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Top 10 Rappers in Their 20s in 2020



Rappers under 20
Top 10 Rappers in their 20s in 2020

Let us agree, this year has not been one of the best years we have experienced, in fact,  it could be one of the worst years for most of us. 

Well, for the rap community, it has been challenging considering the absence of live events and other factors.

This article will focus on celebrities that have managed to keep their music career going, despite the pandemic’s challenging effects. It is important to note that most of them are below thirty.

1. Megan Thee stallion

Rappers under 20
Megan Thee Stallion/Getty

For a 25-year-old, Megan is doing great especially after she was a victim of a shooting incident earlier this year.

Despite this, Thee Stallion is wowing the world with her music. She started off her career on Soundcloud after which, she was signed to 300 entertainment.  

After signing a contract with the label, Megan released her mixtape Fever in 2019 and Good News just this November.

The pandemic however, did not stop her Savage and WAP collaborations from being nominated for the BET Hip-hop Awards. Savage won that category making her still top at the game. You can call that strategy.

Megan, throughout her career has won a total of 2 BET Awards, Billboard Women in music Award, 5 BET Hip-hop Awards among other wins and nominations. 

She has been very active on her social media as well, a good way of staying connected to her fans. Songs like Savage also went viral on the famous Tiktok app, leading to increased fandom. 

Currently, everyone is doing her #bodyodychallenge on Tiktok are you doing it?

2. Joey Bada$$

Rappers under 20
Joey Bada$$/Courtesy

Joey Bada$$ rose to fame with his 2012 album 1999. The New York based rapper went silent however, with his last album done in 2017 after getting a child. He then returned to our screens this year to prove he is still the greatest.

Joey blessed his fans on July the 17th, with a comeback project The Light Pack. The EP has three songs, The Light, No explanation and shine.

His silence has given people something to talk about and hence they grew eager to know what he came back with. Is it a new sound? Go listen.

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3. Cardi B

Cardi B
Cardi B/ Getty

When we hear Cardi B, we hear drama, social media, fashion and so much more. The WAP star knows how to keep interactions with her fans going through her social media pages. 

Although she deleted her Twitter after tweets made rounds bashing Offset on their divorce, she has been staying at the top of the headlines when it comes to celebrity buzz.

Cardi B’s WAP was nominated for the BET Hip-hop Awards this year and she also ventured into the shoe business. 

Partnering with Reebok, Cardi made her Reebok collection and guess what, it already sold out. Her thank you messages to her fans also make them love her even more.

Cardi is also among the many celebrities to join and earn from the X-rated OnlyFans app. Cardi is all about securing the bag.

4. Travis Scott

Travis Scott
Travis Scott/Instagram

The 29-year-old rapper is one of the best when it comes to staying on top of the game.

From 2008 to date, Scott has won four awards and gotten nominations for many others. He recently just won the 2020 LGA’s for Best Short Form Music Video.

His Highest In The Room project has earned him a nomination in next year’s Grammy Awards under the Category, Best Melodic Rap Performance. 

His fourth studio album Utopia is set to drop in 2021 and fans can not wait. Scott lovers are also eager to attend his annual Astro world festival.

 The event that is usually star studded and packed to the brim, allows fans to interact with the star and other celebrities one on one, a great strategy to keep people obsessed with you, don’t you agree?

5. Young Boy Never Broke Again

Rapper Youngboy (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Originally known as Kentrell, Youngboy’s fandom grew after releasing not one, two or three mixtapes but eight independent mixtapes. His zeal for working is quite impressive and his 2017 project Untouchable, was the highlight of his career. 

Out of his four projects this year, two of them hit number one on the Billboard Charts. Top that was released in September, highlighted his violent life while 38 Baby 2 talked more about his yearn for love and his struggle in general. 

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At just 20 years, Youngboy was nominated for the BET Hip-hop Awards with his work, I Am Who They Say I Am. 

Although he is not everyone’s favourite, we can agree that Youngboy puts in the work.

6. Lil Durk

Lil Durk/ Getty

Lil Durk sings, writes songs, raps and even owns his own record label (Only The Family).

2020 seems to be Durk’s most successful year so far, as he released Just Cause Y’all waited 2 and it hit the billboard charts at number 2. This adds to his success after his nomination in 2016.

He also collaborated with Drake on his single Laugh Now Cry Later before blessing his fans with his single The Voice. Meek Mill also featured him on his Pain Away single from his Quarantine Pack album.

With this pace, the 28-year-old might gain a good following and hit great numbers very soon.

With this pace, the 28-year-old might gain a good following and hit great numbers very soon.

He has also had a rough time emotionally after he lost his close friend King Von.

7. Dababy 


Things have been rough for this 28-year-old rapper. First, losing his father, then losing his 12 nominations in the just concluded BET Hip-hop Awards, and finally, he lost his brother Glen Johnson to suicide. 

Despite all this, he has won more than four Awards in 2020. Next year seems to be a promising year for him as well, as his Rockstar and Bop projects have been nominated for different categories in the upcoming Grammy Awards.

We wish him all the luck in the world as he strives to leave a legacy.

8. Roddy Ricch

Roddy Ricch
Roddy Ricch/ Getty

Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial opened 2020 for us. Released in December, the song was a major hit that charted the Billboards 200 at number 1 for four weeks.

The Box was the single that was highlighted as the most streamed early this year, as it topped the Billboards 100 at number one for a whole eleven weeks.

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Roddy mixes a creative story telling aspect and delightful melodies in his projects as he explains his life growing up, simply bellissimo!

9. Lil Baby 

Lil Baby
Lil Baby/ Getty

Just like Kodak Black, Lil Baby has a kind heart when it comes to giving back to society. He recently said that he will donate 1.5 million US dollars that he will make from his album, to needy families to help them deal with issues like paying bonds and lawyers.

The community, in return, has his back. When he lost his award in the recently concluded AMAs, fans were raging on Twitter claiming he was robbed.

According to them, Lil Baby has had a very successful year, starting with his My Turn album in February. After which he released a successful Deluxe version of the album a few months later. When Black Lives Matter became top of the headlines after George Floyd’s murder, he left an impact with The Bigger Picture.

Lil Baby has also been doing a lot of collaborations as well this past months.

He did not lose all Awards though as he received an Award for the Best-Selling Album of 2020. 

10. Young Thug

Young Thug/Getty

Thug is good at mixing genres for everyone to enjoy. His weird and unique rap style has made him stand out in the rapping game.

This year, even without releasing his solo projects, Young Thug has charted the Billboards Top 100. Fourteen hit songs, including Franchise that he did with Travis Scott and his Go Crazy collaboration with Chris Brown, were among the projects in the list.

Young is truly a Legend in the Rap community.

There is a long list of names we have left out, rappers like Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, who is actually 28 and not 21, Tyler the Creator, Gunna, Lil Dicky( who is actually 32 but we acknowledge his work regardless) and so much more.

Their efforts have to be applauded and that is what we are doing.

Who is your favourite rapper? Tell us in the comments.

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Top 10 Highest Earners on OnlyFans



Top 10 Highest Earners on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a subscription service based in Britain where content creators earn money from fans who subscribe to their content. The subscription service was initially intended for x-rated content but is currently also host to fitness content and any other content the creator puts out.

The service’s popularity shot through the roof during lockdown when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Many were looking for an alternative means of earning and boy have they earned a lot. Let’s dive straight into a list of the top-earning creators on OnlyFans.

Who are the Top Earners on OnlyFans?

  1. Blac Chyna

Black Chyna whose real name is Angela Rene`e White is currently the top earner on OnlyFans. The reality TV star and model is currently making $20.12 million per month.

  1. Bella Thorne

American actress Bella Thorne currently makes $11.76 million per month. She earned the most money one can make on OnlyFans. Thorne became the first person to make $1 million within her first week on the adult site. Her venture into the subscription service sparked lots of controversy since she charged a hefty fee of $200 for photos where she claimed to be nude but was, in fact, wearing lingerie. This resulted in the subscription service regulating how much an individual could charge on a post.

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  1. Cardi B

Apart from being a mother and a hitmaker whose music has dominated charts, Cardi is also a top earner on OnlyFans. She earns $9.34 million per month. The highly paid rapper on the platform gives her fans more intimate content than she puts out on her other social media platforms such as the behind the scenes of her music videos.

  1. Tyga

Tyga whose real name is Micheal Ray Stevenson is also one of the top earners on OnlyFans earning $7.69 million per month. The hit making hip hop artist posts a wide array of content ranging from sexy snaps to BTS of his latest releases to sharing exclusive videos.

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  1. Mia Khalifa

The media personality and ex-adult entertainer is also one of the highest-paid creators on OnlyFans and bags $6.42 million per month.

  1. Erica Mena

TV personality Erica Jasmin Mena who is best known for her appearance in Love and Hip Hop New York bags a cool $4.49 million per month. The OnlyFans creator is married to Safaree Samuels, who is also on the adult platform. She promotes her OnlyFans a lot on her Instagram platform, where she has amassed a huge following of 5 million followers.

  1. Pia Mia

American singer and actress Pia Mia earns $2.22 million per month as an OnlyFans creator. 

  1. Safaree Samuels

Couple goals, or what?! Safaree Samuels just like his wife Erica Mena is also an OnlyFans content creator. The Jamaican-American rapper and Tv personality is also a highly paid OnlyFans creator and rakes in $1.91 million per month.

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  1. Megan Baron Hanson

Megan Baron Hanson, who is famous for starring in Love Island, is a top earner on OnlyFans making a whopping $1.06 million per month. The gorgeous TV personality shares risque content on her account. 

  1. Casanova

American rapper Casanova raps up our list of the top earners on OnlyFans. He makes $1.05 million per month. Apart from being an OnlyFans creator, Casanova also releases hits and has worked with artists such as Chris Brown who is also an OnlyFans creator and G-Eazy.


The OnlyFans CEO must be cashing in a lot of cheques, given that the company takes 20% of whatever the OnlyFans creators make. Have you ever thought of joining only fans as a creator? Who is your favourite only fan creator? 

Let us know your answers in the comment section. We will join you in the debate!

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Cannabis and Anger: Can Cannabis Make You Angry?



Cannabis and Anger - Can Cannabis Make You Angry?

After lighting up a joint, most people feel relaxed, mellow, calm, and chill. However, several studies suggest that weed consumption has short-term, residual, and long-term effects on the brain, meaning it can affect your emotional behavior. 

So, yes, marijuana can make you feel angry, grumpy, irritable, and even rage that can sometimes escalate to violence. Some people experience cannabis-associated anger shortly after using, while others experience it as a result of withdrawal. The point is, if you feel anger bursts after lighting up a joint, you are not alone. 

In 2014, researchers at Yale University’s Department of Psychiatry and Pennsylvania State University’s Department of Psychology collaborated to study the effects of the use of cannabis on “impulsivity and hostility in daily life.” The study involved 43 recreational marijuana users with no substance dependence who were told to self-report their weed, tobacco, and alcohol consumption for two weeks. 

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The data revealed that impulsivity and interpersonal hostility increased on the days when the participants used weed. The researchers linked the anger outbursts to the fact that the consumption of marijuana affects the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), a part of the brain that helps with emotional control and response to other people’s behavior.

Another study by researchers at the University of Buffalo linked the ACC to aggressive behavior during marijuana withdrawal. However, the study participants had a history of violence. 

The Unit Chief of Psychiatry at the Zucker Hillside Hospital in New York, Scott Krakower, told WebMD that “Cannabis use can be linked to anger, rage, and aggression in certain individuals.” He added, “It is proposed that the alterations in the endocannabinoid system may be the cause of these symptoms. 

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However, as Leafly notes, these studies are not without flaws, mostly because the sample sizes were small. So, like with all marijuana-related findings, more research is needed. 

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How to Get Rid of Weed Smell



How to Get Rid of the Smell of Weed

While using weed is not as illegal and immoral as it used to be, most users still prefer to keep the habit private. Unfortunately, that can be difficult because it smells, especially when smoked. 

In this post, we have outlined some of the best ways to get rid of the smell of cannabis. 

What are Best Ways to Get Rid of Weed Smells?

  1. Get Some Fresh Air into Your Home

Ventilation is critical to getting rid of any odor. Start by emptying ashtrays and taking out the trash. Then open the windows and doors. If you have a fan, rotate it to face the windows. If possible, get the fan close to the window.

  1. Use Air Freshener
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How to Get Rid of the Smell of Weed

A good air freshener can help conceal the smell after smoking. If you smoke regularly, consider a plugging air freshener. 

Alternatives to air freshener include scented candles and incense. In fact, there are scented candles made explicitly for concealing the smell of weed, such as the Cannabolish Smoke Odor Eliminating Candle. Nag champa, sai baba, and agarbatti incense are effective in eliminating the smell of cannabis. 

  1. Use a Strongly Scented Spray to Clean Surfaces

The smell not only settles in the air and fabrics but also on surfaces. Therefore, you should consider cleaning surfaces with strongly-scented sprays regularly. 

  1. Store Your Stash in an Airtight Container
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Weed has a strong smell even before you light up. You can conceal the smell by storing your stash in an airtight container, like a mason jar or Tupperware container. Alternatively, you can use a zip lock bag; use two to be safe. 

  1. Invest in an Air Purifier

A good air purifier will eliminate the skunky smell of weed and neutralize other odors in your home. There’s no scent, so no one will accuse you of trying to conceal a particular odor. 

An excellent alternative to an air purifier is a smoke filter, a portable device that eliminates smoke. You could also place an odor-absorbing gel in front of your vents. 

  1. Exhale into a Sploof
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Perhaps the easiest way to get rid of weed smell is not to let it escape in the first place. A convenient way to do that is to exhale into a sploof, a device that converts smoke into clean air. 

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Is Marijuana Legal in New Jersey Yet? Can You buy Weed Locally in 2021?



Is Marijuana Legal in New Jersey Yet? Can You buy Weed Locally in 2021?

In the November Election, about 2.7 million New Jersey residents voted to legalize marijuana. January 1, 2021, was the day the “Constitutional Amendment to Legalize Marijuana” was supposed to take effect. But it appears New Jersey potheads will have to wait a long time before they can locally buy weed legally. 

In an op-ed on local news outlet NJ, Paul Mulshine details the marijuana legal grey-area situation in New Jersey. On New Year’s Day, Mulshine spoke to an elderly woman who traveled all the way from Atlantic Highlands to Trenton (about 60 miles) to find a business openly selling pot, a dispensary owned by a man who goes by the alias “the NJ Weedman.”

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Is Marijuana Legal in New Jersey Yet? Can You buy Weed Locally in 2021?

So, he posed the question: “When will she and the 2,737,681 other people who voted for the measure have a chance to buy pot locally?”

According to Mulshine, that question should have a straightforward answer by now. Both houses passed the legislation that would allow the implementation of the amendment. However, Governor Phil Murphy is yet to sign the bill because he feels it is too harsh on underage usage. 

But according to state Senator Nick Scutari, who sponsored the bill, the governor’s concerns could be easily fixed. He hopes both houses will soon meet to address the issue and amend the bill. 

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Even then, it still won’t be easy to find pot locally. The bill states that only marijuana dispensaries approved by the Marijuana Regulatory Commission can sell weed. The approval process can take up to 18 months. 

In short, even after the governor and the legislators agree on the bill, New Jerseyans will have nowhere to buy weed legally. 

That said, the NJ Weedman and other shops that had acquired medical marijuana licenses might start openly selling for recreational purposes. 

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The Top 10 Fastest-Growing Marijuana Stocks in 2021



Top 10 Marijuana Stocks as of January 2021

The cannabis industry is growing in size as cannabis continues gaining wider acceptance across various nations and states aided by various governments legalizing legal and recreational uses of cannabis.

The marijuana industry is made up of companies that either develop, distribute, sell, support, or are engaged in the research of medical and recreational marijuana. 

Below are the top 10 fastest-growing stocks in 2021, which are expected to deliver sales growth ranging from 60% to 176%.

What are the Top Marijuana Stocks?

1. Jushi Holdings

This holding company focuses on limited states: that is, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Illinois, is set to profit from stores opening in Virginia and organic growth in Pennsylvania. Wall Street expects the company to be at the top of the fastest-growing marijuana stock in 2021, with an estimation of 176.2% sales growth.

2. Columbia Care

Columbia Care is set to have 142.9% sales growth in 2021. Its expansion can greatly be attributed to acquisitions. The company had 76 operational dispensaries in 18 different states as of mid-December. According to Wall Street, the company’s revenue should shoot up to $464 million this year.

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3. Curaleaf Holdings

Curaleaf is on the way to becoming the first pot stock with 97.8% sales growth. Last year, Curaleaf acquired Cura Partners and purchased Grassroots, which are part of the more than 130 retail licenses it holds. This year’s profitability can be attributed to its presence in nearly two dozen states, favorable legislation, and organic growth.

4. Cronos Group

As per Wall Street, this is the fastest-growing Canadian pot stock in 2021. Its minimal sales are forecasted to double this year. The primary growth driver for this group this year is attributed to the opening of new dispensaries in key Canadian provinces. Cronos Group has 96.7% sales growth.

5. Planet 13 Holdings

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With 94% sales growth, this MSO comes in as the fifth-fastest-growing cannabis stock for 2021. It has an operational dispensary in Las Vegas, which covers 112,000 square feet. It plans on opening a dispensary in Santa Ana. The MSO bagged lots of profit after opening up its dispensary to the public.

6. TerrAscend

According to Wall Street, TerrAscend sales will rocket from the 2020s $197 million to $369 million. It has a sales growth of 87.3%

7. Innovative Industrial Properties

This marijuana-focused real estate investment trust has a sales growth of 71%. As of last month, it owned 66 properties in 17 states. It has an average weighted-lease length of 16.6 years. It is set to continue adding new marijuana cultivation and processing sites, which could, in turn, take up its annual revenue to $200 million.

8. Cresco Labs

This is a consumer-packaged cannabis products company involved in growing, manufacturing, and distribution. This MSO should see its sales grow by 69% in 2021. The labs’ estimated growth can be attributed to its accessibility to over 575 California dispensaries and the opening of retail locations in Illinois.

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9. Harvest Health & Recreation

This MSO with a large presence in the Grand Canyon state will have a sales growth of 60.5%, hugely benefiting from Arizona legalizing recreational marijuana. Wall Street predicts its full-year sales going up to $368 million.

10. GrowGeneration

This hydroponic and gardening retail solutions chain is expected to have a sales growth of 60% this year. As of mid-November, it had 36 open retail stores in 11 states. They aim to have 50 retail stores in 15 states by the end of 2021. Part of the company’s success can be attributed to acquisitions, which have broadened its geographic reach. 

**MSO (Multiple-State Operator) refers to a cannabis company that focuses on operations across multiple legal cannabis states. 

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