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The Story Behind XXXTentacion’s “Look At Me!” Cover Which Features a Kid



The Story Behind XXXTentacion's "Look At Me!" Cover Which Features a Kid

When XXXTentacion uploaded “Look At Me!” to SoundCloud five years ago today, many wondered why he chose the particular cover for it. The said cover artwork was the image of a 12-year-old boy with a blunt in his nostril. 

As some may have wrongly believed, the photo was, in fact not just a random photo. The photo had been sent to X by the kid who is known as KidPronto on the internet. The kid at the time had just recently befriended X.

When talking to Complex about how their friendship came to be, he mentioned that the two were from the same city. He also mentioned getting invited to X’s first-ever concert in Florida after they met in person.

” We’re all from the same city, so we had a lot of mutual friends, and he just fucked with me. X pulled up on me with, like, 50 people on my street. Ski Mask [the Slump God] and all of them were there. We went to the show together and stayed in touch after that.”

KidPronto then joined the same group chat on Twitter as X after the show. They traded messages with each other and photos, and the cover photo was one of the photos that were exchanged in the group chat. KidPronto never knew the random photo would turn into an infamous selfie used as a project’s cover.

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“I was smoking, and I just put it in my nose, took a picture, and sent it to the group chat as a joke. We were just playing, and X was like, ‘I’m going to use this as my next song cover.’ He wasn’t big or anything back then, so I didn’t really think nothing of it.”

Unlike what KidPronto thought, X, in fact, used the photo. While X was behind bars for domestic battery charges, aggravated battery of a pregnant victim, false imprisonment, and witness tampering, the project blew up.

With the attention X was getting for being behind bars, that also reflected badly on KidPronto as he shares.

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“When he was getting in trouble, I was getting in trouble, too.”

By the time X got out of jail, KidPronto was running from the law. The two, however, reconnected as KidPronto was seeking the rapper’s help.

“When [X] got out of jail, I had a warrant for my arrest, so I pulled up to his show, and he already knew the situation with me. So he was like, ‘All right, I’m going to make sure you’re good. I’m going to let you stay at my crib for a minute.'”

KidPronto ended up staying at X’s place for two months. The two formed a strong bond and created fond memories with each other, which were cut short when X was shot dead. KidPronto describes X as a “very genuine and generous person.”

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X was pronounced dead while KidPronto was in jail. He claims that his time behind bars changed his whole outlook on life. 

“It helped me know what I want to do, and it helped me realize that’s not the life I want. It just helped me get my mind right.”

KidPronto is currently 17 years and has recently been released on house arrest. He intends on getting back into music, which he started after X’s death. 

We wish KidPronto success in his future music endeavors.

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The 10 Best DaBaby Songs



The 10 Best DaBaby Songs

DaBabay has left his mark in the hip hop industry releasing hit after hit. The American rapper whose real name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk began his career in 2014. At the time, he was releasing mixtapes which he did until 2018. 

His mainstream success came in 2019 after his debut studio album, Baby on Baby. Without keeping you waiting too long, below are DaBaby’s best songs.

What are DaBaby’s Top Songs?

  1. Suge

This track is easily DaBaby’s top song since it’s the single that put DaBaby on the map. It was the most famous track from the Baby on Baby album. Suge was his first entry on the US Billboard Hot 100, and it peaked at number 7. In this track, the hit-maker compares himself to Marion “Suge” Knight in that he’s a young CEO just like Suge, who became CEO of Death Row Records at the age of 26.

  1. Rockstar

This track released in 2020 features hip hop star, Roddy Ricch. Rockstar which is in the Blame It On Baby album, reached number 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in its seventh week becoming DaBaby’s first chart-topper.

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  1. For The Night

This track by deceased American rapper Pop Smoke featured Lil Baby and DaBaby. The track released in 2020 peaked at number 3 in the US Billboard Hot 100 after 27 weeks on the chart. 

  1. Levitating

This song is by English singer and pop star Dua Lipa, and it features DaBaby on its remix. The pair’s first collaboration was released in 2020. This DaBaby feature was different from anything the rapper had ever done before. His rap adds an excellent touch to the funky dance, and slight 80s feel the track has and we can’t imagine the track without his rap.

  1. Bop

Bop which is one of DaBaby’s top songs, was released in 2019. It’s the second single from his second studio album, Kirk; which was his first album to top the charts, peaking at number one on the US Billboard 200. The track peaked at number 11 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The track received a nomination at the 63rd Annual Grammys for Best Rap Performance

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  1. Baby

This single by record label Quality Control was released in 2019. This top DaBaby track features Lil Baby. The collaboration between the two on the track has received applause from music critics. Some even call the collaboration “a match made in heaven.”

  1. Vibez

This track that was released in 2020 is also another top DaBaby track. It is part of Kirk’s album, and it peaked at number 21 on the US Billboard Hot 100. JetsonMade, Neeko Baby and Harris produced this third single from the Kirk album.

  1. Cash Shit

This is another top DaBaby song released in 2019 and peaked at number 36 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is by American rapper Megan Thee Stallion, and it features DaBaby. The song is one of the three collaborations the two artists have worked on together. 

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  1. Whats Poppin Remix

This remix of American rapper Jack Harlow’s track features DaBaby, Lil Wayne and Tory Lanez. DaBaby’s verse is about him boasting about his sexual prowess. He also boasts about his Hot 100 number 1 single, Rockstar. The track which has a sick beat is produced by JetsonMade who also produced Suge and Bop

  1. Panini Remix

Lil Nas X’s Panini remix features DaBaby and was released in 2019. In the track, Lil Nas X playfully reflects on fans who were initially pleased with his “Old Town Road” success but stopped celebrating him as much once he got the spotlight.


DaBaby, formerly known as ‘Baby Jesus’ announced late last year that he would retire from music after five years. He will retire to nurture other talents through his label, Billion Dollar Entertainment. Hopefully, he keeps giving us bangers before he retires. 

Which is your favourite DaBaby song?

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Roddy Ricch’s “The Box” Close To Diamond Status After Going 8x Platinum



Roddy Ricch
Roddy Ricch/ Getty

2021 has started at a high note for American rapper Roddy Ricch. On January 14, the 22-year-old’s breakout single ‘The Box’ got certified 8x platinum by the RIAA.

The RIAA which stands for the Recording Industry Association of America certified the single 8x platinum, which means the single had 8 million sales. The single is just 2 million sales away from the diamond status, which is 10 million sales.

The Box released on January 10, 2020, was the rapper’s fourth single. The single was the highest chart-topping song worldwide topping charts not only in the US Billboards but also in Canada, New Zealand and Hungary. In the UK and Ireland, it peaked at number 2.

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In the US, the debut single spent eleven weeks at the top of the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. The single also landed him at number 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100 year-end chart for 2020. It was also Spotify’s most-streamed song in the US and was number 7 on YouTube’s trending music video list for 2020.

roddy ricch
Roddy Ricch/ Getty

‘The Box’ was the biggest song of the first half of 2020 and was named Song of the Year by Apple Music. The song also got three Grammy nominations including Song of the Year.

In case you haven’t already heard the song and are wondering what the hype is all about, the song is catchy, one of those you can’t stop watching or listening to. It is also those songs you can’t get out of your head.

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The Box was 2020’s most profitable song of the entire year. The artist bagged a whopping $20 million for the song earning him a feature as an honoree on Forbes’ annual 30 under 30 list last year.

Congratulations to Roddy Ricch for this big achievement!

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Top 8 Rapper Owned Cannabis Brands



Top 8 Rapper Owned Cannabis Brands

Hip-hop and cannabis have always coincided, and as the weed demand expands, more rap artists are getting involved in the weed business. It is no secret that the music genre that talks about smoking cannabis the most is rap. Some of the fans and the rappers themselves are often weed lovers.

So it’s never a surprise seeing your favorite rap artist getting into the cannabis industry, especially because of the growing number of weed users. Here is a look at the top 8 rapper owned cannabis brands:

Which Rappers Own Cannabis Brands?

  1. Snoop Dogg– Leafs by Snoop
Leafs by Snoop

It’s no secret that Snoop is the number one weed lover in hip-hop culture. He is the most involved artist in the cannabis scene and, not only does he have an entire platform dedicated to all things weed, but also his own line of weed called Leafs by Snoop. 

The rapper was the first to jump into the cannabis business after legalization in Colorado and Washington. The company started out in Colorado then later expanded to Canada, where its products are grown and distributed.

  1. Wiz Khalifa – Khalifa Kush Enterprises Oil
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After Snoop, the second most recognized weed enthusiast is Wiz Khalifa. The rapper developed and bred his own weed strain dubbed the Khalifa Kush. He has also created a mobile game called Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm, in which he teaches players how to grow their own weed plants and make profits out of them. 

The Khalifa kush strain is available in RiverRock stores in Colorado, and in June 2019, the rapper made a deal with Supreme Cannabis to provide Khalifa Kush Enterprises Oil to Canada.

  1. Method Man– Tical Official
Phoro credits: Celebstoner

Launched in early June 2020, this long-awaited brand from Wu-Tang Clan’s member, Method Man, is now available in four California shops, including Empire, Blunts+Moore, Berner’s in the Haight, and Litco. 

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This brand contains four strains, including Gelato, Cake, OV, and Punch.

  1. Kurupt– Kurupts Moonrock

You’ve probably heard about the Moonrocks strain and how potent it can be; this weed will send you out of space and is courtesy of rapper Kurupt Young Gotti. The strain even has its own song.

  1. Jay-Z – Monogram

Monogram a high-end California cannabis brand was created by hip-hop mogul Jay-Z through a partnership with Caliva and Left Coast Ventures. This brand currently offers four different strains in the form of pre rolls and flowers.

  1. Berner– Cookies

Taylor Gang member Berner is behind the creation of one of the most-well liked strains known as the Girl Scout Cookies. He’s also got numerous other strains including, The Y, Cherry Kush, Snowman, Cherry Pie, Sherbet, Pink Panties, and F1.

Berger has multiple cannabis brands, including Exotics by Berner, which he co-founded with his friend Ivan.

  1. B-Real– Dr. Greenthumb’s Dispensary
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Photo Credits: Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The Cypress Hill’s rapper owns a cannabis dispensary in California, which launched in August 2018. B-Real’s brand later partnered with Driven Deliveries Inc., which works to serve them with the direct-consumer distribution.

  1. Lil Wayne– GKUA Premium Ultra
Photo: Mattio

Weezy’s product line includes vapes, prerolls, and strains such as Hollygrove, Julius Caesar, GKUA VIP, Uproar, Mendo Crumble, and Mimosa. The brand also offers concentrates such as 3 Hour Tour, Perfecta, and Boom Box, all of which are available across numerous California dispensaries 

Final Word

Turns out, spitting rhymes is not the only thing these rappers are good at; they also deliver some good cannabis strains. Thanks to these businesses obtaining weed has become easy. You simply pull up a website, choose the cannabis products you like, check out, and have the products delivered to your front door.

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Top 10 Hip Hop Albums Went Diamond



Top 10 Hip Hop Albums Went Diamond

We’ve seen plenty of rappers celebrate whenever their albums go platinum, but do you know what’s even better than a platinum certification? A diamond certification. If an album sells over 10 million copies in the United States, it obtains the diamond certification award from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

According to the RIAA, there are only ten hip-hop albums ever to attain diamond status. Eminem and Tupak appear twice on this list. This list can also be referred to as a list of the best selling hip-hop albums of all time.

Which Hip Hop Albums Earned the Diamond Status?

1. Eminem (11.3 million copies), “The Marshall Mathers LP” 

Anyone who wants to experience most of Eminem’s best stints should go back and listen to this album. This project was produced by Dr. Dre and Eminem, and within the first week of its release, it had already sold 1.7 million copies. 

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2. Outkast (11.2 million copies), “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below” 

Demonstrated in this album is a collection of unique tracks that vary in style. The best of them all is “Hey Ya!” which displays an above-average lyrical production. 

3. Notorious BIG (11.1 million copies), “Life After Death” 

This is BIG’s second and final studio album. The album was released 16 days after his death, containing a blend of themes that resemble a modern rap album, which featured guest appearances from Jay-Z, Luther Campbell, and more.  

4. 2 Pac (11 million copies), “Greatest Hits” 

Although he left the game too soon, Tupac Amaru Shakur had the power to influence people and change lives. Greatest Hits is a coarse album released on November 13, 1998, by Death Row Records, Amaru Entertainment, and Interscope Records. 

5. Kid Rock (11 million copies), “Devil Without A Cause” 

This album saw Kidrock move away from the traditional hip-hop sound to more of a mixture between hard rock, rap metal, and rap-rock blend.

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6. Eminem (10.9 million copies), “The Eminem Show” 

Eminem has made some deep cuts in the hip-hop industry. Is there a more extravagant rapper? Some may say Jay-Z, but you don’t see him on this list, do you? Slim has collaborated with the best producers in the hip-hop industry, such as Dr. Dre, to create his best works including, “Say What You Say,” “My Dad’s Gone Crazy,” “Business,” and more.

7. 2 Pac (10.2 million copies), “All Eyez On Me” 

This is 2Pac’s fourth and last studio album where he drops the biggest hits ever, including the Billboard 100 number-one singles “How Do U Want It” and “California Love.”

8. Beastie Boys(10.1 million copies), “Licensed to Ill” 

Licensed to Ill was produced by Def Jam and Columbia Records and is the first rap-rock album to top the Billboard album charts.

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9. MC Hammer (10.1 million copies), “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em” 

MC Hammer was a beast in his prime. There were other good hits before him, but he was the only one who managed to pull rap through a wider more diverse audience. His flamboyant wardrobe and creative dance skills were more like his trademark, which made his projects stand out. “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em” by MC Hammer is the first rap album ever to go diamond.

10. Nelly(10.05 million copies), “Country Grammar” 

This album became one of the most successful hip-hop works of the 2000s decade. It topped the US Billboard 200 chart for five straight weeks after its release. 

Final Thoughts

No modern albums released have gotten close to attaining diamond status; this may largely be contributed to by the download-reeling music industry.

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Kanye West’s “Yeezy” Former Intern Gets Sued For $500,000 Over Breech Of Contract



Kanye West's "Yeezy" Former Intern Gets Sued For $500,000 Over Breech Of Contract

Yeezy, which is Kanye West‘s brand, is suing Ryan Inwards for $500,000. Inwards is facing the half-a-million-dollar lawsuit for sharing the billion-dollar clothing brand’s confidential information on social media.

The lawsuit claims that the company asked Inwards severally to take down the images through multiple cease and desist letters, all of which he ignored. Inwards, who is being sued for liquidated damages and punitive damages, had signed an NDA last summer as he became an intern last summer.

Non Disclosure Agreements are usually signed to restrict an individual or individuals from divulging a company or organization’s confidential information. Inwards broke the NDA that he had signed, which in turn prompted the lawsuit.

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Apart from the lawsuit, Yeezy, through a judge, will make Inwards turn over all images he has and prohibit him from posting similar pictures.

We currently don’t have the exact picture that Inwards leaked, but from speculation, here are some of the shoes by Yeezy that were released around summer last year.

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