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Spotify’s Employees Full Blown Strike Is Looming If Company Doesn’t Censor Joe Rogan’s Content



joe rogan

UFC commentator and podcaster, Joe Rogan, signed an exclusive billion-dollar deal with Spotify earlier this year. Still, it seems not everyone associated with the digital streaming service is happy with him.

Rogan has been celebrated and rebuked for his wide range of guest lists, choosing to interview some of the biggest names in entertainment, pop culture, politics, and sports.

However, he found himself in the frying pan just last week after spreading misinformation about the Portland fires.

Despite several internal meetings, select staffers were reportedly dissatisfied with the way senior management responded to Rogan’s controversial material, which aired on Funnymans’s Youtube channel prior to Spotify.

Spotify employees were demanding direct editorial oversight over Joe Rogan.s Experience podcast. That would include the ability to edit or remove sections of upcoming interviews or block the uploading of episodes deemed problematic. They also demanded the ability to add rigger warnings, corrections, and references to fact-checked articles on topics discussed.

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World News

Tension Rise in Peaceful Mexican State as Meth Cartels Clash



Central de Abasto (Jody Horton)

Guanajuato once a tranquil-filled state frocked with lots of tourists is now filled with violence. The state was once a dream tourist destination with tourist towns such as San Miguel and festivals such as The annual Cervantes culture festival.

Over a decade later, violence began exploding in the region. Why? Two of the most powerful drug cartels in the area are battling over Mexico’s industrial and central farming hub.

The state has seen over 3,400 homicides in the first nine months of this year alone. This state which is Mexico’s sixth most populous state, has experienced more homicides than any other state in Mexico.

What determines whether a drug addict or drug user lives or dies is the colour of the meth she or he is using.

The two warring cartels produce meth differing in colour. The Jalisco cartel sells crystal clear meth for $2.30 per dose. The home gang, Santa Rosa de Lima, sells cheaper meth for $1.40, which is blue.

A lot of bloodshed that has occurred in the state is due to the war between Jalisco New Generation Cartel and the local gang Santa Rosa de Lima to control the meth (methamphetamines) market locally and in the US. Following the arrest of their leaders, Santa Rosa gang allied with Sinaloa cartel. Sinaloa cartel was only so happy to be an ally as they are being alarmed by the rising rate of Jalisco cartel.

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OnlyFans Star And Mom Opens Fire On 2 Burglars Armed With Uzis



Ansley Pacheco (Instagram)

An Instagram model from Miami opened fire on burglars who invaded her home to protect her son and husband, security camera footage obtained by NBC 6. Neither the model mom nor her family got hurt in the ordeal.


The home of Ansley Pacheco, a model with a large following on both Instagram and OnlyFans, was invaded by two masked men on October 4. The burglars, armed with Uzis, burst through the front door and started shooting at Pacheco’s husband, who was watching a basketball game with some friends.

The security cam footage shows Pacheco rushing to get her handgun and immediately started firing back at the thieves from her bedroom. She is heard pleading with the robbers not to shoot.

However, her pleas fell on deaf ears. The robbers started shooting back her way. The bullets missed her and her son but destroyed a TV screen, closet door, and bed headboard. 

They shot at me about seven times, six, seven times. They could’ve killed me, and they could’ve killed my son. They were shooting right over his head. They didn’t care,” the model said, speaking to Inside Edition

The two burglars managed to get away with expensive jewelry.

As they were fleeing, Pacheco’s husband ran to her wife, grabbed the gun, and rushed outside to chase the fleeing burglars. 

“I ran to my wife, grabbed the gun, shot at them a couple of times, I think I hit the car,” Pacheco’s husband told NBC 6. 

Luckily, no one got hurt during the home invasion. 

The police are yet to catch the people responsible for the crime. It is also not clear whether they targeted Pacheco’s home because of her social media fame.

She has more than 140k followers on Instagram and shares exclusive videos on OnlyFans to paying subscribers. 


Additionally, neither she nor her husband had any idea who robbed them. 

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A High School Teacher Loses Her Job After Students Discovered She Was On OnlyFans



A high school teacher in California was fired for having an OnlyFans account, according to a report on Apparently, she wasn’t making enough from her teaching job.

The 26-year-old Hispanic teacher’s user name on OnlyFans was Denisse. Her account states, “Adult content.” Her 160 explicit posts had more than 8k likes. 

Unfortunately for her, students found her account, and the screenshots went viral. Unsurprisingly, she was fired. 

Considering her charges of $5 for a regular subscription and a special offer of $25.47 for three months, and her relatively high fan base, losing her teaching job might not have a significant financial strain. 

The pandemic has forced teachers, who do not make a lot anyway, to find other means to earn income, including OnlyFans. Some are even using the site to attract adult learners. 

“It’s becoming more stressful these days. We have to worry about catching the [COVID-19]; we have figure out how to teach virtually; it’s just too much. Plus, I got bills to pay, and a teacher’s salary isn’t cutting it,” Cindy Asher, an elementary school teacher in Queens, NY, said in an interview with Knee Grow News. 

Cindy said she has an account on OnlyFans. However, she uses it to find adult learners. Her charges are $25 a month. 

“I think OnlyFans is a great platform to reach out to these adult learners and still earn some money,” she added. 

To the question of how comfortable she is using a platform popular for X-rated content, she answered:

“I know about that, and I have no problem with it. As a matter of fact, when I teach, my titties are out too. And occasionally, I’ll do a lil twerk here and there in the middle of class to keep things interesting.”

OnlyFans is a social networking platform where you can upload all sorts of content. However, it is more popular with models and sex workers. 

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NASA to Announce New Exciting Discovery About The Moon



This image based on data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft shows the face of the Moon we see from Earth. The more we learn about our nearest neighbor, the more we begin to understand the Moon as a dynamic place with useful resources that could one day even support human presence. Credit: NASA / GSFC / Arizona State University

With 2020 and what is happening on earth, NASA might just have good news for us. They say they have “exciting news” about the moon. 

News that suggests that what they have discovered can be applied to the agency’s plan to live on the moon! You heard us, honeymooners! 

NASA plans to make the public announcement through an event that will be live on Monday 26 noon eastern time. 

The chief exploration scientist in NASA’s AES within the HEOMD(Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate) at Nasa’s Headquarters, Jacob Bleacher, the astrophysics division director (in the Science Mission Directorate) at NASA Headquarters, Paul Hertz, Sciences and Exploration Directorate, Casey Honnibal and SOFIA(Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) mission project scientist Naseem Rangwala will be in attendance. 

There is an Artemis program that hopes to send the next man and the first woman to the moon in 2024 and in the 2030s, maybe launch missions to Mars with it as a base. 

NASA hasn’t disclosed anything about the discovery other than it came from SOFIA and, we quote, “contributes to Nasa’s efforts to learn about the Moon in support of deep space exploration”. 

SOFIA is a plane (Boeing 747SP aircraft) that allows researchers to observe from almost anywhere in the world and areas there are no telescopes.

The Observatory was made possible by a partnership between the German Aerospace Centre and NASA. It picks a phenomenon that is impossible to see with visible light. 

For the first time in forty years, for instance, it had observed (2016) in Mar’s atmosphere the presence of Oxygen. Can’t wait to breathe the Marsian air!

If made possible, will you stay on earth or join us on the Moon honey? Leave your comment below.

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Parents Of Toddler Found in Cage With a Giant Boa Constrictor Defend Themselves



Image © Diego Sanchez.

As reported in DailyMail, T.J.Brown, 46, Scarborough, 42, and 82-year-old Charles were arrested in late June in Henry County, Tenessee, on multiple accounts of aggravated child abuse and animal cruelty.

The adults were accused of keeping Scarborough’s 18-months-old son in a metal cage near a 10 foot Giant Boa snake. The cage was crawling with cockroaches, and there were rats and mice next o the cage. The court officials heard details about the vile conditions of the home where the young toddler was found living in a cage near a giant boa constrictor snake.

The three adults appeared in Tenessee court last week, where they claimed that the cage was the ‘safest’ place for the kid in their animal-overridden and filthy home.

Monte Belew, Henry County Sheriff, said there were eight snakes total living inside the room with the boy as well as dozens of dogs running around the property.

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