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What Does the Government Do With $37 Million Worth of Fake Shoes?



There is a place for counterfeit sneakers to go and disappear from the face of the earth. This is where they get erased, a place organized by the Department of Homeland Security. All of the fraudulent footwear that appears to mimic the original designs are brought here and then shredded into pieces. We don’t know where this place is because the government has not disclosed its location. But, you can imagine a warehouse somewhere around Texas where it reeks of an oily odor of counterfeit shoes. About 1,800 counterfeit sneakers are waiting for their demise, including Dior x Air Jordan 1 Low sneaker.

The shipment was stopped for inspection, and they were shipped under the name of golf balls. They were supposed to arrive in Mexico from Hong Kong. However, they were caught in Texas, where the shipment was stopped for inspection. The officials discovered that about 60 boxes of counterfeit Dior x Air Jordans and Adidas Yeezys were stuffed in the boxes. The total price of these shoes was estimated to be $4.3 million.

The goal of officials is to make these sneakers useless; hence they will use the shredder. Raul Orona, the chief CBP officer of import and export, responded to some of the counterfeit shoes’ questions. Here is a detailed discussion.

Where do replica shoes go after they get caught?

The officer told us that there is a process where they have to inform all the parties about this issue. When we have notified them, they have a chance to plead whether these were real or fake sneakers. In the end, if they fail to provide satisfactory information about ownership, license, and whether they can ship these shoes or not, the shoes are destroyed.


How are counterfeit sneakers destroyed?

Usually, they are put in a shredder and shredded into pieces.

There was another case of $37 million worth replica sneakers in 2019, where did those shoes go?

Those officers said that they have also been destroyed.

Do brands ask to get a sample of these fake sneakers to keep them as evidence?

Yes, sometimes, they put up a request like that. They can request permission from the department to obtain a sample, and sometimes we provide samples to the brand.

How can you tell if sneakers are fake? Do you have experts in your team?

The officer said that yes, they have other officers in their team who specialize in identifying counterfeit items. They are given special training for this purpose. They are well aware of the original product and then compare the supposed-to-fake product to identify the differences and similarities. And based on those differences and similarities, we decide whether it is fake or original.

Do the specialized personnel go to attend any sneaker school to identify replica sneakers?

No, it is in-house training. They come to the main office with suspected fake sneakers and then compare it with the original. That’s how we identify fake sneakers. After that, we proceed to seal the shipment, and in the end, the fakes are destroyed.

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Amber Rose is one of the newest celebrities to be joining OnlyFans. Unlike some of her celebrity counterparts, the American model and social media personality is going to be sharing content that the platform was initially designed for; X-rated content. For a monthly subscription of $19.99, you can experience what the socialite will be sharing on her page.

Amber’ Levonchuck’ Rose joined the platform on September 29 and has been promoting her page with suggestive videos. The latest being a nude photo that she shared on her Twitter account. The 36-year-old teased the content she will post on OnlyFans as she stripped down, and her privates were covered only by emojis. 

In the photo, she laid on a bed, turned onto her side with one knee crossing over another, and heart eyes emoji providing her coverage.

That was not the only incentive she posted. She also included a video jiggling her ass to a Swae Lee song and wrote ‘Here’s a lil freebie hit the link to see EVERYTHING.’ 

The social media personality and mother of two does not shy away from showing some skin. Before rising to fame, the Philadelphia-born store started stripping at just 15-years-old under the name Paris. 

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A$ap Rocky And Tyler The Creator Are The New Faces Of Gucci



A$AP Rocky and  Tyler, the Creator, have just been announced as the new faces of Gucci. The two rappers will star alongside Iggy Pop in the new Gucci campaign, photographed and directed by Harmony Korine.

The two rappers pull up to  Iggy Pop’s mansion in Los Angeles in a vintage bronze Rolls-Royce wearing Gucci’s retro menswear. The video continues to show , Iggy, “The Godfather of Punk,” greet his guests and show off some dance moves to Cerrone’s ’70s tune “Supernature.

A$AP is wearing a monogrammed Gucci blazer and a pair of oversized sunglasses while Tyler is rocking a green three-piece suit. After dancing around the pool, the trio dines on heaping bowls of spaghetti as they are joined by some feathery friends, including a blue macaw and Iggy’s parrot Biggy Pop.

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Kanye West Makes a Surprise Visit to the Caribbean Island



Kanye West

After announcing his run for the U.S. presidency on July 4th, 2020, Kanye West is officially on the ballot for the November election in 11 states.

The rap star and third-party U.S. presidential candidate visited Haiti last week on Friday. On his Twitter, Haitian President Jovenel Moise announced that he was with the rapper who had come to visit Labadee and I’lle de la Tortue (tourist Island destinations off the Haitian North-western coast).

His added photos were showing both of them wearing face masks. Local media says the 43-year-old rapper landed Friday morning at the Cape Haitian international airport where he met the president. He was wearing a lilac hoodie, his signature sneakers, and dark pants.

Receiving a bouquet, he was warmly welcomed by official greeters, airport workers, fans, and press members. He also bumped into tennis star Naomi Osaka.

 President Jovenel accompanied him on his visit to the two picturesque Islands. After a few hours and an outfit change, the rapper was persuaded by locals to join a dance circle, which he happily agreed to. He also took the microphone at one point and dropped some bars.

He shared a lot of pictures on his twitter, depicting Haiti’s history and captioned, ”Haiti is where our people started the first revolution that freed us from slavery.“ He added another caption, saying, “We are here to complete the revolution. We are building the future.”

On Saturday, his Haitian trip was cut short by his wife Kim K, who was waiting for him in Los Angeles so that they could attend the wedding of their close friends.

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Report has it that this is his second visit to the Caribbean island in just a week. He had been to Jamaica, where he broke COVID 19 protocols after photos of him without a face mask surfaced. He was with reggae musician Buju Banton. The two are said to be working on a music collaboration.

Was KimYe’s visit to Haiti linked to his candidacy? It remains unclear as he has not commented on the issue, and President Moise didn’t speak further about his visit on his twitter page.

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China Threatens To Kill Tiktok-Oracle Deal Over Trump’s ‘dirty’ Tactics



tiktok oracle

China’s state-run media is denouncing the TikTok deal. Terming it as “an American trap” and a “dirty and underhanded trick.” An agreement that a few days ago seemed like a win for China. The quick shift in China’s sentiments indicates just how complicated it is to agree on finding the proper valuation for the app. It potentially has huge repercussions ahead, depending on how the world’s biggest economies handle security threats that come with new technologies that could propel growth over the next coming years. 

The political stakes for China are like the marathon trade talks, which ended with a phase-one deal in January. President Xi Jinping does not want to appear to have been influenced by the Trump administration into signing any agreements.

According to Kendra Schaefer, head of digital research at the Trivium Consultancy in Beijing, “Beijing basically doesn’t want to set a precedent where the U.S. can be allowed to unilaterally flex in this way,” said Schaefer, “Having some role to play in the decision balances things out a bit.”

Oracle Corporation and Walmart Inc. agreed to take 20% a new Us based operation named TikTok Global. This entity would set a boundary over the apps international operations and data whose worth is estimated to be up to $60 billion. This operation, described by Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Party-run Global Times in China, as “still unfair but it avoids the worst result.

The deal, however, seemed to please President Trump, who called off the ban on TikTok. 

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Signs of trouble emerged Monday, when ByteDance contended that it would remain in control of TikTok Global, contradicting President Trump’s earlier claims of Americans controlling the new entity. 

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From NBA To Homeless: Shocking And Heartbreaking Photos Of Delonte West Surface



Delonte West (Getty)

Is this the end for the former NBA star Delonte West?

A video of the former NBA star began trending on Twitter early this year. In the video, you can see him screaming. He seemed to be on drugs, homeless, and in the middle of a street fight.

The latest photo of Delonte is of him standing in a corner at Dallas, Texas, begging for spare change.

Questions that are perhaps in all our minds are;- How did it get this bad? What were the warning signs?

The American basketball player formerly played for the Boston Celtics, Seattle SuperSonics, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Dallas Mavericks.

Delonte scored 9.7 points per game in his career, while shooting 44.8% from the field.

Many fans and NBA players have gone on to share and tweet their concerns, prayers, and well wishes about former Lebron’s teammate. Many have been wondering why the NBA is not coming to the player’s aid.

Unknown to some, Doc Rivers, who coached him when they were both with the Boston Celtics, says he has been working with the NBA, NBPA, and Jamir Nelson to try to get West the help he visibly needs.

Despite the noble efforts of many, the former first-round pick will have to want help. It is a sad and shocking sight to see the former star at such a state when many people have his best interests at heart and who genuinely want to help.

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to Delonte West and any other person dealing with mental illness.

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