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Tyga Launches Too Raw To Manage People Joining OnlyFans



Tyga launches Too Raw

Tyga joined OnlyFans just last Summer and has since been making a fortune from it. The rapper has now decided to take his subscription to the next level and manage people through his modelling agency Too Raw.

The company is aimed at helping people who want to jumpstart their OnlyFans career or need a manager. Although Tyga launched it two weeks ago,  he has not yet disclosed the kind of services the modelling agency will be offering.

A casting call was recently posted through the company’s Instagram and anyone who was interested was urged to slide in their DM.


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 Cardi B ,Bella Thorne, B Simone, Chris Brown, Amber Rose, Blac China and Rubi Rose are also some of the other celebrities making fortunes from the X-rated app.

Some celebrities like Fifty Cent however feel like the app is not a place for super stars. He shared his sentiments recently in a sarcastic caption on Instagram that read,

I’m getting back in shape, in shape…Girl, you want to see go to my LOL ONLYFANS PAGE. Now why would you go looking at, I am a boy Damon WTF I change my mind. LOL.”

What do you think? Is it okay for celebrities to earn from OnlyFans ?

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Keyshia Cole Apologizes For Lateness in Verzuz Battle With Ashanti



Keyshia Cole Apologizes For Lateness in Verzuz Battle With Ashanti
Keyshia Cole/ Getty

If you keep up with the Verzuz battle as you did with the Kardashians, you know that the Keyshia Cole and Ashanti battle experienced some delays.

Their first battle was expected to happen on the 12th of December last year but got postponed when Ashanti tested positive for coronavirus. 

After a couple of tests that proved she was negative, their Verzuz battle was later slated for the seventh but pushed to a later date due to the increasing number of coronavirus cases. 

The two R&B stars went head-on on the 21st of January, a battle that saw Ashanti win.

We are assuming that Keyshia Cole’s loss could be owed to her lateness. Fans got upset when the Heaven Sent singer came one hour late.

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Verzuz Ashanti
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 22: Ashanti Douglas attends “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime” first holiday party of the year at STK Los Angeles on October 22, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Lifetime)

Most of them were tired of the many delays surrounding the battle and raised their concerns on social media.

The singer came forth to ask for an apology from her fans, saying, 

“I want to apologize for not sitting my ass in that seat, because I was there and I should’ve sat down.”

Keyshia also became skeptical about the blurred visuals after being informed by OT Genesis. In the apology statement, she said,

I don’t want to go on and they not see me and I’m looking blurry, the connection is not right and everything like that.”

Do you accept the apology? Let us know below. Stay with us for more news updates.

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11 Hip Hop Artists Who Rose to Fame Before they Became Rappers



Hip Hop Artists Who Rose to Fame Before they Became Rappers
Image Source: Everett Collection

Music is not the only road to fame, even for some rappers. The likes of Cardi B and DreamDoll were already famous for appearances in reality TV. Shaq and Dame DOLLA had already made their names in basketball, while Drake and Jaden Smith were acting before rap.

The following is a list of hip hop artists who rose to fame before they became rappers.

Artists Who Rose to Fame Before they Became Rappers

Kanye West

11 Hip Hop Artists Who Rose to Fame Before they Became Rappers
Photo: Angel Laws West (foreground) working in the studio with his mentor No I.D. 6 October 2008

Kanye West started as a music producer. In the mid-’90s to the early 2000s, Kanye West produced beats for upcoming artists such as Grav, D-Dot, and the Go-Getters.

Kanye’s career break came when he began producing for Roc-A-Fella records. He is credited for making Jay-Z’s career for his contributions to the rap billionaire’s 2001 album The Blueprint.

In 2002, Kanye began making his name as a rapper when he released his debut Through the Wire. He made a significant entry in the rap industry through his debut album The College Dropout, which rose to second place in the Billboard 200 chart.


11 Hip Hop Artists Who Rose to Fame Before they Became Rappers

The four-times Grammy Awards winner started as an actor. In the Canadian teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation, Drake played Jimmy Brook, aka Wheelchair Jimmy. The role ended when his character was shot in the back in a feat of vengeance by another character.

Drake acted in the teen drama until 2008, just a few months before dropping the mixtape So Far Gone, which basically made his career. Clearly, acting was not his calling considering his Billboard records, including the highest number of charted songs in the Billboard Hot 100.

Childish Gambino

11 Hip Hop Artists Who Rose to Fame Before they Became Rappers

You probably saw him rapping in This is America, one of his best singles, and wondered where else you had seen him. Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover, has been on TV since the early 2000s as both an actor and comedian.

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He was part of the since disbanded NYU-based comedy group Derrick Comedy, which had more than 200k subscribers on YouTube.

11 Hip Hop Artists Who Rose to Fame Before they Became Rappers

Gambino was also a writer for 30 Rock, an NBC comedy series. He also was part of the cast of NBC comedy series Community.

Even while in the world of TV, he was still producing music. He started making a mark in music in 2011 when he released his first album Camp.

Jaden Smith

11 Hip Hop Artists Who Rose to Fame Before they Became Rappers
<> at Cinemark 17 on May 27, 2010 in Dallas, Texas.

When you’re the son of Will Smith, fame is a guarantee. But Jaden is also an actor, who first co-starred with his father in the 2006 film The Pursuit of Happyness. Other notable roles include The Karate Kid, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and After Earth.

He first ventured into music in 2010 when he featured in Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never. A year later, he released his debut mixtape, The Cool Cafe. He has since produced two studio albums and is working on a third.

However, he returned to acting in 2017 after taking a break to work on his music.

Cardi B

11 Hip Hop Artists Who Rose to Fame Before they Became Rappers

Her feisty personality and to-die-for looks had already made Cardi B famous on social media and reality TV. She started gaining a following back in 2013 by uploading funny yet honest videos on her Vine and Instagram accounts.

In 2005, she joined VH1’s reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York. The show showcased not only her feisty personality but also her musical aspiration.


Now, the Bodak Yellow artist and former stripper is recognized by Forbes as the most influential rappers of all time and is the only woman who has won Grammy’s Best Rap Album as a solo artist.

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Like Cardi B, DreamDoll rose to fame through reality television. She appeared in the sixteenth season of the Bad Girls Club in 2016. Her getting kicked out of the show on accusations of bullying and assault only made her more famous.

A year later, she was on Love & Hip Hop: New York. That same year she ventured into music, releasing her first EP, Life In Plastic. In 2019, DreamDoll made a mark in the rap industry through a Tory Lanez diss track.

Bhad Bhabie


Bhad Bhabie, aka Danielle Bregoli, was already famous before music for appearing on Dr. Phil in 2016 as a troubled teen. She presented as disrespectful and effortlessly defiant and was quickly an inspiration for several viral memes. “Catch me outside, how “bout that,” she threatened her mother on the show.

A year later, in September 2017, she was signed By Atlantic Records in a multimillion-dollar deal. Her debut single, These Heaux, made her the youngest female rapper to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Nick Cannon


Nick Cannon rose to fame in 1998 through Nickelodeon’s sketch Comedy All That. However, before that, he was part of a 3-person rap group called Da G4 Bomb Squad.

The former America’s Got Talent Host quit All That to focus on music when Jive Records signed him in 2001. By 2003 he had released his first album but then paused his music career for a while to focus on acting and comedy.

In 2014, Cannon released his second studio album, White People Party Music.

Shaquille O’Neal


Shaquille O’Neal is more popular as a basketball player than a rapper. As a freshman at Louisiana State University, NBA teams had already started poaching him. In 1992, Orlando Magic drafted him, and the now-retired NBA player is considered one of the greatest.

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Shaq also had music aspirations. In 1993, a year after becoming a professional NBA player, Shaq released a debut album Shaq Diesel, which received RIAA’s platinum certification.

In 2017, Shaq released a LaVar Ball diss track after the former NFL player claimed that he and his son Lamelo, who plays in Australia’s NBL, could beat Shaq and his son Shareef in a basketball game.

Currently, Shaq produces electronic music and goes on tours.


Before he was Dame DOLLA, Damian Lillard was already a successful NBA Player. His success started in college basketball playing for the Weber State Wildcats, and in 2012 he achieved the third-team All-American honors. That same year, he was drafted by the Portland Trail Blazers.

Lillard is currently a five-time NBA All-Star and is one of the only two players to have three 60-point away games in a single season.

He launched his music career in 2016, and has since released three studio albums, The Letter O, Confirmed, and Big DOLLA, which have all done relatively well. He now owns a record label, Front Page Music.


Before his two EPs, Sorry for the Hold Up and Take Me Serious, and his debut album Valedictorian, DDG was already a successful YouTuber. He started making funny YouTube videos of himself in 2014 and has more 2.2 million followers. It is estimated that his comedy YouTube channel makes $2,000 a day.

His most notable achievement in music is the single Arguments, which achieved RIAA’s Gold certification in 2020.

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10 Rappers to Watch Out for in 2021



rappers to watch out for in 2021

The music industry changes each year becoming more promising with lots of new talent taking the stage. 2020 came with its surprise of new artists who broke out from being underground artists and as we look to the other months of 2021, we take a look at some of the underground artists who might have their break this year. In this article, we take a look at rappers to watch out for in 2021.

Rappers to Watch Out For

Pop Hunna

For the catchy intro and awesome production of the song ‘Adderal (Corvette Corvette)’, Popp Hunna became a sensation on Tik Tok. When Lil Uzi Vert created a remix of the song, the song went viral bringing the young talented rapper more focus. We can expect the rapper to make some damages this year.


The Kid LAROI has grown in the industry thanks to Juice WRLD’s mentorship skills. Real name, Charlton Howard, is from Australia and came to the USA due to his song dubbed ‘Addison Rae’ that became a Tik Tok sensation and garnered 5 million views on YouTube. He has fully stepped into the light but let’s see what he does in 2021 cause it may be his year

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Iann Dior

He got featured in Internet’s Money who is who list if 2020-2021. After the release of the album, ‘I’m Gone’ catapulted the rapper/ singer close to becoming a mainstream artist. The kid was a serious contender for the XXL Freshman List. With his indifference, smooth vibe, and cool songs, there is much to be expected for the rapper this year.


Golden Lavis Don Jones was featured on the cover of XXL Freshman cover as 24KGoldn, which was a huge deal for the rapper. He has proved to himself that he has the talent and it’s no joke that he can have 2021 as his break out year.

top rappers 2021

Jayo Cortez

Coming from California, Jayo Cortez brings back hip hop with messages in ways you wouldn’t believe. He is an awesome fluid freestyle who will tick you into thinking twice about what real freestyle is all about.

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Flo Milli

She just had to let the world know that age Black Barbie is here and is to stay. She made a mark in 2020 after releasing her mixtape, ‘Ho, Why Is You Here?’. She has been covered by several magazines, her songs have appeared in major chats, and got some nominations.


HotBoii is a promising act in 2021 after releasing a song that was a major hit during his friend’s funeral dubbed ‘Don’t Need Time’. The song was a massive hit that saw his other follow up projects become bigger than the previous. Let’s wait and see what he has in store for us in 2021.

Navy Blue

The Soundcloud rapper has recently gotten some international acclaims for his music. Navy Blue has been featured by sponsor brands like Converse and Fucking Awesome in his skateboarding career. He is also a producer with a promising career in 2021.

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The female rapper got a heart breakthrough last year with her song ‘Bitch From Da Souf’ with a remix that had people talking about her. Mullato seems to have a promising year in 2021.

Credits: thisis50


Toosii’s melodic rap and the way he talks of his life is riveting. 2020 saw him release several successful projects with a soothing vibe to them. More of his projects are expected to have bigger and better breakthroughs than the ones he had in 2020.

Bottom Line

There is no limit to the number of new artists who might be gracing our screens with bangers that will have you dancing to their tunes. The above mentioned are some of the best underground artists showing more promise in making it out in 2021. From the list, do you agree that they are the best rappers to break out in 2021. Who would you say is ready to blow in 2021? Talk to us in the comment session.

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Rowdy Rebel Announces Lil Uzi Collab Amid RE-ROUTE Release



Rowdy Rich
Chad Marshall aka Rowdy Rebel, (Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Rowdy Rebel and his best friend Bobby Shmurda were locked up in 2014 after being charged with numerous offenses, including possession. Rowdy got released last December on the 15th day after serving seven years. 

The Remain Silent rapper released his first project since his release just yesterday. Titled RE-ROUTE, the project involved Funk Flex, and it was announced late last year.

It seems like just the beginning. Being in prison, it is not unexpected that the rapper came with a vision for future projects. 

Rowdy Rebel took to his Instagram to reveal that Lil Uzi and himself will be dropping a hit soon.

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Intending to advertise his latest single, Rowdy wrote, “Get ‘Reroute’ til [sic] 500K views… Me & Lil Uzi Vert dropping next week.”

The rapper also worked with Rav on a music video, and hopefully, we will see it soon. In a lengthy caption on his feed, he wrote, “GLLTTT BOW BOWBOW … 6YRS I WAITED TO GET MY MOMENT BACC THEY LET THE BULLY OUT -ITS FULL THROTTLE FROM HERE, MORE MUSIC TO COME GO RUN THAT UP.”

Rowdy’s best friend Bobby Shmurda might get a conditional release this February (23rd), and his mom, fans, and Rebel can’t wait.

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Stay with us for more stories as they unfold. 

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Famous Dex Returns To Social Media After A Month In Rehabilitation



famous dex
Famous Dex / Getty

Since his career kicked off in 2017, fans have always raised concerns about how Famous DeX abuses drugs. 

Late last year, even DJ Akademiks showed concern when he posted a video of DeX high on drugs. There was also a point where the Drip From My Walk rapper experienced a seizure during a performance. 

His friends held his legs, and he seemed to be shaking. Some medics came to his rescue, but it remains unclear whether the rapper went to the hospital. 

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Fans gave comments asking other celebrities and friends of the rapper to reach out and help, and it didn’t take long before his close friend Rich The Kid reached out to him.

Rich posted pictures with Famous DeX before he went to rehab and even called him during his rehabilitation. The call aimed to give fans hope that the rapper is doing well, and he sure is.

Famous DeX recently posted a short clip where he seemed quite happy dancing. 

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After a month of being offline, the rapper is back home healthy. Dex flexed his muscles for us to see and vibed to music from the comfort of his house. We are glad he is back.

Just like most people, we would like to congratulate Famous DeX for his achievement. Raise your glasses to a healthier lifestyle.

Stay with us for more updates on the story as it unfolds. 

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