Sparkling Tonics, which features a display of delicious fizzy tastes. This canna-drink is faultlessly infused with excellent synchronization of cannabis. It varies in flavors from Espresso Mocha Sativa, Rainier Cherry to Indica-Sativa hybrid, all of which are refreshing and come in 12-ounce bottles.

Legal Beverages

3. Wunder

This drink consists of a delicate sparkle, which comes from an intricate blend of CBD, THC, and Delta-8 cannabinoids.


4. House of Saka

You can taste the flavor-rich grapes infused with cannabis in this flounce non-alcoholic drink.

House of Saka

5. Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops

Another popular canna-drink is the Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops. It has varying amounts of cannabis from one bottle to another, from cannabis levels of as low as   2mg to a hefty 10mg.

Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops

6. Giant

This is a herbal energy shot that comes in exciting flavors, including:

  • Waking Giant, which is a combination of cannabis,  ginkgo biloba, and guarana.
  • Jolly Giant, which consists of gotu kola and maca root with evenly proportioned THC and CBD levels
  • Gentle Giant; a mix of ashwaganda, chamomile, and indica.


The benefit of taking drinkables over edible is that with drinkables, THC gets into your system quicker; it takes 5-15 minutes, while an edible will take around 45 minutes to start being effective. Also, you can keep sipping your cannabis drink through the evening, maintaining your high for as long as you wish.

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Mexico Boasts of Becoming World’s Largest Legal Cannabis Market



Mexico Boasts of Becoming World's Largest Legal Cannabis Market

Mexico is set to soon become the world’s largest legal cannabis market as its Congress passes legislation to legalize pot. In the coming weeks, the country is set to legalize the farming, distribution, and pot consumption.

Mexico’s senate already passed the bill legalizing weed. The senators are currently working with Congress’s lower house toward a joint bill which is to be approved by as early as next month.

Photo by Eduardo Romero from Pexels

Mexico will become the third country in the world to legalize all uses of cannabis. The legislation represents a massive leap for the developing international cannabis marketplace as it will generate endless business opportunities and billions for the economy.

The bill will allow adults aged 18 and older to purchase and possess up to 28 grams of marijuana. Adults will also be allowed to cultivate up to six plants for personal use. A household with more than one adult will be allowed to cultivate a maximum of 8 plants. Consumption of cannabis will be prohibited in homes and mass gatherings where people under 18 can be exposed.

The bill states the “Mexican Institute for the Regulation and Control of Cannabis” will be created to regulate the market and to provide licenses for the cultivation, transformation and commercialization of psychoactive cannabis.

The bill also mandates the government to clear criminal records of people with past cannabis convictions within six months. 

Photo by Eduardo Romero from Pexels

Analysts believe this legalization poses a threat to the already declining business for Mexican cartels. Will the legalization displace some of the large illicit cannabis operations in Mexico? The effectiveness of the legalization remains to be seen.

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