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Tekashi 6ix9ine Settles Lawsuit With Blind Fan




Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has reached a confidential settlement with a blind fan who reportedly sued him over his lack of access to the rapper’s merchandising website.

Yony Sosa, a blind Tekashi fan, was trying to get some merchandise from the Brooklyn rap star’s online store but faced what he termed as, “multiple access barriers” when he tried to check out and failed. The fan stated that the site prevented him from having the same shopping experience as someone with sight.

Sosa got so upset that he filed a class-action lawsuit, accusing 6ix9ine of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act

The rapper and his fan reportedly reached a settlement this week, closing the lawsuit without any cost to either party. According to reports, 6ix9ine has to settle the deal by October 17th, or risk being dragged into court and sanctioned.

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Sabrina Peterson Interviews Woman Claiming She was also Abused By T.I



T.I. and Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris (Getty Images)

T.I and her girlfriend, Tameka Cottle a.k.a “Tiny,” have an ongoing beef with Tiny’s friend Sabrina Peterson. 

According to Peterson, the Bring Em Out rapper held a gun to her head some years back. She spoke about the matter through the caption of a recent post.


Tiny spoke on the issue, of course defending her husband. Tension has, however, intensified after Sabrina talked to an alleged victim of the rapper’s abuse. 

The unidentified woman spoke to Peterson through a voice call, and she said, “It’s just a shame… I’m seeing all this stuff happen and these people don’t believe you. They don’t know who these people are behind closed doors. These people ain’t who they ‘posed to be.”

Sabrina Peterson will hold online discussions with many other alleged victims. She urged them to speak out despite what society says.

Sabrina Peterson / Getty

Many fans doubt the allegations because Sabrina chose to keep the woman unidentified, adding that she let her kids spend time with T.I‘s family.

What is your thought on this matter? Let us know through our comments section below. 

Stay with us for more news updates.

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T.I’s Girlfriend’s Friend Sabrina Peterson Claims He Held A Gun To Her Head



T.I. and Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris (Getty Images)

T.I‘s girlfriend Tameka Cottle’s best friend Sabrina Peterson has levelled some allegations against the rapper, claiming that he held her at gunpoint in front of her young children. 

Sabrina, famous online as @theglamuniversity, owns an e-commerce website that sells marijuana. 

After claiming that being a black woman gets harder as society praises the offenders, Peterson added“@troubleman31 you PUT A GUN TO MY HEAD IN FRONT OF CHILDREN & I NEVER CALLED THE POLICE ON YOU! But for years you have painted me as the VILLAIN.”

You might wonder why she chose to speak after many years. @theglamuniversity claims that she believes her voice might help other women of color heal from their traumatic experiences.

Ms. Peterson wants T. I to be denied any official post saying, “LETS TALK! @keishabottoms YOU CANT HAVE A PERSON THAT HAS VICTIMIZED WOMEN SPEAK FOR US.”

Sabrina Peterson/ Instagram

T.I hasn’t addressed the accusations leveled against him but stay with us to find out what he has to say.

Do you agree with Sabrina Peterson’s claims and demands? Talk to us in the comments section. We love your feedback. 

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10 Most Disliked Videos on YouTube



10 Most Disliked Videos on YouTube

YouTubers know best that they cannot create a universally liked video but may try not to have many dislikes. It is unlike some of them who decide to incite their fans to dislike the video to make them rank as the most disliked. It is not a good encounter when you receive many of them because YouTube algorithms are always on the lookout.

Some fans don’t like the video because of a difference in preference making them hate it. But to most of them, they would like YouTube to refer to what they like most. Here are the most disliked videos on YouTube in no particular order.

What are the Most Disliked Videos on YouTube?

1.    Everyone Controls Rewind

The video featured prominent YouTubers such as Marques Brownlee and celebrities like Will Smith. But it was heavily criticized and disliked by fans and YouTubers alike because it featured unpopular YouTubers with obscure content.

Dislikes: 18 Million

2.    Sadak 2

After the death of actor Sushanta Sing Rajput, cries to stop nepotism in the Bollywood movie industry have been louder than ever. After the release of the Sadak 2 trailer directed by Mahesh Bhatt, Sing’s fan expressed their feelings to him by disliking the video.

Dislikes: 13 Million

3.    Baby Shark Dance

It is so annoying having to hear a song play all day long, especially when it’s a kid’s song. Parents got the heck of it and started disliking it on YouTube. It started getting to their minds listening to kids sing and want to play it every time.

Dislikes: 11 Million

4. The Shape of 2017

The Shape of 2017 took place during YouTube’s trending videos page that hit over 50 million views in a day. However, this specific installment had many dislikes unlike what was expected. It was because people believed YouTube ignored most content creators and the trends of that year.  

Dislikes: 2.3 Million

5. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer

Set in the World War II era, the game shifted into modern and futuristic times and settings. At the time, competitors like Battlefield went the opposite direction by releasing a game set in World War I fueling more dislikes for the Infinite Warfare game.

Dislikes: 3.9 Million

6. Baby by Justin Beiber

The song was popular among teens, but many people outside that demographic found it annoying because of its repetitive lyrics and unoriginal beats. Beiber’s bad behavior also contributed to the millions of dislikes the video earned.

Dislikes: 12 Million

7. Can this video get 1 million dislikes? PewDiePie

Celebrating 50 million subscribers’ achievement milestones on YouTube, YouTube king PewDiePie made this odd video requesting his subscribers to get the video to a million dislikes to prove if likes mattered in a video. 

Dislikes: 5.2 Million

8.    Ghostbusters 2016 Trailer

It is Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot movie trailer. After announcing the project, the director and the cast faced many angry and rude comments online. The main reason being they were remaking a popular 1980s franchise film with all-female cast members.

Dislikes: 1.1 Million

9.  YouTube Rewind 2019 for the Record

YouTube made sure it went on record for producing one of the most disliked video on its platform. The rewind capturing 2019’s events was lazier than any rewind majorly because it was a repost video. It seemed like they tried breaking their 2018 dislike record.

Dislikes : 9.4 Million

10. Friday by Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black became an overnight star by exploiting her talentless after releasing the Friday song. She put in a lot of effort in unimportant places. The cinematography, editing, lighting, make-up, and cameras were all perfect, but the song itself was out of tune.

Dislikes: 3.8 Million

Final Thoughts

The above videos had the most dislikes because the content creators could not find the best way to engage with their audience. Some, to many people’s surprise, wanted them to have many dislikes as opposed to likes.

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Xxxtentacion’s Girlfriend Writes Emotional Message On Their Son’s Birthday



Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, popularly remembered as Xxxtentacion lost his life on June 18, 2018, after being shot and killed in a robbery. 


The rapper’s untimely death denied him the chance to see his son GekyumeOnfroy. Xxxtentacion had Gekyume with his girlfriend, Jenesis Sanchez who revealed that the baby just turned two.

In a posthumous letter addressed to the Arms Around You rapper, the 22-year-old mother penned an emotional message.

She posted a video writing and reading the letter. 

It said,

I used to think where did I go wrong in a past life when I lost you. Now all I can think about is you and I must of done something right to create such a divine being. Gekyume. He’s getting so big it’s crazy. To think he’s about to be two, how times passing. He’s so grown saying words ‘Mama,’ ‘Papa’ when he sees your photos. It’s a bittersweet moment for me every time. He’s so handsome and has so much personality. Super intelligent, bubbly and full of energy. I can’t with his little attitude, just like yours *eye roll*. But lowkey warms my heart.”

Many fans sent posthumous wishes to the rapper on his birthday that happened just recently (January 23).

Today, let us wish baby GekyumeOnfroy a happy birthday. Leave his wishes below. 

Happy birthday, Gekyume!

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Nikolas Ajagu Steals The Show After Attending The Inauguration In A Pair Of Dior Air Jordan 1 Sneakers



dior jordans
High Snobiety/ Manual NYC

There were plenty of notable moments during the inauguration of the 46th president of the United States, Joe Biden, such as Lady Gaga and Jenifer Lopez’s performances. And yet, what stole the show was a brief of an unidentified male rocking a rare pair of Dior Jordan 1s.

High Snobiety/ Manual NYC

The Dior Jordan 1 pair go for an average price of $10,000 on reseller sites such as StockX and are the most expensive shoes on such sites. Last year, the shoes went for a retail price of $2,00, and all the 8,500 pairs that were made sold out.

The attention he got may not have only stemmed from how expensive the pair of shoes are, but also because one would not expect sneakers to be worn to an inauguration since they are not considered classy enough.

Turns out the mysterious hero is the husband to Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece, Meena. The man, whose name is Nikolas Anjagu, soon became a trending topic on Twitter. Memes of Ajagu in the inauguration spread on the net like wildfire, and just like that, he claimed his spot in history.

Take a look at some of the Twitter responses below.

“The mystery man wearing the Air Jordan Dior 1 s is Nikolas Ajagu, husband of Meena Harris, Kamala’s niece. #Inauguration,” tweeted @JeffEisenband.

“Someone was rocking the Dior 1s at the function. Maybe the next 4 years won’t be so bad,” tweeted @LuvIsLame.

“The entire sneaker community when they saw a pair of Dior 1s in the inauguration $InaugurationDay,” tweeted @akaSosa13.

“Had no idea the Department of Drip fell under the Executive Branch,” tweeted @The_Raheel.

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