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Three MTA Workers Risk Losing Their Jobs After Authorities Discovered Their Hideout




Imagine getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relaxing in your secret hiding place. Sounds cool, right? Three MTA workers(a wireman, a carpenter foreman, and an electrical foreman) thought it was  and decided to convert a storage room at Grand Central Terminal into a man cave.

Investigators discovered their hideout beneath the tracks of the busy transportation hub. The room had a futon couch, a microwave, a large flatscreen television with streaming capabilities, a refrigerator, work out equipment, air conditioning, and more. Did we forget to mention the open can of beer?

 In 2019, Investigators paid an unannounced visit after Metro-North failed to investigate claims that the workers threw parties and drank beer there. They found nothing to pin on the workers.

Their reasons for doing this remain unclear. We are assuming they just needed some time off their busy schedule. If that is the case, they are in luck because now they risk losing their jobs.

In an angry response to the matter, the president of Metro-North (Catherine Rinaldi)said,” The employees who were involved are on the overnight shift, but this is an unauthorized break space, unknown to their supervision and completely unacceptable , and outrageous behavior and something that I am furious about.”She added that the room was a back room for a locksmith storage area.

The three employees denied claims of ever being in that room, forgetting (if they even thought) that they left fingerprints, receipts, exercise equipment, personal calendars, and streaming devices.

Many commuters have rebuked their behavior with others, saying it is ‘not fair’. Authorities have since checked for any other suspicious doors but have found nothing. All the best to the three musketeers.

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Most Liked Video on YouTube



Most Liked Video on YouTube

The most entertaining and inspiring YouTube videos get the most views and likes. It comes after those meant to make you feel relaxed or try something new. Those with the most trending gossip often receive quick likes that last as long as the trend is on.

Here are some of the most liked YouTube videos that communicate with their audience effectively.

What are the Most Liked Videos on YouTube?

1. Despacito

Despacito has a globalized sound having a mix of English, Latin, and Caribbean pop. Many people loved its beats and dance moves which they could try out every time they watched the video. Justin Bieber featuring in it also made it rock YouTube likes owing to his popularity.

Views: 7.1 Billion

2. See You Again

When you bring together two creative artists and a famous movie, all you’ll have is likes and views. Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa did their best in paying tribute to Paul Walker in the song See You Again. The crowds fell in love with it and could not resist hitting the thumbs up button.

Views: 4.9 Billion

3. Shape of You

Less than a hundred days was all it took for the song’s video to amass massive likes on YouTube. Ed Sheeran kept his fans waiting for years after producing the song’s lyrics before he came up with a heartfelt video. Many related to the lyrics and its beauty inspired the liking.

Views: 5.1 Billion

4. Baby Shark Dance

No one would want to miss the Baby Shark dance that trended for the better part of the year. People kept viewing the video as they mastered the lyrics and the dance move. It inspired the many likes since both kids and adults joined in for the fun Baby Shark Challenge.

Views : 7.7 Billion

5. Dynamite

Dynamite is full of Retro vibes from back in the 70s that makes you want to sing along. BTS had their best chance taking it after releasing the song to their worldwide audience that loves their hits. People loved their diversity, making them like the video.

Views: 809 Million

6. Faded

Once you listen to Faded a couple of times, you tend to memorize it. The fact that it is simple and the beats are in slow motion makes it one of the most liked videos. Those that have ever been heartbroken in any way best related with the song appreciating it with thumbs up.

Views: 2.9 Billion

7. Boy with Luv

Love comes from relating and liking the small things in life. BTS and Halsey made the most out of the lyrics as they sang their hearts out. Their massive fans around the globe could not help but like their work of art.

Views: 1.1 Billion

8. Gangnam Style

Gangnam style evoked many social media discussions because of its hype, fun, and unique nature. Psy makes fun of a fancy district and its people making viewers across the world find the video hilarious.

Views: 3.9 Billion

9. Alone

Feeling homesick comes all the time when you are away from people who used to be close to you. Many have felt this feeling of loneliness and could not help but watch the video. Marshmello used a dog and its owner made it even easier to love for its simple nature.

Views: 1.14 Billion

10.  ‘Kill This Love’ M/V

Blackpink‘s dance styles are unbeatable, but some may manage to try to move their bodies. Fans watched out for the video and could not help but love the production, voices, and vocals. The girl band had their luck once again where they earned themselves many likes in the video.

Views: 1.1 Billion

Final Word

Most Liked Video on YouTube

The above videos received the most likes depending on their connection to the owners’ fans. Those with great content tend to reach out to many who love and liking them in large numbers.

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10 Most Disliked Videos on YouTube



10 Most Disliked Videos on YouTube

YouTubers know best that they cannot create a universally liked video but may try not to have many dislikes. It is unlike some of them who decide to incite their fans to dislike the video to make them rank as the most disliked. It is not a good encounter when you receive many of them because YouTube algorithms are always on the lookout.

Some fans don’t like the video because of a difference in preference making them hate it. But to most of them, they would like YouTube to refer to what they like most. Here are the most disliked videos on YouTube in no particular order.

What are the Most Disliked Videos on YouTube?

1.    Everyone Controls Rewind

The video featured prominent YouTubers such as Marques Brownlee and celebrities like Will Smith. But it was heavily criticized and disliked by fans and YouTubers alike because it featured unpopular YouTubers with obscure content.

Dislikes: 18 Million

2.    Sadak 2

After the death of actor Sushanta Sing Rajput, cries to stop nepotism in the Bollywood movie industry have been louder than ever. After the release of the Sadak 2 trailer directed by Mahesh Bhatt, Sing’s fan expressed their feelings to him by disliking the video.

Dislikes: 13 Million

3.    Baby Shark Dance

It is so annoying having to hear a song play all day long, especially when it’s a kid’s song. Parents got the heck of it and started disliking it on YouTube. It started getting to their minds listening to kids sing and want to play it every time.

Dislikes: 11 Million

4. The Shape of 2017

The Shape of 2017 took place during YouTube’s trending videos page that hit over 50 million views in a day. However, this specific installment had many dislikes unlike what was expected. It was because people believed YouTube ignored most content creators and the trends of that year.  

Dislikes: 2.3 Million

5. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer

Set in the World War II era, the game shifted into modern and futuristic times and settings. At the time, competitors like Battlefield went the opposite direction by releasing a game set in World War I fueling more dislikes for the Infinite Warfare game.

Dislikes: 3.9 Million

6. Baby by Justin Beiber

The song was popular among teens, but many people outside that demographic found it annoying because of its repetitive lyrics and unoriginal beats. Beiber’s bad behavior also contributed to the millions of dislikes the video earned.

Dislikes: 12 Million

7. Can this video get 1 million dislikes? PewDiePie

Celebrating 50 million subscribers’ achievement milestones on YouTube, YouTube king PewDiePie made this odd video requesting his subscribers to get the video to a million dislikes to prove if likes mattered in a video. 

Dislikes: 5.2 Million

8.    Ghostbusters 2016 Trailer

It is Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot movie trailer. After announcing the project, the director and the cast faced many angry and rude comments online. The main reason being they were remaking a popular 1980s franchise film with all-female cast members.

Dislikes: 1.1 Million

9.  YouTube Rewind 2019 for the Record

YouTube made sure it went on record for producing one of the most disliked video on its platform. The rewind capturing 2019’s events was lazier than any rewind majorly because it was a repost video. It seemed like they tried breaking their 2018 dislike record.

Dislikes : 9.4 Million

10. Friday by Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black became an overnight star by exploiting her talentless after releasing the Friday song. She put in a lot of effort in unimportant places. The cinematography, editing, lighting, make-up, and cameras were all perfect, but the song itself was out of tune.

Dislikes: 3.8 Million

Final Thoughts

The above videos had the most dislikes because the content creators could not find the best way to engage with their audience. Some, to many people’s surprise, wanted them to have many dislikes as opposed to likes.

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The 7 Best Sex Weed Products



The 7 Best Sex Weed Products

Relaxation is the ultimate feeling everyone yearns for when taking weed that takes them away from their usual lives. In other cases, they make you reach high levels of contentment by making your love life better. They increase your performance in bed by increasing sensitivity, making you more sensual, leading to better sexual pleasure.

You have to find the best sex weed products in the market to achieve this and even more. Use the following best sex weed products to help treat your sexual problems by taking you out of the world.

What are the Best Sex Weed Products?

1.    1906 Lover’s Edition

The 7 Best Sex Weed Products

The piece has a heart design with chocolate layers making your first glance give you the feeling of valentines. You have to break it into two equal parts and share with your partner. It increases your libido and arousal within 20 minutes due to the presence of Damiana, Puama, and Muria. The cannabis love formulation is in low doses but gives a rapid effect.

2.    Apothecanna Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil

The 7 Best Sex Weed Products

You have to place the condom aside when using it to have the ultimate sexual feeling. The oil contains coconut oil that acts as a moisturizer to increase lubrication. An addition of argan oil makes the process longer-lasting by increasing male erection for a longer time.

3.    Quim Night Moves

Quim Night Moves is a complete package that gives you extra sexual pleasure while keeping the vagina healthy. It contains tea tree oil formulated to keep it away from yeast, fungal, and bacterial infections. Damiana oil makes it more moisturizing to help in lubrication, arousal, orgasm and makes partners bond more.

4.    Manna Vella CBD Lube by Manna Molecular

Vella, a female sexual enhancement serum by Manna Molecular, is now available for purchase.

It is safer to use Manna Vella CBD with condoms, unlike most of the other products. It moisturizes the genitals leading to an increase in lubrication that makes the process easier. It intensifies sensations by increasing blood flow to the genital areas that in turn increases levels of arousal.

5.    Foria Intimacy CBD Suppository

Foria Intimacy CBD Suppository calms your nerves, eases the tension, and increases your confidence while being in the moment. Its formulation is a mix of cocoa butter created to increase arousal and broad-spectrum CBD contained in 50 milligrams. The latter makes you high in confidence and passion. It boosts your connection with your partner, and you do not lose dominance.

6.    Yummi Karma Love Portion

The love portion takes your sex life to the next level with its unique formulae. It contains THC that shifts you mentally, making you high but feeling relaxed with increased pleasure. CBD reduces the knockout power of THC to equilibrium, ensuring you do not exceed your limits. They increase your sex play by making you stay in the mood.

7.    CBD 3-in-1 Massage Candle 1

You not only have a romantic candle, but also oil and CBD. It is the perfect combination to engage, have a connection with your partner, and increase sex drive. The candle heats up for a while producing sweet scents as it melts to a topical oil suitable for massaging your partner. Beginners may start with the product to ensure they amplify their sensual.

Final Word

Many active individuals complain of not reaching the climax of their sexual life. It may be because of many reasons with a simple solution of taking weed products to supplement the process. They increase arousal, orgasm, and make you more sensual. All you have to do is take an extra step to have them before the next time you go to bed with your partner. 

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5 Things Travelers Need to Know About Flying with CBD



5 Things Travelers Need to Know About Flying with CBD

You often have to do routine checks of luggage at security checkpoints before boarding a plane. If it happens you have CBD with you, ensure you are aware of its legality. It helps you avoid being on the wrong side of the law and ensures you travel freely without any worries.

Here are some of the crucial things you need to look out for before flying with CBD.

What You Need to Know Before Flying with CBD

1.Places You Travel with CBD Oils

High Life

In America, you may travel through states with only the type of CBD derived from hemp. It contains less THC meant to stimulate your nervous system and make you high. But take caution when flying to other nations with strict laws on drugs. Most of them do not allow any across their border, even through cruises.

Wait until the FDA fully approves the legality of CBD oils. Do this before taking them with you on a flight. It may take a while, but it is worth the while.  Waiting helps you avoid being on the wrong side of the law.

2. The Benefits Gained from Using Cbd Oil while Traveling

5 Things Travelers Need to Know About Flying with CBD

People experience different symptoms and effects while traveling on air. Taking CBD helps alleviate or reduce these symptoms to ensure they enjoy their journey. It ensures they have a good night’s sleep, remain calm, and reduce jet lag.

Traveling over long distances is so tiring that you need to take some medication. Instead, you may use CBD oils to smoothen your skin and prevent it from being sore. It also reduces stiffness.

3. Confirm Whether the Oil Meets the Approved Standards

Nurse-approved CBD contains flowering strains of hemp that contain less than 0.3% of THC content. Ensure to confirm whether it went through a purity test and later a potency test to remove impurities, keeping it clean. Organic CBD is more natural and has fewer side effects as opposed to inorganic ones.

Pick one that is a whole plant to benefit from its inflammation reduction and nervous system protection properties. Confirm the base carrier oil and the extraction process used to obtain it. Wrap it up with a look at its certificate of analysis that should have a clear label.

4. Understand the Different Ways to Consume CBD oils

You may consume CBD oils in three different ways. Topical creams and edibles are free to use but must meet the traveling laws with CBD. You may carry electronic vaping devices in your carry-on bags to avoid wasting time at the checkpoint.

Ensure that none of them is from either the hemp flower or cannabis flower that are illegal. Doing so prevents security dogs and security officers from identifying you as a suspect. Pilots are exempted from using CBD products of any kind.

5. Evaluate the Type of CBD Oil You Travel with

You may only travel with CBD oils derived from hemp and not marijuana across borders. It is legal to have the one from hemp because it contains less than 0.3% of THC levels, making it good for your health. It is different from the marijuana extract, which is above the limits to which the human body can consume at high intakes.

You may have to fly with the latter when they receive approval by the FDA and are dry weight. The FDA checks it by taking it to the lab to run tests that confirm cannabinoid content.

Stay Updated on CBD Policies

Ensure you stay updated about the CBD policy by going through FDA websites to ensure you board the plane. The above tips guide you but ensure to cross-check with the rules of the country before carrying it.

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The 5 Best Soils For Growing Weed



The 5 Best Soils For Growing Weed

Cannabis, like any other plant, requires oxygen, water, and soil for its growth. These factors will determine the health, growth rate, and how the final yield would be for your plant. Between the water, oxygen, and soil, the soil is the easiest factor that could be modified to best suit the needs of a Cannabis plant.

Getting a high-quality Cannabis plant will require you to set very specific soil conditions that have created a booming soil industry. These soils have been altered by the industry by adding specific amounts of nutrients that will promote the better growth of the Cannabis Plant.

Most growers state that they would prefer having a soil that is dark and rich, with Loose grains that can drain water without it looking muddy. Some will go for a ‘hot’ soil. This kind of soil releases nutrients slowly over time and all you have to do is add water and some natural elements. Others prefer lighter soils which gives them the chance to control how much the plant takes in nutrients. Growing weed in a way that shows its best traits and develops trichome-rich flowers, needs attention to details and care.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the best soils for growing weed whether at your home or somewhere else.

What are the Best Soils to Grow Weed?

Fox Farm Happy Frog Potting Soil Mix

The 5 Best Soils For Growing Weed

This product works so well that you can start the growing weed from the seed to seedlings and watch its nature to a full-blown weed. The soil has been infused with bat guano, earthworm castings, forest humus, and it has just the right conditions to help your weed grow. Besides, the soil has a pH that instantly adjusts allowing the soil to take in more nutrients.

Coast of Mane Platinum Grower’s Mix, Super Soil

The 5 Best Soils For Growing Weed

The soil has been customized such the user will not have to spend any additional money on pH monitors or any other associated products. It contains a variety of things inclusive of kelp meal, lobster compost, fishbone meal, mycorrhizae, worm castings, and alfalfa meal. The high-quality meals ensure that your plants thrive even though the cost of getting this soil is plain high. The soil can be used by both beginners and professionals and will perform well for your Cannabis.

Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil Mix

Another product from the Fox farm manufacturers that will put a smile on your weed’s health. The soil comes at just the right pH value ranging from 6.3-6.8 and can be considered as one true soil mix in the weed growing community. The price is considerable given that your plants can use this soil at any stage of their growth and that you won’t have to spend more money on a pH pen.

Mother Earth Coco Plus Perlite Mix

Am not sure if we should call this soil, but either way it’s one of the best products that you could use to grow your weed. It’s a Marijuana Potting soil containing 70% Coco Pith and 30% perlite. This allows the weed plant to get aeration and drainage easily given the farmer the pleasure of not watering it all the time.

Organic Super Soil Concentrate Strength

The product has great nutrients and matter that will foster the best health for your weed. Its price is however a bit exaggerated given that other soils provide the same ingredients at a lower price. It’s however simple to use.

Final Word

These soils will ensure that your weed grows healthy and you can choose to go organic or inorganic that is well dependent on you as a farmer. The difference between these soils will be the price incurred and any additional cost that will follow. Take into consideration just how much time you can put into the plant’s growth and you might have an answer to the soil you need.

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