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Supreme x VF Corp Deal: What Does it Means For Supreme




After Supreme became a subsidiary of VF Corp, there has been a heated debate online on whether the deal was a hit or a miss for the brand.

James Jebbia, the founder of the Supreme brand, said in a statement that Supreme is very proud to have joined the corporation as it houses companies they worked with before like Vans, Timberland and others.

People have mixed reactions on whether the brand made a good or bad decision. Here are a few sentiments. 

@Ericwhiteback is a page on Instagram that is strictly dedicated to Supreme content. The page recently posted a picture of a headstone inscribed with the words Supreme and years 1997-2020. 

The caption gave a lengthy explanation why the owner of the page thinks Supreme’s deal with VF Corporation was a big mistake for the company . 

He wrote that a lot of bad decisions got the company there in the first place and that he will drop the title ‘the Supreme Guy‘ but will still post stuff about Supreme.

A Supreme graphic designer says the deal is great as the Supreme streetwear brand can navigate and mingle with the corporate world, giving them an even wider experience. 

Susan Scafidi, FFLI founder, thinks that the two companies will benefit from the deal greatly.

 She highlights that they are familiar with each other’s cultures and that they have previously had a great history of successful collaborations. 

Susan feels Supreme is aware of the negative effects of the deal and that they are quite prepared to fight against any downfall they may face. 

Giving an example of the Birkin bags waiting list, she advices Supreme to follow suit and make some products scanty while expanding on other designs. 

Supreme has worked with other companies like Louis Vuitton, but this is different for them. Jebbia sold 100% of the brand to VF and although the corporation says he will still have control, fans like Eric are not convinced. 

There are many unanswered questions like whether production will increase, if the prices will be affected among others.

Augie Galan, an original designer of the brand, reminisces working on their first collaboration with the VF subsidiary The North face.

 Augie says the decision to sell was a wise one for Supreme, since VF Corp has a remarkable reputation when it comes to working with other companies. 

Galan added saying that the corporation allows their subsidiaries to work independently making their deals practicable. 

Taking Vans as an illustration, the company sold to VF for 396 million USD, and grew its revenue from 750-1.7 billion US dollars in less than 7 years.

In the process, Vans originality was maintained and VF Corp only worked on the marketing strategy of the product. They discovered a target audience for the collection and made great sales because of it.

If they work with Supreme using the same strategy, they will definitely hit their 8% to10% sale increase target.

In summary, what one can collect from the suggestions and comments gathered, is that with a great strategy, affordability and a target audience,  the streetwear brand can maintain or higher its sales. 

As we wait to see what the deal means for Supreme, VF Corp and their fans, talk to us and let us know 

how you think Supreme will end up. We love hearing from you.

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Young Thug Disrespects Andrè 3000 on T.I’s Podcast



Young Thug
Image via Getty/Suzi Pratt

But the difference between Elton John and Drè is, to simplify it, Elton John likes to kiss ass, and Drè likes his ass kissed.” 

Young Thug

These were Young Thug’s sentiments in a interview held on one of T.I’s recent podcast sessions. 

That is just a snippet of what the rapper had to say about Andrè 3000. He told T.I that he could not rap any of Andrè’s songs because he has never been keen on keeping up with the legendary rapper. 

T.I replied saying, “You missing out” and he sure seems to be missing out. 

Here is a little history before we proceed. Outkast, Andrè and Big Boi’s Hip-hop duo, could be one of, if not the most successful partnerships in the Hip-hop history  

Drè is not only a legendary rapper.  He is also a producer, an actor, a dancer among other titles. 

Outkast’s Andre 3000 (left) and Big Boi (right). Rick Diamond/IM/Getty Images young thug
Outkast’s Andre 3000 (left) and Big Boi (right). Rick Diamond/IM/Getty Images

He is termed the G.O.A.T even by other rappers, because he has one of the best flows when it comes to rap. Drè is also the most consistent, creative and versatile rapper ever!

Although Andrè 3000 inspired great rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug claimed that according to him, Drè is not as willing as Elton John, when it comes to working with artists. 

Andrè’s fans didn’t seem very happy with Thugger’s opinions and they shared their many sentiments on social media.

One fan tweeted saying that at one point, Drè spoke on the issue and he even referenced Young Thug by name hence his claims are irrelevant. 

According to Twitter, 3000 ‘liberated rap in the South’ and that is what makes him an iconic figure.

Read people’s thoughts on Twitter below.

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Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Yaya Flaunts Her Baby Bump



Yaya Mayweather and Floyd Mayweather at 2017 BET Awards | Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for BET
Yaya Mayweather and Floyd Mayweather at 2017 BET Awards | Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for BET

Yaya Mayweather’s baby boy can be expected to come out very soon. This is quite evident from her recent baby bump post.

After she publicly announced that she is expecting a child, Iyana has been keeping her fans in the loop about her pregnancy.  Her father Floyd Mayweather, also confirmed that although he doesn’t like it, the pregnancy belongs to NBA Youngboy.

Just yesterday, Yaya Mayweather posted a picture flaunting her baby bump. In the image, she can be seen taking a mirror selfie dressed in a cosy outfit.

This comes a few days after another pregnancy-flaunting picture. In the photo, expectant Yaya was laying down on the couch, wearing a onesie (that she revealed she got from Sosa_central) with a cookie print on it.

Although her relationship with NBA Youngboy has gone through a rough patch, especially after both their parents pointed fingers at each other concerning their upbringing, NBA has been showing promising signs of change.

Through a video, NBA recently opened up about his struggles and his willingness to change for the better.

NBA has more than five other children and Yaya’s child with him is allegedly going to be his seventh. He also made known his wish to have a child with Lil Wayne’s daughter

We know he often gets into trouble with authorities but tell us, do you think he will be a great father to his child?

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Offset Disses Wiz Khalifa Due To Shady Cardi B Tweet



Offset Disses Wiz Khalifa Due To Shady Cardi B Tweet

Wiz Khalifa  entertained a tweet that seemed to pit Cardi B against Nicki Minaj. The tweet read,

Cardi winning a Grammy when Nicki Minaj didn’t is the biggest proof that they don’t know a shit about music.”

to which he responded,

Most self made artists have this problem.”

Wiz who may just have been trying to offer the opinion of self-made artists not being able to easily win the Grammys is now being seen as an enemy as he was seen to side with the tweet that shaded Cardi. It was quite unclear why Wiz Khalifa seemed to side with that particular tweet yet he’s generally an unproblematic character in the rap game.

His response resulted in Cardi B firing back and Wiz Khalifa spent the next few minutes answering to Cardi B and the Bardigang. Offset even ended up getting involved and dissed the “Black and Yellow” hit-maker. 

Cardi B posted a screenshot of Wiz Khalifa in her DMs encouraging her and offering her advice back in 2016 and tweeted ,

 “This was Nikkas in my dms in 2016! They really support you when you grinding at the bottom then it’s a different story when you make it!”

Wiz Khalifa then responded to Cardi saying, “I still support u. Nothing’s changed. Your self made in my book as well.”

Offset then tweeted,” Niggas be hoes!!!! Smh.” He did not specify that the tweet was aimed at Wiz Khalifa but the tweet’s timing lines up with the timing of Cardi’s tweet.

Do you think this may turn into a feud or it will just blow over? Share your thoughts with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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Lil Baby Seemingly Clutches Gun In New Picture With Bun B



Lil Baby

Lil Baby seems to be taking extra security precautions. A new photo posted by Houston rap legend Bun B seems to be sparking some talk. The photo which is on Bun B’s Instagram,is of Bun M standing together with Lil Baby whose right hand is in his hoodie’s pocket. Lil Baby fans were quick to notice that he seems to be holding a pistol in the hand that’s in his hoodie’s pocket. 

With the shooting incidents in the hip-hop community increasing, it may not be a bad idea to walk with just a little extra protection. Some of these shooting incidents include shooting of Boosie Badazz and in worst cases death such as King Von and Mo3. It’s sad to see him walk around strapped just for protection regardless of him having security detail.

Lil Baby is, however, celebrating multiple Grammy nominations such as the Best Rap category and category for the Best Rap Performance.  His team at Quality Control, however, felt that he needed to earn more nominations.

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Lauren London Gets Nipsey Hussle’s Love Note Inked



Lauren London & Nipsey Hussle
Lauren London & Nipsey Hussle/ Getty

In a few months, it will be the two-year anniversary since Nipsey Hussle was shot dead outside his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles. In honor of Nipsey’s memory on top of the lifelike portrait of the rapper, she added a tattoo of Nipsey Hussle’s love note.

The 33-year-old rapper was on a meteoric rise in the rap and community activist industry before his tragic passing. He was known as a positive force in the rap game and was known as a leader among his peers. 

His longtime partner and mother to his children, Lauren London, got a lifelike portrait of him on her forearm following his murder. She then took to Instagram to share a picture of the ink with the caption, “Real Love Never Dies. When you see me, you will always see him #LoveYouHussle #TMC.”

Lauren London’s new ink pays tribute to the love of her life copying a simple yet sweet love note that he reportedly wrote to her which she shared on her Instagram. The tattoo reads, “2 Lauren, You my heart. Love you more!!!-Eremias.”

Nipsey’s murder trial is still looming and we can only hope for justice will be served for Nipsey.

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