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Supreme X Nike Rumored to Pay Homage to Their 2003 Collection in 2021



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Let’s be honest, Supreme has done a lot of collaborations with many brands  including a footwear collabs with Timberland and Van’s but  Nike and Supreme’s footwear collaborations have bit hits over the years.

From the 2002 Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Supreme release, through to the Nike SB Supreme 94 in 2011 that made skaters more comfortable, and then finally came the 2019 SupremeXNike Air Jordan. We are certainly expecting a collaboration release right? 

SupremeXNike fans might have a reason to smile. Remember the 2003’s iconic SB Dunk High Pack SupremeXNike collab release? The one that was denied the swoosh logo repeat pattern due to legal issues forcing Supreme to settle for the stars pattern? Yes? No? 

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Well, there have been rumours going round that the two companies will pay homage to their 2003 release. A lot of their fans seem to buy the designs at resale markets for thousands of dollars and in unspecified capacity, want the collection to return. 

SHOF (SoleHeatOnFeet) posted the ‘2003 collection revamp’ speculation on their twitter page giving a list of color combinations that might be available. 

It remains unclear whether the collection will be brought back since Nike and Supreme have not confirmed the collection’s release yet. 

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The fans of the collection can however be optimistic about its return and if all goes well it is  predicted that the collection’s revamp will be in the Supreme Spring/summer collection in 2021.

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Supreme x VF Corp Deal: What Does it Means For Supreme




After Supreme became a subsidiary of VF Corp, there has been a heated debate online on whether the deal was a hit or a miss for the brand.

James Jebbia, the founder of the Supreme brand, said in a statement that Supreme is very proud to have joined the corporation as it houses companies they worked with before like Vans, Timberland and others.

People have mixed reactions on whether the brand made a good or bad decision. Here are a few sentiments. 

@Ericwhiteback is a page on Instagram that is strictly dedicated to Supreme content. The page recently posted a picture of a headstone inscribed with the words Supreme and years 1997-2020. 

The caption gave a lengthy explanation why the owner of the page thinks Supreme’s deal with VF Corporation was a big mistake for the company . 

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He wrote that a lot of bad decisions got the company there in the first place and that he will drop the title ‘the Supreme Guy‘ but will still post stuff about Supreme.

A Supreme graphic designer says the deal is great as the Supreme streetwear brand can navigate and mingle with the corporate world, giving them an even wider experience. 

Susan Scafidi, FFLI founder, thinks that the two companies will benefit from the deal greatly.

 She highlights that they are familiar with each other’s cultures and that they have previously had a great history of successful collaborations. 

Susan feels Supreme is aware of the negative effects of the deal and that they are quite prepared to fight against any downfall they may face. 

Giving an example of the Birkin bags waiting list, she advices Supreme to follow suit and make some products scanty while expanding on other designs. 

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Supreme has worked with other companies like Louis Vuitton, but this is different for them. Jebbia sold 100% of the brand to VF and although the corporation says he will still have control, fans like Eric are not convinced. 

There are many unanswered questions like whether production will increase, if the prices will be affected among others.

Augie Galan, an original designer of the brand, reminisces working on their first collaboration with the VF subsidiary The North face.

 Augie says the decision to sell was a wise one for Supreme, since VF Corp has a remarkable reputation when it comes to working with other companies. 

Galan added saying that the corporation allows their subsidiaries to work independently making their deals practicable. 

Taking Vans as an illustration, the company sold to VF for 396 million USD, and grew its revenue from 750-1.7 billion US dollars in less than 7 years.

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In the process, Vans originality was maintained and VF Corp only worked on the marketing strategy of the product. They discovered a target audience for the collection and made great sales because of it.

If they work with Supreme using the same strategy, they will definitely hit their 8% to10% sale increase target.

In summary, what one can collect from the suggestions and comments gathered, is that with a great strategy, affordability and a target audience,  the streetwear brand can maintain or higher its sales. 

As we wait to see what the deal means for Supreme, VF Corp and their fans, talk to us and let us know 

how you think Supreme will end up. We love hearing from you.

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Air Jordan XI Celebrate 25th Anniversary With New Releases



Air jordans
(Images via Nike)

To celebrate its twenty fifth anniversary, Nike is releasing two new sneaker designs that got inspiration from the early Air Jordan 11’s. The Air Jordan XI jubilee and the Adapt.

The AJ 11 Jubilee collection includes in its design, a silvery jumpman logo, and a twenty five is written on the insole to mark their anniversary, this being their 25th year. 

The collection also has an upper made of leather and a black shiny finish, a white sole and Jordan and the jumpman stitched on top of its tongue.

It is retailed at a price of 220 US dollars and is set to be released on the 12th of December. 

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The Air Jordan 11 Adapt, just like the Adapt Auto Max, uses technology inspired features. It is interesting as one can loosen or fasten the kicks with an App! You heard it right. You can also do this the analog style by pressing buttons placed on the shoe’s mid foot.

Since the kicks can also be charged, thin cords that adapt to the shoe’s technological features, replaced the original string laces.

 A translucent layer covering the lace strips also falls under the few adjustments that were made to the previous silhouette design. Just like the Jubilee collection, the Adapt has a jumpman logo to finish the look.

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You can purchase them at KicksOnFire shop or via their ecommerce website.

When he first returned from retirement back in the 90’s, the Jumpman a.k.a Michael Jordan launched the first Air Jordan 11’s.

 Nike through this year’s anniversary, is celebrating their partnership with the iconic star and of course the existence of the amazing kicks.

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Adidas, Marvel and PS5 Unveil Miles Morales X Adidas Superstar



Miles Morales is a fictional comic superhero that was published by Marvel Comics and gamers get to play as him in the new PS5.

Set to be released this week, the play station 5 has teamed up with Adidas and Marvel to release a new colouration for the Adidas Superstar.

To advertise it, the fictional Miles Morales, rocks the kicks and it perfectly matches his spider-man outfit.

 The shoe has a black toe cap, three black stripes running parallel to each other on top of the red colored upper and a black sole. 

Coming in both low top and high top forms, the Miles Morales×Adidas superstar collection, will be released to its North American fans on the 19th of this month and European fans on the  4th of December.

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Adidas has in the recent past, partnered with a lot of big names including the If I Were A Boy singer, to release Beyonce ×Adidas superstar platform collab, among other collections. 

With its amazing look, the shoe might sell quite fast. Be sure to get yourself a pair once they are available and rate the kicks for us while you’re at it.

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VF Corp to Add Supreme to its List of Subsidiaries




VF has several subsidiaries including Vans, The North Face, The Timberland Company, Dickies, Eastpak and JanSport. 

The parent company has added the famous streetwear brand Supreme to their list. For a whooping 2.1 billion USD, fashion designer and businessman, James Jebbia sold the cloth brand and skateboarding shop to the corporation.

The  VF corporation says they would add 300 million dollars to the buying price after fully closing the deal. The Supreme company was valued to have a net worth of one billion dollars.

Over the years, Supreme has come by a lot of fans and customers making quick sales within minutes.

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The new VF corporation subsidiary has over the years partnered with a lot of other major brands like Louis Vuitton, Nike and fellow subsidiaries like The North Face.

Just a few weeks ago, supreme was rumoured to collaborate with Nike to re-release their 2003 collection. 

More than sixty percent of Supreme’s revenue came from online orders even before the coronavirus pandemic. Their E-commerce website has gained more income for them now that people are at home and doing more online shopping, due to the pandemic.

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The acquisition is set to take place at the end of VF Corp’s fiscal year just this 2020. Supreme also confirmed that it will still be independent of the parent corporation.

A lot of their fans want them to remain as they were saying they like the brand as it is and would not want its alteration. 

Would you mind if VF corporation altered Supreme’s authenticity?

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Lil Peep’s Estate Releases ‘Rockstar’ Clothing Collection



Lil Peep

After releasing the mixtape, “Hellboy” on all major streaming platforms along with a merch capsule, Lil Peep‘s estate returns with a new clothes  collection named “Rockstar.” A unisex compilation comprising of three styles; a pair of flared pants, a work jacket, and a crossbody bag, all of which are made out of high-quality vegan leather and custom hardware.

The collection is limited to just 50 pieces per style and comprises three colorways that pay homage to Lil Peep’s signature hair colors, which include the bubblegum pink or Peep pink, neon green, and black colorways.

Each aspect of the Rockstar collection was created from scratch by the Los Angeles-based design and development company Firmé Atelier in Japan, where the leather was custom dyed. The line features the Lil Peep script logo inscribed on the zipper pulls.

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The late rapper’s collection is available for purchase on his website from November 1, with prices ranging from  $150 and $300.

 “Lil Peep had an extremely profound impact both on his fans and the culture around him,” Peep’s brother, Oskar Ahr said, “I regularly notice his influence on the music of other artists, and fans frequently tell me that my brother’s music saved their life. He saved my life just by being in it, so I can relate.

Lil Peep, legally known as Gustav Elijah Åhr, released his first mixtape, the “Lil Peep Part One,” in 2015, which he quickly followed up with “Feelz,” and another mixtape live forever. Lil Peep went from a Soundcloud rapper to one of the most contagious figures in music in just a year. Releasing two more mixtapes, “Crybaby” and “Hellboy,” which would earn him his big break.

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In November 2017, Lil Peep was found dead in his tour bus from an accidental xanax overdose. Despite his short career, which only spans the course of three years, Peep left a lasting cultural impact on his fans who remain devoted years after his death. The young rapper’s untimely demise sent a ripple through the music community. 

Peep’s fanbase and popularity expanded following his death earning him his first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 for the single “Awful Things.”

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