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The 10 Best Gucci Mane Songs



The 10 Best Gucci Mane Songs

Gucci Mane is an American rapper from Atlanta. Alongside Young Jeezy and T.I., he helped pioneer trap music in hip hop. After his break out single with Young Jeezy, Icy, the rapper continued producing hit after hit till he was imprisoned from 2014 to 2016.

After his release, we got a much leaner Gucci Mane. Not only had he changed his appearance, but he had also changed his sound. He ushered in a new era of Gucci Mane filled with even bigger and better hit songs. Below is a countdown of 10 of Gucci Mane’s top songs.

Which Are Gucci Mane’s Top Songs of All Time?

1. Icy

Icy is the song that put Gucci Mane on the map. The cub-banger and breakout single featured Young Jeezy, with whom he would go on to beef with for years before ending the beef in 2020. Their dispute arose with regards to which one of them owns the song.

2. Freaky Girl

The track’s hook paid tribute to an eighties track, ‘Super Freak’ by Rick James. It peaked at number 62 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The track later spawned a remix featuring Ludacris and Lil Kim.

3. Wasted

Wasted was Gucci Mane’s most successful single till the release of Black Beatles. The song peaked at number 36 on the US Billboard Hot 100. It was produced by FATBOI, and its beat was used as a backdrop by Lil Wayne during his freestyle that appears on his No Ceilings mixtape.

4. First Day Out Tha Feds

First Dy Out Tha Feds was top Gucci track was his first drop after his release from prison in 2016. The song was streamed 1.1 million times within his first 24 hours as a free man. This track was the beginning of a new era for Gucci that ushered bangers like Down and Black Beatles.

5. Black Beatles

This song by hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd released in 2016, featured Gucci Mane. Its viral exposure can be attributed in part to its role in the Mannequin Challenge. It became both Gucci Mane’s and Rae Sremmurd’s number-one single on the US Billboard Hot 100. Also topping charts in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

6. Lemonade

This track is the third single from Gucci’s sixth studio album, The State vs. Radric Davis. It peaked at number 53 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was certified Platinum by the RIAA.

7. Slippery

Slippery has to be one of Gucci Mane’s greatest songs of all time. The song is by American hip hop trio Migos and features Gucci Mane. It peaked at number 29 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

8. Wake Up In The Sky

This track is a collaboration between Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, and Kodak Black. The song proves how much Gucci Mane’s sound has evolved. For the music video, the three artists were dressed in glittering 1970s-style suits and jewelry.

9. Fetish

This song is another one of Gucci Mane’s top tracks. The track is by Selena Gomez featuring Gucci Mane. The song peaked at number 27 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

10. Down

Our last track on the list of Gucci Mane’s top songs is Down. The track is by American girl group Fifth Harmony featuring Gucci Mane vocals. It was released in 2017, and it peaked at number 42 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of top Gucci Mane tracks. What is your best song from our list?


Lil Baby Shares Wealth Chart That Draws a Graph Starting From Poor to Super Rich



Lil Baby Shares Wealth Chart That Draws a Graph Starting From Poor to Super Rich

Lil Baby rose to fame in 2017 after his mixtape Perfect Timing became a hit. The 26-year-old has received tons of awards ever since and is still getting nominations for more. 

Just like his fellow rappers, the Errybody rapper shows off his expensive Jewellery and cool drip.

The rapper, who has a net worth of five million dollars, decided to share a chart that distinguishes the wealthy and the low classes.

The chart has sparked an online debate that might not end soon. If the graph got made by a famous person who gets a million-dollar worth of gifts on his birthday, we have to listen. 

The poorest people range between an income of zero dollars to five hundred thousand dollars in the graph. The next level is the middle class that ranges from $500,000 to 2 million dollars. 

After the middle class, we have the upper-middle category. Now, this class ranges between two million to four million US dollars.

According to the The Bigger Picture rapper, those who earn between ten million and thirty million dollars fall under the wealthy class.

There is a ‘poor’ rich people category ($30M-$80M), then the comfortably wealthy class ($80M-$150M), followed by the rich (150-200), seriously rich ($200M-$400M), Truly Rich ($400-$800), Filthy Rich ($800M- $2Billion), before we land to the most fortunate group the Super Rich($ 2Billion and above).

Where do you fall? Let us know below.

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Future Gives Relationship Advice That Works: Happy Valentine’s




Future seems to have the key to your future. When you listen to the Hndrxx rapper’s deep lyrics, you will notice that he has been giving fans advice for years. Not just ordinary advice, how to have a successful relationship kind of advice. 

In his music Turn On Me, Future advises men to choose money over the female gender because the cash will open doors for things like gifting their significant other.

The High Off Life rapper goes ahead to give a precise gift idea to get the woman you love, a Patek Philippe watch, that costs roughly 20,000 US Dollars. So if you get the money, you get the girl and then the watch. 

In addition to all this advice, the Throw-Away rapper went ahead to tell the men to get a ‘Boss Bi*ch’ for a girlfriend. A girl who knows her worth and fits perfectly, making the two a power couple. His tweets and lyrics also spoke on encouraging to better each other.

The 37-year-old said some of the other things include teaching your girlfriend to stay off the internet, love the girl you love, and stay away from the h*es.


We have compiled a list of tweets the rapper posted to help you, especially this valentine’s day. If you are working towards the future with your valentine’s, these tweets are for you. 

You know what they say, love can walk through fire without blinking. Happy valentine’s! 

Don’t forget to shout out your loved one in the comments below. 

ATLANTA, GA – JANUARY 19: Rapper Future performs at “No Place Like Home” Concert Featuring Future & Lil Baby at Coca Cola Roxy on January 19, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia.(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

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Karrueche Posts Pictures of Her in a Thong and Almost Breaks the Internet



Karrueche Posts Pictures of Her in Her Thong and She Almost Breaks the Internet

Fans are over the moon after what Karrueche Tran recently posted. Fresh from break up with her boyfriend, Victor Cruz, Karrueche turned to the internet to get all the compliments she may need. For the fans, they loved what Karrueche Tran posted. 

Taking to her Instagram account, Karrueche shared a few photos, starting from a beautiful image to a sexy image. In the first photo she posted, she was wearing pants. Pants then removes the pants to show a yellow thong and bra in the second photo. She ends up trading her fans on the caption writing;

“Little Booty Chronicles 🍑 (yeah I know I forgot to cut the tag stfu)”

The photos, best described, were spicy hot, giving her fans something to dream about. Fans went crazy over the pictures, which currently have more than 450,000 likes and 5,000+ comments. 

Karrueche recently broke up with Victor Cruz after a 3-year relationship without stating why they broke up. As per a statement released by E! Online, the two decided to call it suits without any hard feelings towards each other. 

“Right now, they are focused on continuing to grow their successful careers,” explained the insider. “There are no hard feelings. This is just a case of two people moving forward in life separately.”

Karrueche went ahead and shared with the nine million-plus fans that she has a 6-month vision board that she will be looking forward to completing without focusing on relationships. 

The breakup saddened fans, and they took to Twitter. Here are some of the views they had: 

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Kodak Black and Lil Yachty Exchange Icy Chains to Signify Unity



Kodak Black and Lil Yachty Exchange Icy Chains to Signify Unity

As a rapper, being icy is paramount. Diamonds, chains, golden teeth, and an overall drip are basic things known for rappers. 

Recently, Lil Yachty and ex-convict Kodak Black posed to show off their icy chains. The duo exchanged their chains, and the pictures they posted might be considered the hardest in the rap scene.

Lil Yachty held Kodak’s piece with his hood’s name ‘1800 Block’ inscribed on it while the latter held Yachty’s anchor chain.

The duo did this to show that they are united. Immediately Kodak got released from prison; Yachty gave him a stack of cash amounting to 50,000 dollars as a homecoming gift.

Kodak Black and Lil Yachty Exchange Icy Chains to Signify Unity

Kodak Black got released after getting a lucky spot in Trump’s pardon list and has since made club appearances. His latest didn’t go so well, though, after someone aimed a red beam at him. Kodak’s security team quickly rushed him out of the stage.

He has since addressed the issue, assuring fans that no one is going to get to him. 

Other rappers who have upgraded their icy closet include Lil Uzi, who went viral after piercing a 24-million-dollar pink diamond on his forehead. Gucci Mane also got a 2.4 million three-piece jewelry set from his girlfriend, Keyshia Cole. 

Let us know what you feel about the duo’s exchange. 

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Doja Cat And Megan Thee Stallion Drop Steamy Pics Ahead Of Their New Music Release



Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion fans, know that a big music video drop will be happening in less than 48 hours. For the pair of celebrities to keep their fans entertained, they did what they could, give their fans mouth-watering photos the fans could stare at all day. 

The pair announced the release of the 34+35 remix music video, making it a highly anticipated event. Megan and Doha Cat took to their Instagram accounts, where they started exciting their fans for the soon to be released music video. The video will feature Pop Star Arian Grande in the visuals and is set to drop on Friday. 

When Doja Cat took to her Instagram handle to hype her fans, she did not mention the music video’s name that will be dropping. She, however, let her fans know that it will feature Ariana Grande and Megan Thee Stallion, making fans anticipate that the move was very intentional. 

She posted the picture of herself, Ariana, and Megan and captioned it ‘Thee Cuties.’ Even Ariana Grande was involved in all the commotion, exciting her fans on the much-awaited remix video. The short clip Ariana posted has already garnered over 5 million views and 23,000+ comments on her Instagram page. 

What stands out the most in the song is the dirty lyrics by Megan as she plays around with 6ix9ine’s name. ”I want that six nine, without Tekashi,” Doja raps. “And I want your body, and I’ll make it obvious”. 

Have a look at the steamy photos they posted and the teaser trailers for the video:

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