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Tension Rise in Peaceful Mexican State as Meth Cartels Clash



Central de Abasto (Jody Horton)

Guanajuato once a tranquil-filled state frocked with lots of tourists is now filled with violence. The state was once a dream tourist destination with tourist towns such as San Miguel and festivals such as The annual Cervantes culture festival.

Over a decade later, violence began exploding in the region. Why? Two of the most powerful drug cartels in the area are battling over Mexico’s industrial and central farming hub.

The state has seen over 3,400 homicides in the first nine months of this year alone. This state which is Mexico’s sixth most populous state, has experienced more homicides than any other state in Mexico.

What determines whether a drug addict or drug user lives or dies is the colour of the meth she or he is using.

The two warring cartels produce meth differing in colour. The Jalisco cartel sells crystal clear meth for $2.30 per dose. The home gang, Santa Rosa de Lima, sells cheaper meth for $1.40, which is blue.

A lot of bloodshed that has occurred in the state is due to the war between Jalisco New Generation Cartel and the local gang Santa Rosa de Lima to control the meth (methamphetamines) market locally and in the US. Following the arrest of their leaders, Santa Rosa gang allied with Sinaloa cartel. Sinaloa cartel was only so happy to be an ally as they are being alarmed by the rising rate of Jalisco cartel.

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Diego Maradona Dies at 60



Diego Maradona
Diego Maradona/AFP

Argentines are mourning the death of their sports legend Diego Maradona. Diego was pronounced dead following a heart attack at his home in Buenos Aires.

The 60 year old had just had a successful brain surgery done earlier this month, after a clot was detected in his brain. Maradona was also receiving treatment for his dependency on alcohol. 

According to his daughter and other trusted sources, Diego Maradona was seriously struggling with drug addiction.

The Argentines will mourn for three days, after their president Alberto Fernandez declared a national mourning following their loss.

The football star started his football career in the Argentinos juniors and in his entire career, he scored 34 goals and made more than 90 appearances for his country in the World cups.

He retired from football in 1997 at 37 years. Around 2008, Maradona Diego was made head coach but left in 2010 after a defeat.

The legend will be remembered for his quarterfinals ‘hand of God’ goal in 1986 when Argentina was playing against England. 

Many football fans and players have sent their condolence messages to Diego’s family and friends.

Messi, who was among the first to tweet, wrote saying that although Maradona died, his legacy will still live on forever.

Here are some other tweets from the football community:

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Florida Man Saves His Puppy From The Jaws Of Death




It was just shock, it happened so fast…I just went right into the water after the gator and Gunner.

Richard Wilbanks from Florida is drawing praise from many after he threw all caution to the wind in an act of bravery to save his puppy from the jaws of its demise. The 74-year-old was enjoying the sun in his Lee county home backyard when he heard Gunner, his three-month-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy, crying. Gunner had been grabbed and pulled into the backyard pond by an alligator.

Instinct just took over and adrenaline kicked in,” said Richard who jumped into the pond to rescue his puppy when talking to NBC’s Fort Myers affiliate WBBH.

Wilbanks who is in fact a hunter thought on his feet and decided to jump into the pond. He pulled the small gator’s mouth open after grabbing it so that Gunner could escape. In a rescue mission cool enough to be in a movie, Wilbanks amazingly kept his cigar in his mouth as he rescued his pup.

He had the dog and he is covered in blood,” said Louise. Wilbanks’ wife, as she recalled the moment she realised that her husband had just wrestled a gator.

Wilbanks also told WBBH that he only got a few cuts from the rescue and the puppy, bless his heart, is okay. The incident was captured on footage because according to the Fort Meyers News-Press, Wilbanks participates in a program where residents that live adjacent to wild habitats let the Florida Wildlife Federation and the fStop Foundation put cameras on their land to document animals.

The foundation only recently learned of the October after collecting the mem card from Wilbanks’ land. The alligator was safely removed from Wilbanks’ backyard.

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Israel on The Road To Legalizing Recreational Marijuana



A committee in charge of reviewing the marijuana law and its regulation in Israel has announced that a memo will soon be drafted and once approved by their government, the country might just be added to the list of countries that have decriminalized recreational Cannabis Sativa.

Israeli stoners and tourists might have to wait roughly nine months before they are allowed to buy and smoke weed freely. 

For the bill to pass, the Drug and Alcohol Use special committee must write a legal message and the requirements that ensure the marijuana industry works efficiently, must be met.

 The chair of special committee, Michal, suggested that the decriminalization and legalization bills be made one, promising that he will lead with a lot of commitment to ensure the requirements are met on time.

With the aim of keeping children and teenagers away from marijuana, just like in other places like Canada, the country is waiting on a budget that will cater for issues like mental health and data collection among other things, before the bill is fully passed.

Prescribed use of marijuana has been legal in Israel since the early 90’s, but the legalization process of recreational marijuana has been a tough one. 

After studying the effects of the drugs in depth, the committee looked at those countries that have been successful and those that failed in the legalizing process after which they did a comparison. 

Last Thursday, there was a meeting where the findings of the research and recommendations were put on the table.

 The process might take a while but at least Israeli marijuana users can remain hopeful. 

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Being A Doctor Made Her Parents Proud While Going On Onlyfans Made Her Rich



Onlyfans Nang Mwe Sang
Nang Mwe Sang (Instagram)

Nang Mwe San’s parents were happy with how her life was going. She became the doctor they wanted her to be at 20 years old. 

Nang however, didn’t want to end up like the other underpaid doctors. According to her, a public doctor in Myanmar, gets just 20 USD in a month while a private doctor might get a slightly higher pay. 

She is from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), a Southeast Asian Nation bordering India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand. She was raised in Yangon but born in Shan state, Kuching area.

Onlyfans Nang Mwe Sang
Myanmar (Burma)

Nang Mwe Sang says she started her desired modelling career by  posting sizzling body pictures on social media.

View this post on Instagram

Miss me? 😘 #nangmwesan #bööty #🍑 #wap

A post shared by Nang Mwe San (@nangmwesan) on

 After her sexy lingerie and swimwear photos made rounds and somehow landed on the Malaria Monitoring and Evaluation (MME) Office, she received a resignation demand from the office.

It didn’t stop there, the National Medical council also ensured she couldn’t get employed as a doctor ever again. This was after she ignored their requests to stop posting her sexy pictures.

She has also received a lot of rejection and criticism from her family and her parents have made it clear that they don’t support her actions at all.

To Nang Mwe San, financial stability was and still is a motivational factor and she seems to have achieved her goals so far.

 The Instagram model opened an OnlyFans account about a month ago and since September the 21st, Nang says she has made 50,000 dollars, in just one month. 

Stating celebrities like Amber Rose and Bella Thorne as her role models, she says no one is entitled to judging her. She also adds that OnlyFans has helped her since she didn’t want to have to sell her body out to sugar daddies. 

Nang says she plays with sex toys and posts erotic videos for her fans to enjoy. Her followers pay access of up to $25 per month.

She applauds doctors like her young brother and calls them heroes during this pandemic because they are fighting for people’s lives on the front line.

With her diverse audience, Nang Hope’s to make herself financially comfortable. 

Currently, she is 30 years old with 2 million followers.

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Police Report Reveals Armed Home Invaders Stole $100,000 from OnlyFans Star



Ansley Pacheco's Hileah (Instagram)

Two armed men burst into Ansley Pacheco’s Hileah property on October 4th. The 26-year-old Instagram model and OnlyFans star was in the bedroom with her son when the two home invaders burst through the front door and attacked her husband, Daniel, and his friends, who were watching a Miami Heat game.

An incident report from the Miami-Dade Police Department has revealed new details of the home invasion. The invasion was caught on surveillance video.

The video surveillance shows the two home invaders ran up to the house and push in through the entrance while holding one of Daniel’s friends at gunpoint. The robbers then ordered the men to remove all their jewelry. According to the police report, the duo stole accessories worth $102,000, a watch worth $33,000, a gold chain worth $50,000, and a phone.

Also, from the surveillance video, you can see a woman trade shots with armed robbers. The police report reveals that the woman in the video was, in fact, Ansley. The OnlyFans star heard the commotion from the bedroom where she was and grabbed her husband’s gun. She then used the gun to open fire on the robbers as she tried to protect her seven-year-old son, who was with her. The robbers fired back as they fled, and Daniel grabbed the gun from Ansley and chased after their attackers.

Ansley Pacheco’s Hileah (Instagram)

Police are still investigating the incident to find out whether the attack was random or targeted. Thankfully none of the individuals were harmed on that day. We hope that the individuals can get past that traumatic experience.

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